dragon ball fanfiction novel

Aheheh. Get with the programme."

"Grrr..grrr.. "Okay, monster! Goku told Bulma as she walked over to him. ", "What?! She pressed the button on top and it beeped. There is a faceless, woman-shaped shadow where the memory of his mother lives. "See? "Just who do you think you're dealing with here, kid?

"Yes..." the girl replied, in a tone that suggested she was bored and annoyed. Put yours down.".

Attachment is not part of the agreement. The Tiger flailed his arms madly, and his eyes shot out of his head in a very cartoon-like fashion. ", "Don't worry, maybe it just takes girls longer to grow theirs. It's Goku!" Aheheh! Just hop on, it won't bite you! Everyone in the city has Dino Caps. And these," she pointed at the scattered four dots, "are the other Dragon Balls. A few minutes later, on some grass at the side of the river.

", "I told you, just ignore him when he gets like this. he said, throwing the apple down from the tree. She stepped over the window and climbed out of the upturned car. Frieza makes a different choice against Goku on Namek and his life takes a drastically different course. It had an evil look on it's face, and Bulma looked absolutely petrified. the monster joked sarcastically.

Oh my goodness! "See, this one has five.". ", "I hate to be the one to break it to you, but you can't make a wish with just one ball, you have to have the others as well.".

Nearby, two playful monkeys were having fun.

Long Live The King. I'm the author, and I'd just like to say a few things here. It had piercing yellow eyes with red and black pupils, and had a long mouth with dozens of white, sharp teeth.

They passed a tree with a small monkey standing on one the branches.

", "Hey, you be quiet. If I keep this up, I'll be able to wish for a boyfriend by the end of the month! He keeps threatening to blow up the planet. "Gosh, I think he was lying." So, does that mean you're from one of the big cities? "Yeah! Who was this person? "My name is Goku. Capsule 9 began falling back towards the ground. Anyway, thanks again, and enjoy. "That's right. And it will come true?" "What's wrong?

The black haired freak had to be dead now. Unwittingly, Vegeta and Bulma come together to seal a fragile treaty between unlikely allies. This is so exciting! You would get to see so many new things and learn so much, you Grandpa would be very proud of you! Any wish I want, huh?! After Goku leaves with Uub, Chi-Chi looks back at her life and with help from Bulma decides to get away from it all. He chuckled - that is, until he realised that the branch was about to snap, as it could no longer support his weight. "Tenshinhan, you have three eyes. Rated T for uncensored violence and minor swearing. "How did you get that monster to do what you wanted it to do..." Goku pointed towards the car the girl had been driving. "Are you a friend of Bulma's? Nothing happened. "Hey! The Tiger stayed in pursuit as it began to gain on Goku, who noticed this and began to run extremely fast. "You can tell me all about the city you're from!

", "Oh my gosh... are you saying you've never seen a girl before?

", Then Goku heard a deafening scream. Goku asked, still shocked. Bulma happens to be very elegant. "W-woah! Someone has neither forgotten nor forgiven the terror the Saiyan prince once inflicted across the universe, so long ago. After a while, Goku arrived at a small house with a blue roof in a very odd shape. "So, kid, what's your name, anyway?" One was a small, blue man, wearing a red and black patterned beanie hat with a red star on it. Where are you guys going, Bulma? "So, there's a crazy guy on the front lawn shouting that he's the king of the Saiyans. His eyes were large and his expression was cunning and sly. He moved his arms in different ways to build strength and picked up the wood, struggling a little; it was very heavy. Goku hopped out of Capsule 9. Bulma placed her two balls on Goku's red table.

There was also a brown pot in another corner, and an umbrella-like object in yet another. Rated T for uncensored violence and minor swearing. He had never been in a vehicle before, let alone an extremely fast one. All of Goku's friends crowded around him and congratulated him, and as Yajirobe handed him a Senzu, Goku wanted to feel this way for the rest of his life. First, this story is basically a written version of the Dragon Ball anime. This is a novelization of the wildly popular manga/anime Dragon Ball Z. I know this has probably been done, but I wanted to offer my own take on this idea.

Bulma held out her hand as far as she could towards Goku and the vehicle... just a little more... Goku held his hands out too... just a tiny bit more... he climbed on top of the vehicle... "Hang on! Witchcraft has nothing to do with it. said Goku, as he took a pee in the river. It had some windows and looked a little like a Japanese building. Goku chuckled a little and walked towards the girl. Goku taunted gleefully. "Well... o-okay, but just for a second." "It's a special radar that tracks the Dragon Balls! Goku rounded the corner to find Bulma in the hand of a giant dinosaur-like creature. "(It looks like the Dragon Ball is right down the road. There was a small explosion and a pile of smoke. She pressed the button and the device beeped. Miles and miles away from Goku and Bulma, there was an empty, abandoned chamber, with a single, orange ball with one red star inside it lying atop a red pillow on a long-untouched pedestal. "Yaaaaaaggghhh!" He grabbed one of it's fins and started pulling it back out of the river. After being on Planet Plant for over a year Bardock cannot obtain the power he used to defeat Chilled.

It'll be dry in no time. he had semi-big eyes and small arms and legs, and wore a content expression with a smile. Stay back, kid, stay there." ", "Yeah, but it's not as weird as yours! Bulma was able to make it fly a few minutes ago." Why don't you come out of your shell and fight?!" "Hey," he told Bulma. Seeing his young grandson that he raised venture out into the world all on his own! She also had a light red/dark pink ribbon tied in her hair. Rated T (Teen) for minor violence, minor nudity (well, at least in the actual anime, where you can see it) and minor adult themes. First, this story is basically a written version of the Dragon Ball anime. "There are seven Dragon Balls, sire. Not Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball, the cartoon that came before Dragon Ball Z. He was in a very happy mood, and couldn't stop laughing.

His hair was black and long, and also very spiky. "You can see that for yourself. That's up to the readers. he cried, laughing again. Bulma pressed a button on the top of the capsule and threw it down in front of her. ", "Definitely. "Well, he was. This is the only thing that my Grandpa gave me to remember him by!" Your ball started glowing because it was reacting to the two that I have." "Not quite!"

"I'm hungry, woah.". Son Goku was the world's strongest man and greatest hero. And now that Vegeta has a family of his own, it's the perfect time to return the favor... Gohan has been working at the CC since he was 15, but now at age 18 his mom forces him to go to high school. "Well, alright. "I think it's safe to assume we're having fish for lunch," the girl joked. "As a matter of fact, we have fancy dinner engagements but the reservations are only for two.". Each ball has a different number of stars on it." "POWER POLE, EXTEND!" It was small and light blue. Goku growled angrily. Yeah, these gems have the power to do great things. He had a rather goofy expression. He'll be fine by lunch.". "These are our three balls. With the help of the assistant manager, Goku, the weekend supervisor, Piccolo, and an over-worked bunch of baristas, Vegeta turns the store into something even he can be proud of.

Your savior is nothing but ash, and there is not a damn thing you can do about it ! "DON'T JUST STAND THERE, IDIOT! she giggled. "Hang on, Bulma! I'll wish for the most perfect boyfriend that ever lived!)" Goku continued. the girl asked.

"Stop being such a downer, baby, I'm in the mood for a happy meal!

So, what's on the agenda? Fish... yeah, haha! ", "They're not Grandpas, they're called Dragon Balls. Read up on your favorite Dragon Ball Universe fighters, villains, and memes.

"That was good!" "WOAH! But... why is he starting to get up?! Well, thanks very much for reading! If this fanfic actually ends up being successful, and I still enjoy writing it, I'll probably write one for Dragon Ball Z, but even if I do, that won't be for a very, very long time. he laughed. Let's just say if a bad person got ahold of these balls, he could really wreak some havoc.". It edged towards the tail, and with an evil look in its eye, bit carnivorously into the brown, furry thing. This isn't what he had in mind when he left Frieza's employ all those years ago, but sometimes life takes you in funny directions. Aaahh.." the girl asked herself, shuddering, with her eyes closed very tightly. "Here... take this, you mean old bully!" Which of these stories deserves the title of best Dragon Ball Z fanfiction? ", "You can forget it! "You can wait until later if you have to.


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