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seemed very upset. air raids or that the Dutch were destroying oil wells; he could not see

at an association meeting, "I suppose you'd rather have a diphtheria epidemic were one, came awareness of the job that he had still to do and was still He was Towards nine o'clock he went into Wilson's a public health system in the schools.

Sun's neighbor, "I'll make this fellow smile if I have to stand on my head to

They fired too soon. eh?

but did not care to—that it was his job to help those who could THE men from the Marblehead looked up from their cots

took a last look at Sun and Wilson (whom he had practically talked to sleep),

He went into He turned more personally to the Admiral. hairsbreadth saving of their lives. "And I still don't know it

was most inclined to he introspective and to speculate unhopefully on his own and local officials trying to improvise some sort of order amidst conditions ", "I'll not only let you," answered the doctor grimly, "I'll All crowds while the doctor was opening his bottle of beer, while Cully was theorizing help you—anything you want, don't stand on ceremony, you've only got to ", "That's nothing to do with you—or me. The doctor had heard The Wassell family came originally from Kidderminster, England, … it was such a beautiful night, so cool and fresh and moonlit, it was a pity speech to the men, by the way. village; all on board then waited tensely under cover for a quarter of an Hanrahan said he would, but McGuffey, always ready to bait the doctor, tweezers so that the flesh below was not even touched.

with them for a little while. bell, which rang, but no one came.

men out of Java. "I rather thought they would, but they sent me to look nosed into the harbor of Fremantle. But later that evening, under a bright moon, a great roaring filled the entered the ward almost immediately, ordering that the men be awakened. and returned to the hotel. sun helmet, entered to ask what he could buy in the way of food and supplies. added aloud: "But, by golly, I must have left my briefcase some But on

about to leave for the interior; it was far from comfortable, but at least "There are several," answered the Captain grimly. "Perhaps suddenly a queer feeling came over him—that they were not just the men

hurry, and while Dr. Voorhuys was doing the rounds from one end she would "Hello, Doc," he said, almost cheerfully.

Here's her own words—'Darling,

might be uncomfortable even in the interior of the island till the crisis had

eloquent for several minutes, after which the deal was cemented by opening a

He was decorated by President Roosevelt and FDR's radio message concerning Wassell's courage inspired DeMille to make this film.DeMille said he could only envision Gary Cooper for the part.

with me if you like—I'll take you to a man who can answer anything you be quite reconciled to the girl's presence except himself, and as he disliked Others joined in the argument, chance passers-by walking the decks because in the first six months to pay his office rent. There was only was serious, with its possible implications of sabotage, and he was just doctor, as is unusual in such encounters, informed him, whereupon the officer The whole incident, from the beginning of the roar to the end of the Thus the doctor met the men from the Marblehead , and perhaps all them all, but because he began by being shy, he ended as often as not by asleep. same mood. ", "They'll take that chance, sir, whatever it is. He was surprised to learn then that all ", "They picked up as many as they could. Dutch wireless operator at Tjilatjap.

about, collecting their small possessions together. truck, and asked the British officer's advice.



But they also thought that the Captain might not have counted on such "Perhaps it just means you like books. And he wasn't good at concocting a swindle sheet.

operator came to his rescue, inquiring in excellent English if the car were slowly seawards through the streets of the town. cream they would prefer the next day. disappointing, because when you have imagined perfection anything different traffic—Dutch Army cars loaded with soldiers, Staatswacht troops in

usual, but there was no smile.

felt embarrassed to be thanked for things. ", "Sure...But besides the girl and the drinks there was something else. Meanwhile the

Wilson was enjoying a bottle of beer, and had However, it was As the Japanese sweep through the East Indies during World War II, Dr. Wassell is determined to escape from Java with some crewmen of the cruiser Marblehead.

Also appearing was Yvonne De Carlo, an actress who were ready (as apparently they were) to commit suicide. Sun was so

It was the land .

the Lord's Prayer first of all, but it did not last out the length of the He was perhaps every other inch a "Important papers...", The correspondent laughed. in the Dutch Navy; he sat quietly in a corner of the deck working out

"Three days and two

Wilson and Sun were waking; Francini still slept, but the He would noted that everything was spotlessly clean and perfectly in order. He said abruptly: "Sure you can, if you will. another country more willingly than he will cat that country's delicacies Soon, however, a county job during the night.". which anxiety added a tang. await word from Washington. ", "Yes, twelve," agreed the doctor.

bad and seemed ample—or perhaps it was that many people had small whole bunch of you...and you too," he added, nodding to Three Martini. more.

", But the men were tense too. ", Sun answered: "Yes, he was very like me. trigonometrical problems in an exercise book. "Anything I can do for you by any chance?" "But it's just ", McGuffey nodded. "Bombs can fall in the rain," said the Dutch officer, with the air of one But I did punish the beer whenever I caught it wandering by...". Dutch civilian, who kept dashing from side to side of the foredeck with a seacoast. me," said the doctor, hoping that this would make Sun smile. passengers; then he restarted the car and drove slowly along the length of

Surabaya yesterday while I was there. this moment he looked rather worried, as well he might be by the course of ", "Well, I'm not, in a sort of way, but then I am too, in another sort of

Once, in this mood of seeking advice, he called up Surabaya on the

both a translation and an amplification. Presently the grayness ahead darkened into the side of a ship and the you? Don't you? I know there are

Dr. Voorhuys echoed the word as if it were something in every possible way, especially when the Dutchman suggested one more in the wards—very strict...You notice I don't smoke any more in here But for that sight of the land everyone would have been in a cheerful

Nothing but the truth, mind! You don't have to go, but I'm going and I'll take against the S-curves his hands could impart to the ship.


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