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", The Baquets' emergence as restaurateurs might have created some friction in the family, but it helped African-Americans stake their rightful claim to the Creole culinary tradition. Hence, several hard-hitting articles were featured in the newspaper. He worked there for only a few months, but he loved the overall experience so much that he made the big decision of dropping out of college and working as a full-time journalist. In 2000, however, the chief editor of the ‘Los Angeles Times,’ John Carroll, offered Dean the position of the managing editor at the newspaper. Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting in 1988 for coverage of corruption in the Chicago City Council. Wayne Sr. said the 11-year-old Zachary's will continue with the same menu under new owners Stephanie and Margo Newman. The last in that string was Zachary's, the restaurant that Wayne named after his grandson (Wayne Jr.'s oldest boy), and owned until last month. The family was one of the richest in town and also one of the most respected. Woolworth Co. It was unreal.". In 1966, Wayne's father, Eddie, and his mother, Myrtle, sold the family house in order to buy a property at 2119 Law St. in the 7th Ward. Later, Dean said that journalism had happened to him by accident and that he had fallen in love with it immediately, especially the branch of investigative journalism. However, soon after he joined the university, his interests greatly shifted toward journalism. Wayne Jr., who started working in the restaurant peeling potatoes at 9, compared the popularity of Eddie's in its heyday to that of Uglesich's today. Finally, described by the Times itself, Baquet’s last name is pronounced back-EH. People outside the neighborhood took notice. "The way it evolved was, I ran the front of the house, and my dad ran the back of the house with my mom (Myrtle) and my aunt (Anna Gibson) and my grandmother (Eva Romano), who were the first real cooks," Wayne Sr. said.

They have one son, Ari. Your friends like you. Wayne Baquet poses for a photograph at Arnaud's in the French Quarter on Saturday June 26, 2004. 2.

Share on Facebook Share on Twitter. He also directed the cafeteria at Southern University at New Orleans and opened Eddie's at Krauss in the Canal Street department store. Nous voudrions effectuer une description ici mais le site que vous consultez ne nous en laisse pas la possibilité. "You'd never find chitlins in one of Wayne Baquet's restaurants," said Wayne Sr. "Creole food is crawfish bisque, crawfish pie, red beans, jambalaya, gumbo. The Huffington Post reported as recently as last week that Bloomberg tried earlier to hire Baquet to oversee its Washington coverage. ( Also on POLITICO: Abramson ousted from New York Times). Prior to his expected exit at the Los Angeles Times in 2006 after a budget cut dispute, staffers apparently wore T-shirts with his name on them, according to LA Observed. The paper was eventually absorbed by The Times-Picayune. Homesick for his native New Orleans, he took a summer internship with his hometown’s afternoon paper, The States-Item, which turned into a full-time job. He has been the executive editor of The New York Times since May 14, 2014. In 1977, the restaurant critic Richard Collin praised the restaurant in the States-Item. In May of 2014, Dean Baquet, ... most of them by Wayne and his wife, Janet. He ended up opening Li'l Dizzy's Café less than a year later; the swan song tone of this profile is confusing in retrospect. While he was studying at the ‘St. Knowing firsthand the strenuous work involved, he has never aspired to be a restaurateur. In 2014, he was promoted to the position of the executive editor of the organization.

Not many mothers can say that.”, ( Earlier on POLITICO: Turbulence at The Times). Just about everybody raised their hand.". 1. It was called Paul Gross Chicken Coop, on the corner of Bienville and Roman in the 6th Ward, right around here, not that far. He's not ruling out getting back into restaurants, but Janet is "fully retired," and for the time being he plans to spend his free time with family. The New York Times on Wednesday announced that the paper’s managing editor, Dean Baquet, is replacing Jill Abramson as executive editor. The bar area, which was always the largest part of Eddie's, became the main dining room; the small, three-table area that had been the restaurant became the bar. Dean Baquet Net Worth. By the time Wayne Sr.'s parents lured him back to the original Eddie's in the mid-'80s, Eddie Jr. had quit the restaurant business and moved to Houston while the rest of his siblings were pursuing other careers. Disagreements as to how Eddie Baquet's should be run caused Wayne Sr. to split with his father and Eddie Jr. Eddie Baquet's closed after two years, but Wayne Sr. and Janet went on to open a series of restaurants on their own. Ada was the first Baquet to go into the restaurant business. ( Also on POLITICO: Why Jill Abramson was fired). "Creole is soul," he said. He singled out "the brilliant and imaginative kitchen" and "magnificent" gumbo and oyster loaves while cautioning readers that the surroundings were less than genteel. Once Wayne Sr. was married, he and Janet got "a little cubicle" of their own. "Creole food in New Orleans is cooked by the people in New Orleans who are Creole.". Dean accepted the offer and thus became the second most-powerful figure in the organization. During his stint at ‘The New York Times,’ he mostly dealt with the stories that explored the relationship between New York politicians and private business owners in the city. Baquet’s mother, Myrtle Romano Baquet, who passed away in 2010, was described by The Times-Picayune as “the matriarch of one of New Orleans’ first families of home-style Creole cooking.” She, along with Baquet’s late father, ran the restaurant Eddie’s, of which comedian Bill Cosby was a fan and where Baquet’s favorite dish was gumbo. Augustine High School,’ he joined ‘Columbia University’ to study English literature. A cigar box sufficed as a cash register. He was involved in finalizing the sale of Zachary's, a restaurant both father and son feel filled the upscale potential that eluded Eddie Baquet's. Baquet became the first African-American to lead a top U.S. newspaper when he was named editor of the Los Angeles Times in 2005. Pull up a seat at the table. "Jazzfest, Mardi Gras, you couldn't get in there. My dad was the butcher.

He also had a keen interest in writing. Two of his brothers, Terry, Page 1 editor at The Times-Picayune, and Dean, managing editor of The Los Angeles Times, are journalists.

"Seeing people walk out and say, 'Ah, that's the best I ever had.' “Journalism was just an accident,” Baquet told Editor & Publisher. Wayne made the decision to, as he put it, "flip" Eddie's. Following this incident, the U.K. refused to share any vital information with the U.S.A.

It was on Paris Avenue. In April 1990, he joined ‘The New York Times,’ one of the leading American daily newspapers. My dad Eddie was a mail carrier who always wanted to operate his own restaurant, so he went to work with his aunt, who ran the place. Dean Baquet is an American journalist who is best known as the first black American to serve as the executive editor of the leading American daily ‘The New York Times.’ Born and raised in Louisiana, Dean graduated from the ‘St. At Robin's, Wayne Sr. noticed a cop he recognized at a nearby table listening in on his oral history. Since 2003, he has also been a board member of the ‘Committee to Protect Journalists.’. By the time Wayne Sr. was 21, he and his family had had enough of the "cubicle" and the low pay at Eddie's -- "I was working for food and rent" -- so he went out and got a job at Woolco, a division of F.W. Baquet is the first African-American in The New York Times’ top post. "Our first restaurant was in the '40s. Here is what you need to know about the Times’ new top editor. While he was investigating corrupt cops in New Orleans, to confirm an account of a police officer who drunkenly fired a gun in a bar, Baquet “spent a morning clawing through the bar’s plaster wall with his bare hands, looking for the bullet.” He found it and broke the story, according to the Los Angeles Times. Eddie Jr. and Sr. both died in the early '90s. When his older brother, Eddie Jr., lured him back to the family restaurant in 1976, Wayne brought with him a polished approach to business. Dean Baquet Wife & Dean Baquet Son. At the time, Baquet said the decision marked the end of his family's long and influential run operating New Orleans restaurants. His place was further cemented when he won the ‘Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Journalism’ in 1988, for his reports on the corruption scandal in the ‘Chicago City Council.’, Dean had conducted a 6-month investigation with fellow journalists Ann Marie and William Gaines. He was later promoted to the position of the special projects editor of the paper. Dean was taught good values by his parents ever since he was a teenager. Wayne Baquet was sitting at Robin's on Canal Street, washing back eggs and sausage with a cup of decaf and talking about his family's life in restaurants. Over the years, he worked as their Washington bureau chief, their national editor, and their assistant managing editor. He rose to division manager in a couple of years. 4.

"Seeing people really happy because you are operating a good operation," Baquet said as his son nodded in agreement. Twitter. It was the last restaurant standing after the original Eddie's and an offshoot at the Lake Forest Plaza shopping mall fell victim to the declining fortunes of their respective neighborhoods in the late '90s. Dean has been known for his bad temper tantrums. His brother, Terry Baquet, is an editor at The Times-Picayune and part of a team that won a Pulitzer for public service in 2006 for its coverage of Hurricane Katrina.


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