does bonnie die season 2
She tells him that her reason for not killing Elena is that she is in danger. Bonnie is best friends with Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes, and she descends from a long line of powerful witches - including those who developed the immortality elixir, made daylight rings, and helped the Gemini Coven create the 1994 Prison World. During "No Going Back", Bonnie continues her care of Clementine.

When Clementine gets shot by Arvo, Bonnie's reaction to the situation differs depending on your choice in the event that led to Luke's death.

However, when Carver murders Reggie, Bonnie is visibly shocked, although she still tries to give reasoning to his decision by claiming it must have been an "accident". (Unnamed) - Mother (Deceased) Leland - Ex-Boyfriend (Determinant)Luke - Ex-Boyfriend (Deceased) If you choose to help Luke: Clementine attempts to pull Luke from the water as Bonnie shoots the oncoming walkers, but the ice gives away and both Luke and Clementine fall into the freezing water. The second season focuses mainly on the arrival of Elena's doppelgänger Katherine Pierce and on her reasons for returning to Mystic Falls. Back in the present, Elena offers Katherine blood for the truth. Before Caroline dies, Katherine gives her a message for the Salvatore brothers: "Game on.". Leland breaks down after seeing Dee dead.

Stefan admits that he had been brutal and inhuman until Lexi showed him the path of love and humanity. Realizing that Bonnie intends to endanger herself to defeat Klaus, Elena pulls the dagger out of Elijah's heart. Last Appearance Bonnie and Johnny are both part of Carver's group. In the middle of the arguments, she can be heard telling Natasha to back off, and not to even think about pulling the trigger. Clementine and Bonnie can later discuss Luke whilst outside of the unfinished house. Bonnie is the second playable protagonist to have a determinant status. Bonnie's name has also been invoked several times on Legacies.

During Season 2, Bonnie states a few times lots of men had promised her things and nothing never happened. At the end of the episode, Maddox and Greta (Luka's sister) perform a ritual to release Klaus's spirit from Alaric's body and put it back into his own.

Drowned in a frozen lake after it cracked under her weight. Bonnie initially had her suspicions for Tavia, but when Tavia explains her community and offers them a safe haven. Drowned in a frozen lake after it cracked under her weight. Unsolved Mysteries: Biggest Questions From Season 1, Volume 2, Vampire Diaries: What Happened To Bonnie In Originals & Legacies, All 5 Doppelgangers In The Vampire Diaries Explained, Every Vampire Diaries & Originals Character Who Returned In Legacies, The Simpsons’ Most Savage Trump Joke Caused A Unique Writing Problem, What Year Vikings Is Set In & How Much Time Has Passed, Peanuts Fans Petition To Bring Holiday Specials Back To Broadcast TV, Assassin’s Creed TV Show Art Brings Together Altair, Ezio & Bayek, Why The Mandalorian Season 2, Episode 1 Has So Little Baby Yoda, Full House: Big Bang Theory Actress Almost Playing DJ Makes Better Sense, Avatar Gave Sokka The Pet That Zuko Was Supposed To Have, Mandalorian Season 2 Poster: Official Look At Cobb Vanth In Boba Fett’s Armor, Stephen Amell Recovering After Sustaining Back Injury On Heels Set. Katherine turns Caroline into a vampire, so as to have a spy against Stefan and Elena.

When Tyler learns that Elena has to die for the curse to be broken, he lets Stefan go. Luka becomes friends with Bonnie and tells her that Klaus will be weakened by the sacrificial ritual, meaning that Elena has to die so that Elijah can kill him and free his sister. Bonnie is next seen when Clementine also arrives at the museum, to discover that Bonnie and Mike were unable to find anything useful as of yet.

Bonnie's (Kate Graham) fate may have been sealed for the final season of Bonnie feels guilty for taking so much, but Walter insists, only asking that she shows the same kindness to someone else down the line.

However, she is angered when Leland calls Bonnie "darlin'" and calls out both of them for possibly flirting with each other ("I know what side your bread is buttered on.

Jenna worries that Alaric isn't being honest about his past. But Elijah says he has an elixir that can save Elena from dying. Caroline and Elena reach the Salvatore's before Liz can kill them, but Caroline's identity as a vampire is exposed to her mother. She dies after being bitten by werewolf Jules. Dee prevents Leland from helping her by pulling him away. After witnessing Carver's brutal actions, Bonnie joins and helps Rebecca and the others escape, to which Rebecca appreciates her for.

In a flashback to 1492 England, Katherine meets Elijah and Klaus for the first time. [29], Michaela McManus joined the cast in a guest role as a werewolf who comes to town looking for answers about Mason's death. Bonnie and Sarah were members of Carver's community and knew each other fairly well. Bonnie met Natasha for the first time as Arvo's gang confronted her group. Bonnie has a vision of the moonstone's location in a well. Damon then leaves her in the original tomb where she is trapped until the spell has been removed from the tomb.

The series finale of The Vampire Diaries was both beautiful and heartbreaking as we said goodbye to Elena, Stefan, Damon, and Bonnie for the last …

Clementine will have the option to ask if Bonnie is safe when she first awakens after the dream. Elena finds out that if a vampire uses the dagger, that vampire will die. Sheriff Forbes, trying to kill Damon, accidentally frees him from his cell. Bonnie couldn't have accomplished this time-sensitive, hands-on task from a distance, indicating she was back in Mystic Falls. Stefan kills Brady to save Elena.

Bonnie is later glad to see Luke safe, and helps him and the others escape, to which he appreciates her for. "Game on" just might be the two most chilling words uttered this season. But it is revealed that Klaus wanted Katherine and compelled Isobel to get her and the moonstone. Bonnie's story starts off with her talking to Leland about having a snake tongue or lobster claws for hands.

Bonnie is later delighted to find that Rebecca managed to give a successful birth. (Determinant) "400 Days" (Bonnie's Story) Elena's vervain necklace remains at the house. [53] In region B, it was released on August 22, 2011. [32], Gino Anthony Pesi portrays Maddox at the end of season two, a warlock who works for Klaus.

Both options cause Luke's death, and potentially her own if Clementine witnesses them both fall into the lake and fails to crack the ice. ", "The Vampire Diaries: Season 2 (2010-2011)",, "hawii-five-0 tops premiere week rankings", "hawaii-five-0-top-premiere-week-rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, Parenthood Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, The Event, Parenthood, Modern Family Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Modern Family, Grey's Anatomy, Outlaw, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Grey's Anatomy, The Event, Fringe, Hawaii Five-0 Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: 'Grey's Anatomy,' 'Glee,' 'The Good Guys' Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: 'Modern Family,' 'Fringe,' 'Hawaii Five-0' Top Week's Rankings", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: 'Fringe largest dvd increase", "LLive+7 DVR Ratings: 'Modern Family' Tops Absolute Gains, 'Fringe' Tops % Gains", "Live+7 DVR Ratings: Yet Again, 'Modern Family' Tops Absolute Gains, 'Fringe' Tops % Gains", "dvr ratings fringe final nearly doubles",, All Wikipedia articles written in American English, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Picking up where the first season left off, Elena arrives home to discover the fates of Uncle John and Jeremy. At the power station, Bonnie invites Jane to join the group by the fire, but she refuses as Jane later states that she thinks it would be awkward.

The language barrier (Natasha's being Russian) increases the tension between her and Bonnie. Though Dee and Leland helped Bonnie fight an addiction to drugs, Dee becomes highly suspicious of a possible affair between the two. If Clementine went into the water to save him, Bonnie will thank her. As the conversation gets heated about the bag, Dee begins to accuse Leland of always taking Bonnie's side and calling her his "girlfriend". Elena finds a delirious Damon, brings him home, and kisses him after he confesses his love. During the escape from Howe's Hardware, when Sarah's screaming alerts nearby walkers to herself and Clementine, Bonnie will try to assist them by shooting at the walkers approaching them.

When Arvo shoots Clementine in the shoulder, Bonnie is distraught and frantically tries to apologize, further showing her great concern for those in pain as she also tends to Clementine if she is hit by Carver or Troy and looking after Rebecca during her pregnancy. After Caroline tells him and then compels him to forget, it is revealed that Matt's involvement was a setup by Sheriff Forbes to find out everything about the vampires. But Bonnie can also be quite cold. Once Kenny gets the truck started, she will appear neutral on the conversation on where to go. Alternatively, if Alvin survived the events of the ski lodge, he dies at the hands of Carver's henchmen.

After that they share a look while Clementine smiles. When the group reaches the defunct power station, Bonnie recommends they rest for the night and comments on Clementine's suggestion to have a nice, quiet night.

Bonnie and Arvo do not trust each other upon their first meeting.

He befriends Bonnie, but it is later revealed that he and his father work for Elijah. She initially tries to justify his murdering Walter and Alvin (Determinant) at the Ski Lodge and tries to suggest his killing Reggie was an accident, although she eventually admits to not having the best judgement in both situations.

Clementine will be sorry about it, but she says she wasn't sure her face is the "best" feature, which Mike says is not true.

Rose and Trevor are using Elena, the Petrova doppelgänger who is the key to breaking the curse, as a bargaining chip. Family

Bonnie is the only member of the 400 Days group that will always go with Tavia in the epilogue, regardless of the player's choices. Elena finally guesses who "Alaric" really is.

For example, if Clementine chooses not to help Luke in the finale of Season 2, Bonnie shows obvious resentment toward Clementine.

Elena and Rose go to ask Slater about Klaus, but they find his staked corpse. When Lucy finds out that another Bennett is at the party and that Katherine had deceived her, she puts a spell on the moonstone, injuring Katherine. Under Katherine's compulsion, Matt fights Tyler. Discovering that Katherine is free, Elena is upset. But noted by how Carver trusts her with main tasks, she became a valuable member of the group.

Meanwhile, Greta the witch feeds Jenna her blood, completing Jenna's transformation into a vampire. Bonnie is the only person to accidentally kill another survivor regardless of the player's choices. Stefan saves Jeremy but is trapped himself.

I don't know how much longer The Vampire Diaries can keep churning stories at this feverish rate, but if this is your sort of guilty pleasure, you'd be crazy not to bite."[35].


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