derek francis counselor

This webinar’s participants will examine the level of equity within the guiding principles of their school counseling program and how those principles align with an antiracist stance. Additionally, she earned her Master’s of Education in School Counseling from Loyola College in Maryland and her PhD in Counselor Education for the University of Central Florida.

It’s also important to work to repair harm when you do make mistakes. Additionally, being antiracist is arguably one of the most American things one can be. Derek Francis is a passionate school counselor with years of experience focusing on a proactive, equity based and proactive approach. It’s okay to not be all things for all people, and folks will find a way to get through things without you. I was asked to serve on committees and to present.

CASC © 2020 The California Association of School Counselors, Inc. | 3602 Inland Empire Blvd, Suite B205, Ontario, CA 91764 | Phone: 909-815-5222 | Fax: 909-693-5101 | Email:, Copyright © 2020, California Association of School Counselors, Manager of Counseling Services, Minneapolis Public Schools, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Professor Emeritus, Claremont Graduate University, Listening: The Most Important Leadership Skill in Times of Crisis. She has created standards-aligned classroom lessons and small group curricula that aim to help Black students and students of color combat harmful stereotypes, protect them from the effects of weathering, and empower them to use their voice and actions to create the change they wish to see. It is impossible to fully understand racism or antiracism without considering the various levels at which they exist. Derek Francis Manager of Counseling Services Minneapolis Public Schools Minneapolis, Minn. Tinisha Parker, Ph.D. Assistant Chair, ASCA Board of Directors Executive Director of Student Services Gwinnett County School District Suwanee, Ga. Marsha Rutledge, Ph.D. Assistant Professor

Jodi Burke Often good questions create more positive regard and attention than great answers. John Nwosu is a Human Developer and the owner of Think D.I.F. From here, you can begin using Action Plans to help determine how you will implement and assess your antiracist delivery.

What about your grade level? Read all of the stories here. Deborah Nelson 612-668-5828. Are the standards antiracist? Acknowledge the role race and racism have played in our society and critically examine how it operates in your school. They also consistently work on improving their own self-awareness by. Most recently, I received a letter of direction (which is a big deal). Our counselors have done a great job of being present, showing up at the schools and helping students peacefully demonstrate. Antiracist school counselors reject the idea of colorblindness and ultimately use methods from Critical Race Theory (CRT) and Culturally Responsive/Sustaining Pedagogies to lead, collaborate, and advocate for systemic change. Who do they listen to that could share your cause? Also, there’s a heightened level of stress around being at home, because some of their family members have lost jobs. How did you overcome these? I spent a significant amount of time reading and taking copious notes during my master’s program and new counselor training.


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