dark souls 3 moonlight greatsword build

It’s found on a corpse in Cathedral of the Deep near the graveyard by the Cleasning Chapel, making it a great early game weapon dealing 131 base damage. You may recognize this sword, as it's embedded into every single bonfire that you come across. What’s unusual for the Moonlight Greatsword is that it requires a high intelligence skill to wield which many greatsword strength-based builds typically don’t have.

Updated by Michael Connor Smith on March 27, 2020: Dark Souls is a series known not just for its punishing difficulty, but for its plethora of different weapon types to customize your gameplay experience to your heart's content. His only hope is there are other odd balls out there who are also attracted to the writhing things found in the digital void. It’s standard use as a melee weapon deals 69 base damage, but it also possesses a limited range attack that casts Moonlight Vortex in front of the player for 130 base magic damage. The greatsword class is one of the most iconic and popular choices among players, with high damage output, long range, and some striking designs. However, the one present in dark souls 3 is arguably the worst adaptation of the sword yet.. However, the Flamberge is best known for its bleed quality, just as it is in real life incarnations of the weapon. Out of all other bleed-focused weapons in Dark Souls 3, this has one of the higher damage outputs, but its slow and predictable nature keeps it from being truly dangerous. Which greatsword is best for your character is a combination of your preferred playstyle and the abilities of your build, but if you’re looking for a general overview of the best greatswords then these are ones you should really consider wielding.

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Spellsword Build - What do I need? You’ll need to craft it with the soul of the Blood of the Wolf. I LOVE fighting builds like yours, it's the full int version of mine. It also has great range and its skill Stance is very useful in a variety of circumstances. This is also a greatsword with one of the shorter ranges in the game, making it hard to land hits with and doesn't outclass any of its brethren. With a D in both strength and dexterity, a base damage of 158, and a standard greatsword moveset, it's a pretty average choice for a big sword. The sword has a 139 base damage and gets a 20% bonus to damage against Abyssal enemies which includes a number of bosses such as Aldrich, Devourer of Gods. After defeating the final boss of the main story of Dark Souls 3, his soul can be used to create the Firelink Greatsword. Its base damage is 126 and it can deal 83 fire damage when using Sacred Lothric Light or Flame Of Lorian. This is the longest greatsword in the game, and has scaling in every different area. Anyone willing to part ways with Wolf Greatsword ? The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. - Albert Einstein. This versatility is nice and makes it a strong sword, but it doesn’t stack up against others damage wise.

Found in Yhorm the Giant's arena, the Storm Ruler has the primary function of taking down the boss with its weapon art, but it lacks any kind of viable usage outside of the boss fight.


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