danton's death summary
He is portrayed as a man, at his ease, with innate hedonism, with respect for the recent successes of the Revolution but doubts as to its other objectives. Plot Summary. Danton's wife Julie, to whom he has pledged to be loyal beyond death, poisons herself at their home. Danton appears confidently before the tribunal, impressing the public with his willingness for justice to be done. Research for the play started in late 1834 and he completed a first version of the complete script in five weeks from mid January to mid February 1835. When Lucile Desmoulins sees her husband Camille mount the scaffold, she goes mad and resolves to die too, crying "Long live the king!" Danton's Death (Dantons Tod) was the first play written by Georg Büchner, set during the French Revolution. The play follows the story of Georges Danton, a leader of the French Revolution, during the lull between the first and second terrors.


9–12): You want bread and he throws out heads. In scene 2, two men discuss how the jury that will... (The entire section contains 1708 words.). He was present, however, on January 15, 1793, and voted for death without reprieve. For a long time no theatre would dare put on the play and did not receive its premiere until 1902 – long after Büchner's death. Danton's Death - Plot Summary. They were opposed to the Romantics and against the restoration of the old order from prior to the Napoleonic Wars. Whilst working on it Büchner always feared arrest. Ultimately he followed Danton to the guillotine. The atmosphere around Danton is marked by wine, gaming and easy women. Frühlings-Zeitung für Deutschland and a book-version in Johann David Sauerländer's Phönix-Verlag, including both the original and Duller's version and giving them the subtitle Dramatic Scenes from France's reign of terror to appease the censor. Other revolutionaries describe Robespierre's policy as that of a terrorist. They created a trend-poetry and time-poetry – in other words, poetry that dealt with problems of the time and with a commitment to liberal political ideas. Even he is not always virtuous, as is already visible at the start of the play in his conversation with Danton. This detailed literature summary also contains Topics for Discussion on Dantons Tod. How do their perspectives differ from those of their husbands? Danton confides the guilt he feels for the September Massacres in his wife Julie. The people show themselves to be curious and ironic on Danton's way to the scaffold. Within months he knew this power was a terrible mistake and fought to have it ended. Georges Danton created the office of the Revolutionary Tribunal as a strong arm for the Revolutionary Government. The same year saw a version published by Karl Gutzkow in the Literatur-Blatt of Eduard Duller's Phönix.

Why does Danton's Death end with Julie and Lucille? What is the role of... How Georg Buchner's Danton's Death stage the opposition between Danton and Robespierre?

Suddenly, Lacroix bursts in to discuss what he believes about Robespierre's intentions. During this time the revolutionary tribunal arranges for its jury to be made up of honest and faithful men. as . This is demonstrated in the first scene of the play, where Danton and his wife, Julie, play cards with a group of acquaintances and friends. However, Robespierre and Saint-Just reverse its opinion. Other writers of this trend and period were Heinrich Heine (author of Deutschland. The next scene describes the militia members who invade Danton's house in the middle of the night. Within months he knew this power was a terrible mistake and fought to have it ended. He even takes his premature death as inevitable, with a death wish: Life is evidently a burden to me, please take it away from me, I long to be there to take it off (S. 60, Z. Witnesses describe Danton as dying bravely comforting other innocents executed with him. Danton's friends press him to fight or flee Robespierre's supporters, but Danton does not see any need to do so and does not believe that the French National Convention will dare to act against him. The prisoners discuss the existence of God and life, and an attempt to prove that God does not exist fails.


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