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Well that wasnt exactly the point Point is that they can say oh this product is what we know of safe but in 10 years say it's worse than sugar which it probably is because it's a horrible tasting artificial cheap sweetener what's gives headaches to some people Basically I'm saying I don't trust short term research only long time research with a lot of evidence And trust "we believe it's safe.

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I just ordered this deal - and I'll be drinking it before 10pm today with Free Delivery. Ordered 2x 24, but got 2x8 :(. BRU'd In Scotland Since 1901 To A S…, A better IRN-BRU taste with no sugar; You Can't Describe It, Because There's Nothing Like It; launched in 1975 and made to the distinct IRN-BRU secret recipe BRU'd In Scotland Sin…, 2 x for £12 48 cans in total works 25p each can Found at Farmfoods Milton but hopefully its a Nation wide deal ;), We use cookies to improve and personalise your browsing experience, to perform analytics and research, and to provide social media features. Use our store finder to find a shop near you.

(y) Bought in Newton Heath, Manchester! Pepper Deals Ltd. Sorry. Enter your email address for occasional special offers, discounts and exclusive deals. @ Farmfoods!

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Farmfoods 3 x 24 cans Pepsi Max, Irn Bru, Fanta, D & B, 7 up etc. (y) You can use Farmfoods vouchers t…, IRN-BRU Fizzy Drink Cans, 330ml, (Pack of 24) Ingredients Carbonated water, Sugar, Acid (Citric Acid), Flavourings (including Caffeine, Ammonium Ferric Citrate and Quinine), Sweet…, 2 ltr irn bru 20p in sainsbury crow Road Glasgow, Irn-Bru Sugar Free 330ml Cans (pack of 18) - £6 Prime / £10.49 Non-Prime at Amazon Product Description A great IRN-BRU taste with no sugar. Please click on the link to confirm your subscription. I think the problem they've recently identified, is that the artificial sweeteners trick the body into producing insulin, which can make you hungry later on: Because it (used to be) made of girders ;). It's like Pepsi Max but for IRN BRU IMO. Heat. 🌞 (y).

Unfortunately, there appears to be a large number of people who simply cannot taste the disgusting aftertaste of aspartame. Looks like it’s just the packets with the yel…, 24 cans of Irn Bru Normal...Diet & Max £7 or £5.95 on Amazon Subscribe & Save, Iceland IRN-BRU Xtra 24 x 330ml Cans - Only £7.00 or 2 for £13.00 We've added even more of the unique IRN-BRU taste made to our secret recipe. Nah, drank some manky aspartame and was violently sick. First Floor, 2-4 Holywell Lane, Hackney, London EC2A 3ET. The diet one is horrible. Not the same product, unfortunately. Totally agree with you.

BRU'd in Scotland since 1901 to a secret recipe of 32 flavours with a spirit that's as bold as its taste. Irn Bru/Irn Bru Xtra 24 ×330ml cases are only £5.99 (25p a can!) Alternatively, you can put your query in writing by … Yes. (Oldham), Irn Bru 330ml cans Cases of 24 are 2 for £12 (25p a can) @ Farmfoods (Newton Heath), Irn Bru 6×330ml can packs are only £2 @ Iceland, IRN-BRU Xtra No Sugar Fizzy Drink Cans, 330ml, (Pack of 8) £2.67 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon, IRN BRU Sugar Free 6 x 330ml Cans 49p at B&M Crewe, 24 cans of Irn Bru Normal & Diet £7 or £5.95 S&S + £4.49 NP @ Amazon, IRN-BRU Xtra 24 x 330ml Cans - £7 @ Iceland, IRN-BRU Xtra No Sugar Fizzy Drink Cans, 330ml, (Pack of 24) back in stock £7 (Prime) £11.49 (Non Prime) @ amazon, Irn Bru Xtra Pack of 8 cans £2.67 + £4.49 NP / £2.54 S+S @ Amazon, Irn Bru Cans cases of 24 are 2 for £12 (25p a can!) There's a couple of Food Warehouses close by!

From what we know of it won't kill you" I just want them to be sure I wouldnt get the Corona virus vaccine earlier since I don't trust it enough since it's rushed out, not like vaccines haven't been modified before because they realised some of the things like mercury was harming people, idk if they still use mercury but they did And no I'm not an anti Vax, I've had all my shots as a kid and teen (lol), They have stores Nationwide including London, Portsmouth, Poole & Bristol just to mention a few southern cities/towns! - The Largest Deal Community in the UK. Irn Bru 6×330ml can packs are only £2 @ Iceland! Whether or not we're paid doesn't change how hot a deal can potentially get - that's only up to hotukdeals members. Subscribe to receive an overview of the hottest deals posted each day. (y) Seen and bought @ Newton Heath, Manchester Store! of frozen food. Scientists once said that Roundup was safe for humans. Only 25p a can! Steal of a price! And the NHS are saying officially that all artificial sweeteners are the same as sugar by increasing the level & probability of glucose resistance. STATEMENT. A confirmation email has been sent to your email account. Read our Privacy Policy for more about Tastes like a weird Creamola Foam, is too expensive, and just isn't real Irn-Bru.


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