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She’s openly criticized by the village women for her work and relationship status (single), but catches the eye of police officer Hwang Yong-sik, who eventually wins her affection. Tey Dec 22 2018 7:17 am SHK and PBG took care together so cute. I was kinda encouraging myself that I do like this drama, but the whole story was flat to me. Does anyone know the background song title in episode 2 (ramen date in rest area), episode 3 (playing sand date in sokcho), and episode 6 (after cake date)? black Jan 04 2019 10:27 am She is emotionally an empty shell; a woman beaten into feeling nothing as that is the only way to get through the day. PBG look like enjoying his part as new guy in SHK life and somehow only have 5 years apart. I've seen some Korean ROM-COM and this is definitely one of my favorites. After the Goblin OST this is now on my list. She is the CEO but decides to open up to this younger man she met in Cuba.

She is experienced in this field.. Kind of a double standard since people wouldn’t be saying much if the roles were reversed. This is such an amazing drama.I think it is so underrated.I started this drama first because of Park Bo-gum oppa, but fell in love with this drama.The dialogues are so sweet and makes your heart flutter.Also the story,locations and the chemistry between main roles is also awesome.It is a must watch drama. Anyhow, their love line in the drama is very boring. Does anyone know what is the song name sang by PBG over the phone? The three try to navigate the cutthroat industry, differing social statuses and—for Hye-Joon and An Jung-Ha—a budding romance on their journey to making it big. She also decides she wants to live her own life and rebels against the people who still want to control her. I was looking forward to another park bo gum drama..but now am disappointed, i want to watch a couple where i forget they are acting for a moment and enjoy the story,but with song hye koo ill always be thinking that its just an act and wont enjoy the drama..why didnt they cast park bo gum with someone else..so sad, caisy liew Jul 11 2018 8:29 pm ??? I love episode 6. What ensues is a messy love rectangle that will captivate fans of the classic fairytale. Im beloved fans of Songsong couple and also Park Bo Gum. He has this Kissing magic that time will stop and you'll just stare at him how he used his face and lips to kiss. Hyeri Moon Dec 14 2018 10:32 am

Cha Soo-Hyun is now a divorcee. Why Song Hye Kyo's acting is very flat, try to look again at Cha So Hyun's character, when he was a teenager he was a very cheerful girl, but everything changed when his father entered politics and he was forced to marry a rich family, he turned rigid and cold because he was forced to be perfect until he lost his identity, this is what makes Cha So Hyun's character cool and Hye Kyo has done his job well. What? Btw, I interested all characters in this drama, Mi Jin & dae Chan is my favorite couple also, they're so cutttteeeeeee !!

Both lead act natural ... love their chemistry . Hoping that she will be paired with other great and good looking Korean actors (JCW, YSH, LMH). I am die hard fan of SHK and I am watching Park Bo-gum for the first time and oh god I am crazy about him now.All have done fabulous job and everything is going perfect love watching this show.

I wish the ratings are higher though. Milkshake Aug 22 2018 5:13 am they look good Jun 02 2018 12:00 pm

Song hye kayo and park bo gum wow very passionate kiss until now I can't move on so love this drama a lot. However, I am very sorry to say this is the first drama I "surrender" and give up. I watched them many times. This story of this drama is very interesting i enjoy watchibg this? That melancholy they mention so many times. I don't like it, Too Much Fairytale! I feel calming watched the series..: PBG, wish you are my son-in-law. The first reason that I decided to watch this drama was only because of the casts, ParkBoGum & SongHyeGyo couple. it's so long time.... A. Kim Jan 03 2019 2:26 am Am I the only one who’s going to watch this drama bc of PO????? She doesn’t care about the ex’s side, so whatever they say/do has no effect. But I am not interested. 0. This drama deserves all the awards! On the bright side you still can enjoy the visual. Tibong Nov 30 2018 2:07 am And then i, super curiously, saw the teasers for Encounter on TV. Since then, I have eagarly been waiting for his next drama. Well that's your problem ? Jyn Hyeok should get tother with his friend who is in love with him. Ahead, the best K-Dramas to stream on Netflix now. PBG and SHK nailed the acting and for myself it really made me happy when their happy and made me sad or angry when their in this emotions. the best first episode ever. vanya Nov 21 2018 11:18 am His/her list of work is longer and more meaning than what you could ever done with your shallow comment. Thanks to Netflix, some of the best Korean dramas are now available to a global audience.

The scenes had their own beautiful meanings even though they seemed like fillers only. I just love love love love this drama. Ida Feb 06 2019 12:55 am Song Hye Kyo and Park Bo Gum has no chemistry at all. Huhuhuhu, Black pearl Jun 15 2018 7:58 am A very satisfying ending. Maybe wait before judging? Feb 03 2019 9:13 am There are so many dramas and movies with badly written summaries but then when the drama comes out everybody starts to love it with the bottom of their hearts. So different than in Hello Monster (I Remember You) which is the first PBG drama that I watched and was blown away by his performance there, but so sad for his character. First two episodes has been released and it already fed me with so much emotions! However it doesn't make a splash and kinda just disappears. I just wouldn't have cast her in a role like this. The cinematography is so award winning. The actors and actresses are all good and I love them all truly... Also, the OSTs are all really great! None seemed to be served on those occasions as the characters ended up leaving the party too early and eating elsewhere. If TvN picks it up then I may have some hope hehe.

I thought the show was very well done. Alvaset Oct 26 2018 2:02 pm Nejat Bekit Dec 10 2018 3:37 pm PS: I have palpitations in ep 4 ending!!! @Gdsa

Digna B Nash Dec 12 2018 1:48 pm I loved this drama. Unique! i keep imagine jung woo seok character as song joong ki. Mon Dec 19 2018 12:10 am

2) SHK's expression & acting are as dull as dish water, like she couldn't believe the storyline herself

I'm so proud to see him in a new drama..

YOGI Dec 14 2018 2:25 pm Sandy Dec 30, 2019 02:55 am 안녕하세요 (Annyeong Haseyo) My favorite KDRAMA on Netflix is Master's Sun and Bring it on Ghost #loveKDRAMA.


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