fanatic allwave 2020 review

Getting radical has never been so easy to transport! There were 50 + boards on offer, each with its own selling point. Super light and highly stable, they can be used anywhere you can find water – for windsurfing or SUPing – and even to ride small waves. For those who like to cover distance, the Ray and Diamond Touring ranges are ready to take you on your next adventure! Its ultra long outline provides good glide, great stability and flotation, as well as plenty of space for two people including two windsurfing rigs. The lightweight frame means it’s easy to transport. From beginner to winner – whether flat water cruising or smooth wave riding in the surf – the versatile Fly can do it all with heaps of style. Brand Claim: With the ocean minded spirit and sustainability awareness being the brand’s driving force to create and innovate, Fanatic’s Fly Eco Edition premium boards – available in 9’6″ & 10’6″ lengths – with a unique layup of flax, cork and wood – bring the organisation one step closer to accomplishing an eco-friendly future. You’ll want to use the Allwave more in the surf but the Nalu more in flat water. “The 2020 range is funky, fresh and modern which makes the boards stick out of the water even more.

Thomas Oschwald/ Ray Air: Photo by Bettina Marti.

TotalSUP checks out the new Fanatic 2020 range and catches up with the UK’s Fanatic Rider, Jay Manning aka JSUP as he takes the Fly Eco for a spin. To find out more about Fanatic SUP Range 2020, visit Smiles and waves! A redesigned shape for 2020 ensures the Ray and Diamond Touring is more stable, and performs even better in rough chop. Everything about Fanatic’s premium race boards is about acceleration, efficiency and speed, but even more than that – stability and control. This is because touring boards are bigger and have more surface area, making it easier to gain momentum in water. Vendée Gliss Event : renforce son statut d’évènement majeur du SUP mondial !! The Diamond ladies board completes the range as a ladies specific version, enhanced with a beautiful design. Previously I touched on the Allwaves extra features, and now I’ll explain them further. Fanatic Prowave – The Prowave is a little tighter in the tail and the body. Lightweight and tough – Hardly a ding after a major collision with some rocks left me wondering if I was riding cement. You just need to decide where you’ll spend more time. For the ultimate in versatility, the Viper Air or Ripper Air, inflatable Windsurf/SUPs are pure fun and the ideal watersports toys for the whole family, schools or clubs. We use cookies to improve your experience. RRD LongSUP 9’8 With the worldwide launch of the 2020 range, what I’m already getting from everyone who had a sneak peek, is just WOW,” commented Jay Manning, who’ll be soon travelling with the new collection across the country for Fanatic demo days and social SUP events. Overwhelm hit as soon as I set foot in the store. More on that in a moment. Kick-start your 2020 SUP foiling adventure with beginner tips from Fanatic Rider & World Champ Christian Andersen, The SUP scene is set for the 2019 APP World Tour Racing Finals in Paris, 2019 Surf City El Salvador ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship: Results and Recap of the Event, Top tips for how to apply CrossFit to your SUP training from Fanatic Endurance Paddler Pascal Bleys, The Hawkesbury Canoe Classic : récit du challenge de 111 km en SUP relevé par Tuan Lam, Fanatic UK Charity Santa SUP is set to see a record number of paddlers, Stand Up Paddleboarding Monster Waves: Christian Andersen shares extreme SUP tips, Médéric Berthe premier français à remporter la mythique Catalina Classic. If you’re set on using your SUP for river cruising or charging massive waves, the Allwave may not be the best option. The Fly L is the XL’s younger brother and up to 5 people can hop on and enjoy the fun! Each series has released between 3-5 different sizes ranging from 7”11- 9”8. Edited & Translated by Mediateo, You are currently viewing all language content, Learn How to Wing Foil in 6 Videos with Dan Gavere. “I look forward to this time of the year to see the kit as it’s always been exciting to see the boards ahead of the game. Red Whip 8’10 The shape gives this chunky board a very easy but precise nature. The Allwaves flexibility for all conditions and skill levels make it a hard board to beat. Combine this design with its huge length (12ft), and you get a great beginners board.

Verdict The Fanatic Allwave now in Fanatic’s new VNT construction feels very solid and tough on the water. Read my full review to find out about the pros and cons and who should buy it. Riveria Voyager – The Voyager is designed for speed and stability in flat water. She is a certified SUP Flat Water Instructor accredited by International Surfing Association (ISA).

Tested in the toughest waves of Hawaii and Australia, the Fly Air XL takes up to 7 people and can be used at your local break for super fun surf, or on flat water and for river tours. With a compact length for smaller pools, it comes with plenty of straps and belts to progress your training. I turned around and went straight home to do some research. Red Compact 9’6 Just remember – have fun! As a beginner, you’ll enjoy its wide frame for stability in moving water. We paddle year round (it helps that we are just about 2 hours outside of Las Vegas), and we bring in a wide range of paddlers with the goal of providing our readers with the best, most in-depth, and accurate stand up paddle board reviews. JP Foil Pro 7’0 Though it’s cruiser friendly, the Allwave was shaped with the intention of being a surf SUP. The AllWave is designed for intermediate wave SUPers looking for a stable and easy paddling board to catch wave after wave, whether it’s clean overhead walls, or small and choppy. The 8’9 offers plenty of stability with its chunky well-hidden volume, the deck shape is slightly domed and it has a good grippy pad, you can stand in most places on the board and it’ll still catch waves easily. Once up and surfing you’ll find the more you stand back on it the more grip and performance you’ll get out of the board. The Quad/Thruster setup – Use the Allwave as a quad (4 fin setup) for tighter turns or as a thruster (3 fin setup) for extra speed. The Ripper Air Touring kids edition is lighter and more durable than ever, with a windsurfing insert to boot. The following two tabs change content below. Anna is also a digital marketing, storytelling aficionado and a growth hacking enthusiast. All of this from boards that comes in backpacks! A highly recommended board; no wonder they get snapped up so quickly second hand, you simply can go wrong on one. Now in Fanatics’s one shot construction (no need to save up for the better one, it’s gone) the Allwave is a very attractive board for someone wanting to progress forward with their surfing. For an even looser slashier feel, the super compact Stubby excels when the waves are less than perfect, always creating speed and flow through it’s highly efficient parallel rail design. O’Shea 10’8 HDX Probably one of the best first-time wave boards for medium size riders or a great performance shape for the bigger guys; this board will bring your SUP surfing to new higher levels with ease. OX5 9EF. Fanatic Allwave VNT 8’9 Whether conditions are choppy, small and testing, or clean overhead walls, the AllWave is the perfect tool for enjoyment, ease and progression. The Fanatic Allwave is the first true Surf SUP I ever bought and still use to this day. By now you can see how the Allwave is a clear standout. )-based emerging watersports brand and a stand-up paddleboarding community. Anna is the Founder of SUPer Whale, a Cambridge(UK! The Diamond Air Touring with its new look is a glamorous ride with all the performance features to enhance your paddling experience! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. When things are bit mellower, the AllWave is a versatile platform for Intermediates to catch wave after wave, even when it’s mushy and choppy. The Allwave performs in waves small or large. SUP Yoga with Danique Al Dente, Theresa Brackmann, Dani Heiß, Gina Weber, SUP Yoga Austria, Yoga & Juliet, Driftwood by Danique and Pop Up Yoga München/ Fly Air Fir & Fly Air Fit Platform: Photo by Sebastian Schöffel. The larger than average width makes it beginner friendly while the pintail and tight rails allow someone more experienced to ride it as a performance board. Heyo! Designed to deliver maximum glide with minimal effort, these boards allow riders to explore further in total comfort – whether in swell or flat water. (I only weigh 50 KG).

However, if you’re getting out in the surf for the first time or if you’re already shredding it up out there, the Allwave is a great choice. The Ray Air is the cruiser that’s easy to paddle, fast and designed for your comfort. "WE ARE SUPERS, WE ARE TOTALSUP.COM", © 2020 TotalSUP. The Falcon Air comes in a ›ready to race‹ package built for speed. Date: 16th October 2020, Discover the world of Stand Up Paddle and keep up to date with the latest product reviews, race and competition news and join in with the community. Lisa Gertenbach and Julia Pasquale e229/ Fly Air & Fly Air Premium – Photo by John Carter. If you’re not sold on the Allwave here are three alternatives that you might like. KIDLINGTON Consider yourself a more experienced SUP-er? Looking sharp in its new construction of reinforced bamboo, tough paintless rails, and visible centre stringer. You even have the luxury of choosing the Allwave in a few different sizes. Whether it’s heavy or sloppy waves on the menu, the Allwave performs well. Fanatic SUP 2020: Composite Collection Fanatic SUP 2020: WAVE. Fanatic SUP International has announced their new 2020 SUP inflatable & composite collection accompanied by the launch of a new Fanatic logo representing the brand’s different worlds of SUP, windsurfing and foil where each piece of gear is designed for those „Addicted to Ride“.


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