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The ancestors of modern Dales pony were used in the Pennine lead mines as pack animals for carrying iron ore, fuel, and finished lead. This allowed members to really get close to different herds or groups of Dales ponies as well as beginning to understand the history of some of the Dales pony studs in the North of England. The Dales pony is one of the United Kingdom's native mountain and moorland pony breeds.The breed is known for its strength, hardiness, stamina, courage, intelligence, and good disposition. 12 days ago. Members of the public really enjoyed meeting the Dales Ponies - for some their first time in such surroundings and it really hit home to the visitors just how important the Dales Pony was and still is to the north east of England and how important they were to mines, from working both down within the mine pulling out the tubs of lead ore to then carrying panniers full of lead pigs (1cwt of lead that had been processed on site) across the carriers way to local smelt mills, then on as far as the port of Newcastle. Joining together members of the DPS in all parts of the country and overseas, the rides started in the furthest reaches of the UK at the end of April, beginning at Lands End and in the south east of England. Horses have been used in the Yorkshire Dales since the Roman times. home 01208872869 or Graham Mitchell mob 07876407345, email gmitchell98@hotmail.com, Nipna Dales Pony Stud  Contact Julie Pennell Tel.

Friday saw a change in pace for the week with a joint venture with Killhope Lead Mining Museum at Allendale, Northumberland. Dr. D Kleffken-Wiederhold, Germany, Black Shadow Dales - Mckenzie Covert - USA, Caphouse Dales Ponies Contact: Alison Wrigglesworth email: alisontinkerdoris@gmail.com, Carrock Dales Ponies Contact: Glenis and James Cockbain email: tinjam01@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 017687 72133, Earnwell Dales Ponies Contact: Dave Lovegreen Tel: 07752572111, Essiecroft Dales Ponies Contact: Mark & Helen Snowden email: essie.dalesponies6@btinternet.com Tel: 01464 861120 Mobile: 07768023715, Grassgill Dales Pony Stud Contact Amy Balmer mob 07966537760 . In addition, the funding allowed the Society to replicate the exhibition materials into poster format for permanent loaning to interested museums and schools. Foals with FIS appear normal when born, but have a compromised immune system and anemia, leading to untreatable infections and death within three months. Wolsingham Show, the oldest Agricultural show, kindly ran a Dales Pony Trotting Race on Sunday 4 September. [3] The Romans themselves named an ancient British tribe to the east of the Pennines the Gabrantovici, or 'horse-riding warriors'. [17], The Dales pony has moved to "critical" status with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust, meaning there is a United Kingdom population of fewer than 300 registered breeding females. She is a larger sort and was sourced for Peter, Zana’s brother as a riding pony but it was decided to let her have a foal first as she’s too nice not to breed from. Uniting members across the UK and overseas, over 220 members and ponies took part in these rides. The essential aid for the leisure horse and rider. Foals out of Dales mares and non-Dales stallions may not be registered, as the stud book wishes to promote breeding of purebred ponies to maintain the current population levels. See our Merchandise. Bobby is a kind soul who likes to please and be with other ponies and humans alike. Each area ride was commemorated with a brass plaque, which were all gathered and attached to a leather breast-collar for the final ride on Saturday 30 July which passed through Barnard Castle, the historical home of the Dales Pony. The rides slowly moved up the country passing through area groups until they reached Derbyshire. Derived from semi-feral or free-roaming ponies of the mountains and moorlands in the UK, the Dales pony is a breed of hardy and intelligent equines originally bred for their ability to carry heavy loads over rough terrain. After lunch the group of visitors moved to David and Alison Eccles' Westwick Stud where the lovely indoor school provided great shelter with 25 mares and young stock tied around the edge with breeding notes for all.

The hind legs may have a small amount of white, not extending above the fetlock joint, though ponies with excessive white markings may be registered in the B register of the stud book. Starr has been confirmed in foal to Ziggy for a May 2021 foal!! Company No.

Envoy de Kingmaker, aka Ziggy, bred by Kingmaker Dales Pony Stud in France, is now proudly owned by Downeast Dales in Maine, USA. She is a larger sort and was sourced for Peter, Zana’s brother as a riding pony but it was decided to let her have a foal first as she’s too nice not to breed from. The President's Ride leaving Barnard Castle for Streatlam, President Mrs Iona Fitzgerald meets the ride at Streatlam.

Sharron Welford and Leadgate BJs Suprize win the Dales Pony Trotting Race. Contact us now! 2016 Black Mare; Sire Rosebarr Monarch; Dam Earnwell Sedge; Faith is a wonderful mare with fantastic action. [2], Horses have been present and used in the Dales area from early times. Lead has been mined in this area since Roman times,[5] and Richard Scrope, then Chancellor of England, owned lead mines at Wensleydale in the 14th century. The Society has no responsibility for the information provided. After a very enjoyable lunch, Hayley Henry and Gail and Michael Stonehouse brought their young stallion, Tarbarl Guiser, to the pub doors and market place where he really showed his personality, drawing quite a crowd of other visitors to the town who came to meet this lovely young stallion. Helen Horn Tel: 017683 41388   email: Griseburnhh@hotmail.com, Haras de Mederdra, 85670 Saint Christophe du Ligneron, France Contact: Mr et Mme Rouvet-Delfau email: harasdemederdra@gmail.com, High Close Dales Ponies www.highcloseponies.co.uk Contacts: Tel: Penny 07721 367351 email: daleslady5@aol.com OR Tel: Nicola 07501 081345 email nic.e91@hotmail.co.uk, Highcroft Stud Contact: Lee Daley 01388 665007, Hilary Fawcett Dales Ponies at Argill Caravan Park, Kynaston Dales, Cornwall Contact: Jayne Mitchell  mob 07826848775, email j.mitchell10@hotmail.co.uk,

email amy.smith@btinternet.com, Griseburn Stud, Cumbria. When a break in the weather allowed, Richard Harding and David fetched out two of the stud stallions - Westwick Hamish and Westwick Bobby. 3. Open to the public, but with special above ground tours for DPS members, this was an incredibly busy and successful day for the Society and museum. With a small group of broodmares, including two of the elder states-women of the Dales ponies at 26 and 29 years of age, the visitors were very pleased to see such a lovely group of mares although the mares themselves were perhaps not quite so sure what to make of 60 strangers descending on their peaceful land! Subsequently, their population increased, and some ponies were exported to Canada and the US during the 1990s. The population declined during the war to such an extent that only four new fillies were registered in 1955. Not only was it a night of dancing and meal, there was a raffle, cutting of the Centenary Cake and of course just a small glass of fizz to toast the next 100 years of the Dales Pony Society.

A highlight was the cutting, by our President, of a special Centenary cake. Public. Your email address will not be published.

Thursday evening saw 25 Dales Ponies and riders meet at local Hamsterley Forest for a lovely ride in this beautiful forest. 07970 812052 or email Julie@pennells.co.uk, Pennybrook Ponies  Contact Helen Robinson 01200 448259(landline only) Sykes farm, Dunsop Bridge, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 3BJ Email: hb.robinson25@gmail.com, Quicksill Native Ponies - Mrs J Snowdon & Miss G & E Snowdon - 07595350564 cackletoncroft@gmail.com, Stuffynwood Dales Ponies - Contact Sarah Noble on 07811 193594, Sunglow Stud Contact: Sue Hobday 01252 794751 or suzannehobday@aol.com, Tall Spruce Dales, Southern New Jersey, USA, Tarbarl Dales - contact tarbarldales@hotmail.co.uk or Hayley Henry 07854223173, Urwin, Mr D – Co. Durham. Pedigrees Online . This stunning open air museum is a real hidden gem of the North-east. [1] Foals by Dales stallions and non-Dales mares may be registered as part-breds. Designed and organised by Sarah and Kim Evans, part of the performance showed that the Dales Pony had been selected as a pack animal in the First World War, which led to a dramatic reduction of the breed back at home and gave rise to the foundation of the Dales Pony Society. It is the responsibility of the Enquirer to check that the information provided is valid. The history of the modern Dales pony is strongly linked to the history of lead mining in the Dales area of Yorkshire, and it was originally a working pony descended from a number of breeds. Her yearling colt, Highcroft Ella's boy, was also much admired, as well as other young stock and mares. The Dales Pony Society of America was set up in 1999. [20], Dales ponies today compete in show jumping, cross-country, dressage, driving, and eventing. Subsequently, their population increased, and some ponies were exported to Canada and the US during the 1990s. Your email address will not be published. Clydesdale, Norfolk Trotter, and Yorkshire Roadster blood was added to improve the trotting ability of the Dales. £30 . That stunning boy is being kept as a future stallion prospect as the bay and blue roan color is very rare for the Dales breed. Monday 1 August Monday saw the start of 4 days of stud visits around the North of England.


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