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It commences after Holi where people worship Goddess Gauri with zeal and passion for 16-18 days. Essay on Rainy Season: Rainy Season, or the wet season, is one among the four seasons when the region’s average rainfall is achieved.It is generally caused due to changes in the flow of winds and other geological factors. There are four seasons in India. All of them are special in every way. Chithirai: It is a festival celebrated in South India, is the most prominent and religious festival held in the famous Meenakshi Temple of Madurai. It is occurred due to the earth’s rotation around the sun and tilt towards the sun. As the change in day and night is caused by the rotation of the earth on its axis similarly the change in seasons is caused by the revolution of earth around the sun in elliptical orbits. Typically, the rainy season lasts at least a month; in India, the season begins from June and ends in September. The sun rays glisten like powdered gold and the world smells of joy. Essay on Summer Season 300 Words.

MegaEssays. When the rainy season occurs, animals have to retreat to higher ground as the risk of flooding increases. Vasanth Ritu or the spring Season is a time of moderate climate that is neither too hot nor too cool. Children and kids get at least a month-long holiday from schools and colleges which can be utilized to visit places or practice a hobby that has been lingering on the wish list. The festival is considered to be the significant festival of the state. …

The birds start chirping early in the morning. The following festivals are celebrated in India to express gratitude to sun God and the culture of the country. Festivals such a Guru Purnima fall under this Ritu. Flowers bloom, animals rejoice for the abundance of food, birds reproduce, and nature rejuvenates. From an anthropogenic perspective, the rainy season brings about its down dangers. Copyright © 2020 In colder regions of Himalayas and areas of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Sikkim, snow storms and avalanches are the cause for destruction of life and property. In a nutshell, there are four basic seasons in India namely the winter season, summer season, rainy season and lastly the spring season. People get the opportunity to eat fresh grapes, apples, cauliflower, guava carrots and more. It is also called the monsoon season. In fact, places such as Mawsynram, Agumbe and Cherrapunji receive more than 7,000 mm of rainfall (average) in a year. Shailja is one of those who is lucky to have turned her passion into her profession. Many scientists argue about the irreversibility of these climatic conditions and changes but many others are optimistic about the new researches and enlightenment among people about the changing scenario. In India, different regions experience different climatic conditions. In the northern hemisphere, summer is the warmest season of the year; extending from the summer solstice through to the autumnal equinox. The rainy season is the season of joy and happiness. Adults along with their children, visit hill stations, resorts and beaches to get away from the heat. Avoid jargon – these words reduce the clarity of the sentence. Different parts of the world experience different seasons at different times of the year. We experience longer days and shorter nights in summer. Include specifics – such as names, places, dates. Though the season is hot and warm but is liked and loved by many. The rainy season has always influenced poets and writers, especially poets compose poetry on the beauty of nature. Animals that live underground also move to higher grounds in order to avoid flooding. Other disasters include heat waves, hailstorms, landslides etc. People re-enact the wedding ceremony of Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar. However, the season also has the potential to bring about large scale destruction if preventive measures are not taken. Excessive rains can lead to flooding which can erode soil and wash away essential minerals and nutrients. December and January are usually the coldest months. At different times during the year, the northern or the southern axis is closer to the sun. Usually this is the most loved season due to pleasant and lively weather. This makes winter indeed more beautiful than it already is. Spring Season Essay . When you drive by the neighborhoods you notice that families are all gathered in some kind of celebration.

All papers are for research and reference purposes only! The film industry experiences surge in returns during summer months.

Moreover, the modern Olympics are held during summer months every four years since 1896. (1969, December 31). All plants and trees become green and greenery makes the environment more beautiful. The classification by the Hindu calendar includes the names of the seasons as in Sanskrit, the cultural and festive values associated with these seasons. Your email address will not be published. 500+ essay on autumn season. The span of these seasons varies from 2.5 to 3 months. Also, it is a season of longest and warmest days of the year. Sale of ice creams and soft drinks becomes a regular feature during scorching summers. Between winter and summer seasons, there is a short period called ‘spring’. Ice-creams, cold beverages are enjoyed with family along with traditional items like Aam panna and Roohafza.

These are Vasanth Ritu (Spring Season), Sharad Ritu (Early Autumn), Varsha Ritu (Monsoon Season), Sishira Ritu (Late Autumn), Greeshma Ritu (Summer Season) and Hemantha Ritu (Winter Season).


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