evangelion episode 26 quotes
See also: Theory and Analysis: Final Scene in End of Evangelion. Officially produced by Production I.G and Gainax, the film contains live-action clips from Episode 26', as well as additional clips not used in End of Evangelion.The clips that made it into End of Evangelion were modified; overdubbed with a dialogue between Shinji Ikari and Rei Ayanami. Cynical father figure But then she senses Shinji's agony... Shinji screams out in despair as he sees the MP EVAs holding Unit-02's remains in the sky. And he hates himself. Another post has the cross from Misato's necklace affixed to it, but the nail holding it in place has rusted away. Theory and Analysis:Final Scene in End of Evangelion, http://eva.onegeek.org/pipermail/oldeva/2001-July/040053.html, https://wiki.evageeks.org/index.php?title=Episode_26%27&oldid=104292, Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported License. Shinji says that he does, but Asuka replies-with a kick to his leg, saying "Do you think you understand me? Yui explains that, "As long as there is the sun, the moon, and the Earth, it will all work out.". Theory and Analysis:Kaworu's lines in Episode 24. Misato and Rei calmly tell Shinji that if he hates what's going on so much, he can stop it and run away. Saying "I'm sorry, Shinji", Unit-01 bites off Gendo's head, inducting him into Pre-Instrumentality.

A determined attack by the Japanese Strategic Self Defense Force, carried out through SEELE's influence, brings NERV's defenses to its breaking point. Shinji freezes for a second...then violently strangles Asuka in an act of rage. Rei answers, "It is at the end of your dream." Human Instrumentality begins to reverse itself. Ikari is calling me," says Rei as she continues her ascent. Shinji falls to the ground, burned by the spilled, scalding coffee. Time jumps again, and Shinji revisits his memory of kissing Asuka. The members of SEELE disappear one by one, and a surprisingly content Keel says, "All is right with the world," before he turns into LCL. The scene unfolds as before...until Asuka walks up to Shinji, at which point she shouts at him and accuses him of not understanding her before kicking his leg. Lilith's form then starts changing into that of Rei, and the mask with Seele's symbol melts off her face.

The stigmata on her hands are sealed. Unit-01 pulls the Lance of Longinus out of its body, which destroys The MP EVAs replica Lances and kills them. Please discuss this issue on the talk page and/or begin editing the page. Instrumentality continues. A massive explosion occurs, which reveals the Black Moon, Lilith's Egg, within the GeoFront. The voices of Kaworu, Rei, and Yui assure Shinji that each human soul can reclaim its physical form if it so chooses. The scene changes to Misato's kitchen, where Asuka is dejectedly sitting with her head leaning against the table. Shinji looks at his hand and sees that he is still holding Misato's bloody necklace. The scene continues as in the finalized movie. Shinji asks why he can't dream of being alone; Rei tells him that such a dream would be a substitute for reality.

Eva#26 the final Episode was a collage of grafiti, and a collection of the words of the cult or sect leaders. Yui asks Shinji if he will be okay. Shinji then jumps to a scene from the past: Misato and Kaji in college, missing class and staying in for a full week to make love over and over again. She is joined by Rei I, the child strangled by Naoko, and a naked Rei III. Rei replies that Shinji is having a dream and that he recreated the world based on his own reality.

Episode 25'. Central Dogma survives the explosion, and Fuyutsuki and the bridge crew see that the Black Moon—the Egg of Lilith—has been exposed. Shinji is lying on the beach holding onto someone's white arm. Shinji says he believes ambiguity is more frightening than the truth, as it makes him feel insecure and anxious. Shinji begins to strangle Asuka. The blast wipes away the layers of earth and armor surrounding GeoFront.

Although the whole short never made it into the theatrical release, it was eventually released as bonus material in Renewal of Evangelion, under the title Theatrical Release #26 Live Action Part (Special Rush Edit Version) (劇場版#26実写パート (特別ラッシュ編集版)). He hears Asuka repeatedly calling out for her mother before Misato says, "I wasn't able to be a mother to Shinji in the end. They reply they're the "hope people can one day understand each other" as well as the word "love".

The Mass Production Evangelions assume a new formation around Lilith/Rei, and begin to merge with the her. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Recap/NeonGenesisEvangelionEpisode26INeedYou.

In Episode 24, Kaworu Nagisa waltzes late into the series, posing as the fifth EVA pilot, and quickly befriends Shinji, only to be revealed as the Seventeenth Angel, here to initiate the Third Impact. Congratulations! Human Instrumentality is an artificially forced evolution of mankind, which would destroy the barriers between everyone's souls (everyone has a small AT Field that keeps us separated from one another) and fuse them all together, effectively ending the world as humans know it. Or is it the demon that will destroy us all?


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