david sullivan shooting
Colon's body worn camera shows Sullivan veering away from him and up a driveway. When Colon and Tran asked him to get out of the car, he re-started it and drove backwards — smashing into a palm tree and another car that was driving by. After the incident, investigators found "an apparent suicide note in Sullivan's wallet" addressed to his family, according to the DA's report. Santa Ana, California — (Scroll Down For Video) — On Monday, August 19, 2019, early in the morning, David Patrick Sullivan (“Sullivan”) arrived at the Shell gas station where he worked. Both open fire this time. Miss Manners: What do I do if they show up at the funeral? A few seconds later, Garcia was shot dead. Mulholland, PCH, Arroyo Parkway: LA, What's Your Favorite Street To Drive And Why? Sullivan veered slightly to his right, took two (2) to three (3) more strides, and continued to angrily yell profanities at Officer Colon. Cummings faces two murder charges, and charges of attempted murder and shooting at an occupied dwelling. What you learn from watching these videos is how quickly and unexpectedly a law enforcement officer’s job can go from routine to life-or-death. I am scared of a...Read More. Within a few seconds, after Officer Tran had also fired, Sullivan fell to the ground. "Based on Officer Colon's training and experience," the DA's report said, "it is reasonable for him to conclude that suspects typically conceal weapons in their waistband and even though Officer Colon could not see a firearm, he reasonably believed Sullivan was going to pull one out of his waistband.". Modesto police identified Cummings as the suspect in the shooting and was aware of his “extensive criminal history,” Carroll said, that includes a homicide arrest in 2011, where four victims were shot. After the seventh shot, Ruffin fell face-down in the street, and Officer Pray then sent the radio call: “Shots fired!

Attorneys representing David Sullivan’s family accuse the two officers of shooting the man “in cold blood,” contending he was trying to escape and wasn’t posing a threat to anyone.

“Despite being wounded, he is seen on the video continuing to change direction and charge at police again. By the time paramedics arrived, Sullivan was deceased. >> Want to read more stories like this? Police officers cannot play judge, jury and executioner. It turns out the Range Rover he was driving had been stolen from the nearby gas station where he worked.

Deanna Sullivan, David’s mother, questioned why the officers didn’t try to, in her view, de-escalate the situation or use less-than-lethal weapons. Sullivan exited the Range Rover, yelled obscenities at the cops, and charged toward Officer Colon, who opened fire with his pistol.

The Modesto Police Department has released a video that includes body-camera footage from an officer involved shooting that took place last week in Stockton. Officer Pray fired the taser, but it didn’t halt Ruffin’s charge, and next the cop pulled his pistol, retreating as he yelled, “Step back! Sullivan told Officer Colon that he did not have a driver’s license and that the car belonged to his cousin. What had happened in the middle of South 15th Street was tragic and, in hindsight, perhaps avoidable. We have asked the Buena Park Police Department whether Colon and Tran were found to have acted within department policy, and whether they faced any discipline. According to the DA’s letter, Sullivan on the morning of Aug. 19, 2019 stole about $1,000 in cash and more than $1,000 in merchandise from a gas station he worked at, loaded the items into the back seat of a customer’s Range Rover, then drove off in the stolen vehicle. Sullivan abruptly stopped, turned around and began charging at Officers Colon and Tran a second time.

Modesto police shoot suspect sought in connection with double homicide near Stockton park, Your California Privacy Rights/Privacy Policy. ", Do We Need Police To Curb LA's Traffic Violence? The note closed with, `I truly love you all. No riots. Officer Pray got back in his patrol car and went in pursuit. “Unlike Cummings and other violent criminals, the Modesto Police Department values human life,” Carroll said.

Several hours later, officers Colon and Tran pulled the Range Rover over for an expired registration tag in the 500 block of North Gilbert Street in Fullerton. “We are here demanding justice,” said Christian Contreras, one of the attorneys representing Sullivan’s family. In high school, he played guitar, the drums, and clarinet in the marching band. He advanced toward Officer Meghan Lyall, obscenely threatening to kill her and ignoring her repeated commands to drop the knife — until she shot him. “Officer Pray’s actions were reasonable and unfortunately his use of deadly force was necessary,” Sheboygan County District Attorney Joel Urmanski wrote. "I think the officer was startled," said police use-of-force expert Ed Obayashi. “I can’t even talk right now, man. The law gives officers wide leeway to use deadly force. To make sure you get our coverage: Sign up for our daily newsletters. Our news is free on LAist. “Immediately after the shooting, life-saving measures were taken by the officers to ensure that Cummings could get to the hospital and eventually face the justice system for his crimes.”. "He just liked to try different things," Sullivan said. “We’re here today because Daniel Sullivan was murdered,” said attorney Humberto Guizar, who represents Sullivan’s family in a federal lawsuit, at a news conference outside of the county Hall of Administration. Nor did CNN pay any attention to the July 4 shooting of David Garcia in Phoenix. When fellow officers arrived, Officer Bryan Pray was emotionally distraught by what had happened. Sullivan then handed Officer Colon his California Identification Card. Season 5 Will Come Back Sooner Than You Think, Palo Alto: Council approves opening residents-only Foothills Park to all as part of lawsuit settlement, ‘NCIS’: We Asked Pancho Demmings What Happened to Gerald Jackson, Ducky’s First Assistant. Colon and Tran should have used Tasers or tackled Sullivan, said Henderson. Cummings, 27, remains hospitalized and is expected to survive. Some Cities Are Saving Lives Without Them. Sullivan then let out a loud scream and dropped to his knees as the officers yelled at Sullivan to “Get on the ground!” Witness John Doe #1, who was standing across the street and witnessed the incident, described Sullivan’s action: “He had full intention of doing some form of physical harm or damage to the officers by his attack.” Officer Tran requested paramedics respond to their location and both officers approached Sullivan and placed him in handcuffs. In June, DA Todd Spitzer declined to file charges against Officers Bobby Colon and Jennifer Tran over the killing of David Sullivan, saying in a … Unless you live in Southern California (or watched bodycam video of the incident on Police Activity’s YouTube channel), you never heard about the shooting of David Sullivan. As they investigated the scene, police noticed Garcia, 28, asleep in a car in the driveway of the home. Shots fired! Officer Colon activated his Body Worn Camera (“BWC”), exited the patrol car with an electronic ticket book in his right hand, and approached on the driver’s side of the Range Rover. "He loved his sister with all of his heart — they were so close.". He spotted Ruffin, pulled over on the opposite side of the street, parked the vehicle, stepped out and addressed the suspect: “How you doing, Ruffin? "It's very unusual to see a suspect run directly at an officer, not away.". Brian Binkley fired their weapons. Lots of people get shot by police without CNN ever mentioning their deaths. Spitzer's June decision not to file charges against the officers received almost no media attention; it came just as nationwide protests were erupting over the police killing of George Floyd. Sullivan was white. ", "They took my 19-year-old son who was just starting to live life," said Sullivan, who described David as a "quiet, gentle person.". She recalled trips to Catalina Island where they would camp and snorkel together. He had an older sister and brother.

", He added: "From the beginning they should have just tried to contain the situation, drop back in a position of cover and call for backup." About 100 miles south of Sheboygan, the town of Kenosha erupted in three nights of destructive riots after a police officer shot Jacob Blake, with powerful Democrats like Joe Biden declaring that Blake’s death demonstrates the power of “systemic racism” in America. After the shooting, he broke down in tears. Sullivan recalled how David loved music. The pain of her son's loss can be overwhelming, Sullivan said. California this year enacted a new law that raises the standard for when officers can use deadly force from "reasonable" to "necessary," but it's unclear whether it will result in the prosecution of more officers.


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