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. Finding a Maine Coon cat breeder in Texas can be difficult, but we’ve done all of the hard work for you. But I have some heartbreaking news to share.. Clara began bleeding two days ago, initially there was some spotting, which Can occur during pregnancy, but isn’t very common and usually a warning sign that something is amiss.

We began raising Maine Coons in 2012 and we have a passionate LOVE for our cats! Has This Breeder Been Cat Kingpin Certified? I can tell when they are happy and when they are not. Check out … Breeding is not my job, but what I love to do. From outstanding European lines with Strong muzzles, large ear tips, long tails, heavier boning, and generous size. If any pet you own is treated like a family member… then you’ll love Majectic Maine Coon Cattery! All of our cats have come from the best breeders in Europe as evidenced by their renowned recognition world-wide. We invite you to take a look around, and ask that you allow us to bring you closer to selecting one your very own! Our cats have free run of the house most of the time. She’s got an incredibly loving disposition/demeanor, is very docile and loves her people., Associations: TICA, CFAPhone Number: ©2019 by Big Boy Maine Coon Cattery. We research and compile data and offer it to our website visitors for free. We have a limited number of litters each year, check our "kittens" tab to see if your lucky enough to find us when we have kittens available. We do our best to research and write articles that help owners better understand their cats and provide reliable information – however, the content on this website is not a substitute for veterinary guidance.

First, males remain on the lower level and the females on the second level. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Maine Coon Kittens leave already altered, micro-chipped, vet checked, dewormed, and vaccinated with age appropriate vaccine shots. is our pure White masked female from, yep, Russia!

I do not breed solely based off looks.

All kittens will come with papers for registry, a Veterinary health check, test results, shots and worming record, and health guarantee from us. All of our Breeding Males and Females are dual registered with either the WCF, The IMPERIAL CAT CLUB (a Tica Charter Club)  and are always registered with TICA upon entry into our cattery program. This is not only for the health of our Maine Coon kittens, but also the safety of any cat that might get a little too curious – a new mama will stop at nothing to ensure the safety of her babies.

A wild look yet dependable gentle temperament make what we call a “LOVING LYNX”.We aim for strong correct muzzles, thick ear tips, long plush tails, heavier boning, generous size and above all DNA Health Tested Maine … Skip to primary content. Please give a hearty welcome to the newest members of the KingKlaudrCoons Cattery program! We’ve spent hours researching to find all of the different Maine Coon … If you live in Texas and you’re trying to adopt a Maine Coon kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Maine Coon breeder. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming days! We encourage you to continue a relationship with us throughout their lives. All of my cats are different in their own way but when it comes to showing love, they are all the same. We are two best pals and hobby breeders situated between our catteries on Lake Livingston Texas, and in the plains and beautiful farm country of Northern Colorado. My grandchildren work hard on spoiling all the Maine Coon Kittens that grow up in our home. First, males remain … A CFA and TICA cattery of excellence.

They are from the USA and Europe. Anyway, I had to have one. If any pet you own is treated like a family member… then you’ll love Majectic Maine Coon Cattery! First, males remain on the lower level and the females on the second level. Maine Coon Kittens will be micro-chipped to ensure safe return should your coon get lost outside. We are preparing for Merrill and Lovey to breed in September of 2020. Our Summer of 2020 Litters have all been spoken for and are happily & contentedly living in their new homes as of August 22, 2020! Pip and paws was started in 2001 by Pip Quinn due to a passion and love for Maine Coons that started as a little girl growing up in the heart of Texas. email:, Copyright © 2015-2018 EuroCoons & EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Really, we mean this! All of our kittens have those highly sought after imported European lines! Sometimes this happens as most small catteries only have one or two litters per year. I will begin taking requests/inquiries this afternoon for her. They are from the USA and Europe. 469-688-6610.

We have some upcoming pairings planned between : Which means that once we’ve verified they’ve ‘spent some time together’- about a month after that confirmation- we will be able to announce upcoming litters, the number of babies on the way, and some due dates! We have chosen our BIG, Bold, & BEAUTIFUL Maine Coons from some of the the best breeders in the world. We really do LOVE spoiling our Maine Coon kittens, kings, and queens with the very finest foods. So, while I had to shim a few pieces cut too short for my door frame (lol), I feel accomplished for the most part. If you love the idea of a super-sized, cuddly “lap cat” that actually hugs you back… If dedication to bloodlines is important to you and you find “kitty mills” totally abhorrent… If any pet you own is treated like a family member… then you’ll love EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery!

<3, Hi KKC fam! Has This Breeder Been Cat Kingpin Certified? We feed our cats an kittens a High Quality Holistic Food with some natural grass fed meats and wild caught fish. And so on. If you’d like to be on our list- please send an email ASAP to and leave your name, number, as well as a brief description of gender, color and/or pattern desired. Our …

Please also see our price list and shipping information before you inquire. Klauder is getting older, having contributed to many beautiful generations of Maine Coons that now reside all around the world, and he is living out his years at the Ozark Maine Coon Cattery in Missouri. Being from Ukraine has also helped me form amazing friendships with top Maine Coon cat breeders from all over Europe. Her pet price is $1200. Based of MY cats, they are very dog like. hehe .

All negative. There’s never a dull moment as these playful and entertaining guys run through our house having fun. We are a premier European Maine Coon Breeder located in Kansas, USA, We specialize in raising high-end LARGE European Maine Coon cats and kittens with the latest advancements in breed's look and we pride ourselves in offering kittens with the widest range of genetic health testing and XXL size. We hand-raise, socialize, and love our kittens up until we entrust them in your hands, and then we keep on caring! Maine Coons. Sometime later after countless hours of research, EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery was born. Well, maybe not the Serengeti, but you get the idea. Our pedigreed European Maine Coon kittens and cats are treated like royalty, have the run of the house – NO CAGES EVER – with only two restrictions. A CFA and TICA cattery of excellence. Health guaranteed, shots, pedigree, and pictures of parents with purchase of all kittens. We breed only to ensure the best health and quality of the kittens. He was born June 2018 and now at 2 years old he weighs 29 pounds. But he will always be the ‘founding father’ of KingKlaudrcoons. If you live in Texas and you’re trying to adopt a Maine Coon kitten or cat, your best choice is to go to a Maine Coon breeder. Our website is a reference site only.

And whether it needs anything in addition to the space. This means that when you purchase certain products through our recommendations, at no additional cost to you, we receive a monetary reward for referring you. My hubby’s been on a business trip, and with social distancing still in effect, I couldn’t really ask for a hand locally.

Sometime later after countless hours of research, EuroCoons Maine Coon Cattery was born. I love Maine Coons because of their temperament and size.

Kittens will be able to go to their permanent homes at 8 weeks of age and must be paid for in full. Very proud moment for our Cattery! Home; Queens; Kings; Litter; Contact Us; Home.

No  What's This?How They Describe Themselves: We are dedicated to keeping this amazing beautiful strong large breed domesticated cat in peoples loving homes. ❤️❤️❤️, This will put Clara’s due date around November 23rd. Over the last four years, we’ve had our graduates compete in national and international Cat shows, winning several awards for both Grand and World Champion titles, and Royal Canin even requested that one of our male kittens be featured on their Maine Coon dry kitten food packaging. This litter will be so worth the wait!

We may only have a few litters a year, but our goal is to place emphasis on health and temperament, and to share our passion for these beautiful cats. Here below, we have 4 new females to introduce to you.

At CelestialCoon, we reserve the right to decline purchase if we feel it is NOT a suitable match for our kitten/cat or the potential client.


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