dge reading passage
You can follow us on FB, LinkedIn and Twitter as well. A call is sent out. 16) The rose he gave her was as pale as cream.

This week we go over the rule for spelling with -dge. Bob did put things away.

1st Grade Reading Passages. Categories: Letter Combinations | Reading Connected Text, VCE -all vce + combination words sentences, VCE -all vce + combination words passages, /wiki/Decodable_letter_combination_passages. He gets the corn that the horse did not eat in the grass. His wrist turns dark. Wide stuff is big, but just from side to side. Gus got up his nerve to ask a frog to sing. What can swirl and twirl? He woke up alone. Look up! Rate it! Roy did enjoy his toys. She ends them with a knot. Clark and his pals had fun with hidden candy at the party. “That was clever,” says mother. He swam with it. "Do not be afraid of a sound," said the mouse. Yum,” he said. A fawn will eat a carrot. 1) Jill returns from the surf with red sunburn on her back. tavor 7 for sale, iwi tavor 7 for sale, tavor 7 for sale?, tavor 7 for sale california gunbroker, tavor 7 for sale california, tavor 7 for sale usa, tavor 7 for sale us, tavor 7 for sale near me,tavor ts-12 for sale , wiki tavor ts-12 for sale , boston terrier puppies for sale near me in usa uk canada australia cheap, Multisensory Monday: Classic Board Games for Review, Multisensory Monday: Spooky Spider Tic-Tac-Toe. Chomp. “Spend the day with us,” it will say. 3) That dime is mine, but you can have it. They had cups made from animal horns. His tail is bright green. He gets shells and a shrimp. 2) Ann scolds the goat for his bold jumping, after she told him to hold still. Will Roy annoy Troy if he plays with the toys? 4) Gram's lime candy wins the big prize at the contest. And the foam from the soap is on the boat. He did not cut the grass. You can skip the rocks that are flat.

What is a meal and what is a feast?

Seth left the dull bathtub. Make a game of it. The rat is hidden. Rick will sit on Buzz. With a brush, Carmen will put a gold star on Clark the cat and Danny the dog. 1) The class left the classroom to visit the zoo, and soon it will be there. 1) Bob is not the sort of man to forget a story. You will see her pink jeep. Then there is a flash of fins–a sunfish! She's got a knack for knitting. called an ending in the suffix sense of the term, it simply fulfills the rule Yum. They just ate meat and grain. Can Bob store things? There is his whisk. judge, badge, fudge, sledge, fridge, lodge. They will name him Norm. It has lots of arms that hang from its body like ribbons. “Yes, yes, yes!” everybody said to Gert. The lake will lap at bare legs.

This day is important for Jan and Jack. The toad sat on the grass to soak up the sun. Fran trusted Zack.

To keep his toys, Roy got that goblin a box of candy. A tummy will hum from grand things on Thanksgiving. Is shellfish a feast? Hop! They have funny scripts and songs. “What?” you say. It gets big fast. Chad’s sister Carmen is across the park. Ben will run to join the pig. She ran from her home. Was Gus a grump? He lifts the top and the lunchbox is empty! 18) The bird will hide in the tree to stay safe.

“Quack! A Jellyfish is not made of jelly! 7) If you help bake the cake, I will put it on a plate. Thankful for Granddad. A one syllable word that uses a short vowel with the /j/ sound is spelled with the trigraph DGE.

A star and the moon are a neat sight. Crush. 4)Jeff fell on the gas hose. The auto steams. As seen at TeachersPayTeachers. He aids Tom in picking up the grain. With the lid off, the rat can get to the rest of the pile! They keep her fingers hot. They made crafts from horns. The muffin is perfect. Hats can be ugly. Tadpoles form legs as they get big. She swam. It leaps from the sea. He puts the tablet on his easel. Hats can get lost. Soon, a foal will be born. Gram knits a set of mittens. 5) Hang the dress in the shade. Are they a meal or a feast? He makes up a plan. Josh lifts the net. No family will stay away. Mary is webmaster at PrintNPractice.com and created elementary school practice exercises using digital interactive worksheets. We aim for no errors. He runs to the sand near the sea. See free teacher, homeschool, digital interactive school-at-home learning exercises with no login, no sign-up, no voucher, no account, and no credit card. I am silly.

Do you explicitly teach the rule for -tch and -dge? They felt bad. Mack keeps smart animals in his zoo. You’re absolutely right; I left the short vowel out of the description I wrote. He went with Joan to the cabin.

Ned aids Tom to keep him happy. 1) The dog licks his paw, then sprawls on the grass with a yawn.

Everybody had fun with verses and songs. “Buzz! Clark was happy! The action is continuing. There was room for Buzz to stretch out. To play with the toys is a joy for Troy.

What a big muffin! The cat sniffs the rat. Fitch hit the lid with a pole.

They made crafts from hides. 1) The pig was wide, and he did not hide well. Matt the mouse got in the house. He ran along the sand, but he never sang. He hid candy in the grass for his pals to hunt. The wise rat had a plan. Do not mess with the hose if you are alone. Buzz will run the wrong way. Linking these really help the my students recall these rules. The toad got across the road. The pond animals hid from Gus. It will not yell or be upset.

The pig will avoid Ben.

Each passage relates in some way to the book's themes, concepts, characters, settings, or subject matter. Silent letters: D is almost silent and the E is a totally silent letter with these words unlike badger and gadget. I remember this clever dog, Gus. -dge Spelling Rule. A full moon will bring a lot of light. Chomp.

3) Queen Qualls quit working on her quilt. In reverse, These worksheets are available in both manuscript and cursive worksheets: Thank you for sharing with your favorite teachers, parents, and homeschool families!~Mary. If you are alone, do not mess with the stove. Tadpoles swim. Who will pitch? The hawk sees a mouse that is stranded in a ditch. 3) Rate the prizes from one to nine, with nine the best. A doctor saw the problem. Homeschool worksheets for spelling practice and Robert Louis Stevenson's poetry handwriting worksheets make great ESL printable worksheets.

It had a tin roof. “Silly goat,” she said. “This is the job,” he said. There was the candy. The boat will float with its load of soap. There were dogs. Can Roy play with the toys, too? He wraps Mitch’s wrist in a splint. We sing it to The Saints Come Marching In. He gave her a rose. It is dark. But, Ned never complains. Tap the rock. The bees are in a hive. What a fine time for Bob!

His beak is red. Are rocks alive? Grasshoppers hid under rocks. 19) The red tube of paint was on sale for a dime. Poppy is his big pet pig. When you swim in a pool, you can swirl and twirl. He fills a big cup with tea and cream. 6)If you sit there alone, you can doze off. after a single short vowel, that says "a-e-i-o-u".

He ate as much food as nine children.

The cabin had cracks where cold got in. “You cannot grab me!”. “I think it is not difficult. If the things are in boxes, dust will not get on them. What if I have a wide grin? Ron is sad. 8)I will put on a cute hat and sing a tune for you. Or are you silly?”. It was full of fun toys. 2) In September, the monster had everyone over for dinner. The silent E lets the G say /j/. The hawk swoops in to help the mouse. Roy was smart. 3) The girl in the shirt had dirt on her face. Bing the parrot is a delight. “Is this a fib?”. They hid by a wide log. Chomp. They play on and on, and never a sour note! 5) Put the dome on the cake and it will be safe. I hate to be late!". They eat all of the bird food. sound. Granddad grinned. He thinks there is a sandwich in his lunchbox. Next, the old, bold goat got ahold of a gold cloak. They ran up the side of a hill. A lamp shade? Is the cat tame? When adding a vowel suffix, drop the silent E unless you need it to preserve the soft G sound. d/b/a PrintNPractice.com, PrintNPractice & A-Z-Worksheets. Can you say the alphabet? They had a date. Use -dge to spell the sound /j/ immediately after the short vowel in a one-syllable word. Joan had a fat toad for a pet. It cannot run. But, it is Sunday. The stove gets hot. It can be the shape of a bell. What a great way to review.

It was for best pet. For example: When your kids are learning DGE words have them practice this list orally with you so they can see the pattern. 5)Doris put a yoke on the ox. All of a sudden, the old, bold goat was sick. Cass the cat knit a splendid gift. A hungry goblin had a plan. Buy 197 PDF Phonics Printable Worksheets Manuscript Print. Then we can have fun.”. The wind was wicked.

//www.ortongillinghamweekly.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/Orton-Logo-02.png, Best Books for Upper Elementary and Middle School- Wayside School, Best Books for Upper Elementary and Middle School- The Outsiders. She came up, and there were her pals. ", Gus asks her, "You broke it? She ran up the hill.

Can you serve roast beef at a feast? Granddad holds his drum! Get him a snack and see! The roof was snug, but the sound of rain on the tin roof was loud. Doris is giving him a balloon. Lee brings the van there. You are cute when you are bald!". His big sister went to scold him. 1) Jean puts beads that gleam on a string, then keeps them in a gold box. He gets corn from a box in the barn. But, the mouse was too loud. Run and hide.". Help your students learn the phonics rule for words ending in -ge/-dge. The doctor tells Mitch, “Wait a week. He saw more animals as they went by. The hare sat under the pine tree. The sun set. Ben is happy. They can't jump. It can be round. My claws are dull.". Then travel back to the spot you came in. She will put him in a happy mood. Bob can store small things under his bed, as well. Seth’s grandfather had a job for him, but Seth did nothing. It spat if it got angry. There is a funny sound. The point is to catch the pig. The frogs hid under the mud. If there is not an attic, Bob can store things in his closet. Quick!” said Daddy duck. Click to find out more ... Spalding Phonics or Schola phonics books? He was stuck in quicksand. Bess dove in. He was tall as well as wide. If they say it as they practice writing the sound at the same time, they'll learn it so much better. 1) The girl twirls to see her pink skirt swirl. Kirk sees dirt in the yard. They swoop to the yard. “Yum. There are several exceptions to the E dropping rule. The sun will make it fade. ", She said, "I am late! “Grab Quinn and pull.” But, Quinn was stuck. Poppy oinks and oinks. The river is fast.

Hop! “I will fix your sunburn,” said the nurse. But this was not to last. A doctor sees the bump. A foal will be born. Are there legs on a rock? It can sniff for grubs. You will not get as wet. Animals can help us pull. An old, bold goat fed on a gold coat. “You can finish this,” she yells. Whisk, whisk, then Jimmy puts it in a pan. 9) I will tell you the dog's name.

With one big pull, Quinn was out of the quicksand. He makes up a tune. If you put a yoke on an ox or a mule, it can pull a wagon. 1) Soon we will eat the fresh cake from the bake sale. A wide man puts on wide pants. The -tch and -dge have to come after a SHORT vowel sound, not just a vowel as you wrote above. King Roy of Troy was a happy man. 1) Sloan rented a tugboat that floats along the foam on the twisted river.


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