dams in maine

At least three.

A dam on one branch that’s been idle for 10 years is now up and running again, producing 30,000 megawatts of electricity. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Dams in Maine. And since the 1980s, environmental groups have focused on blocking new dam construction and removing existing dams. But a couple years from now - that’s just a few fish generations away - the Penobscot expect to be able to fish in the river as their ancestors once did. MoJo Maines Princess Winter (Retiring Spring 2020) ColorofCats Willow of MoJo Maines (Retiring Spring 2020) MoJo Maines Miriya Parina. At the junction of Maine Routes 23, 43 and 152, the village lies at the southwestern tip of Indian Pond. Innovating to make the world a better, more sustainable place to live. Telephone: 1-617-287-4121

The National Inventory of Dams defines any "major dam" as being 50 feet (15 m) tall with a storage capacity of at least 5,000 acre feet (6,200,000 m 3), or of any height with a storage capacity of … Boston, MA, USA 02199 But the small factories and mills are long gone, and soon, so will two old dams along the Penobscot River in central Maine. He says the river now is as clean as it’s been in his lifetime, and he’s looking forward to the day the dams finally come down.

The three and one-half mile Pond (sometimes called Indian Lake, or Big Indian Lake) is maintained by a dam at the park in the main village. SIMPSON: That’ll be good to get rid of that one.

156 jurisdictional dams by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), 85 on or impacting the Salmon Falls River on the ME-NH border by the NH-DES Dam Bureau and NH FERC, 2 dams, Woodland and Grand Falls, located on the Canadian border by the International Joint Commission (IJC) on dams and Maine Dam Safety Program. Please donate now to preserve an independent environmental voice. As the floor rises below, us three dark shapes take form. Augusta, Maine 04333, 800-452-8735 (toll-free, in-state only) The fish that find it can continue upstream. BASCOMB: Today, the Penobscot is less fish highway and more like a residential street full of speed bumps and potholes. Laura Rose Day, executive director of the Penobscot River Restoration Trust, says it was an unusual gathering of groups with seemingly conflicting interests.

There are 1,134 dams on the Departments database of which 808 meet the definition of a dam qualifying them for regulation, apportioned as follows: Current statistics may vary from these published figures slightly at any given time, as a result of recent reevaluations and inspections. BANKS: If you go down, downstate to the Belfast area, there’s a river called the Passagassawakeag which comes from a Penobscot word that refers to a place where you could spear sturgeon at night by torchlight.

DAY: Salmon get a lot of focus; they’re, you know, sort of the sexy fish. Despite the dams, it’s still home to the largest remaining Atlantic salmon run in the country.

(Photo: Bobby Bascomb). Indian Island in the center of this map is home to the Penobscot Nation Reservation.

His organization has pushed for dam removal for decades, and salmon have become the poster species for Penobscot River restoration.

SIMPSON: Those are Atlantic salmon, yeah.

So the main stem of the river will be opened up; it will basically be the fish highway. Major dams are linked below. As Living On Earth's Bobby Bascomb reports, thanks to an unusual coalition, the dam removal project will serve the needs of fish and a power company far into the future. He says practically every tributary and bend in the river bears a Penobscot name. BASCOMB: Some of the fish caught here are sent to a hatchery where biologists harvest the eggs and raise baby salmon to release upstream.

The State of Rivers and Dams in Maine is the second chapter in The State of Maine’s Environment 2009, a report produced by the Environmental Policy Group in the Environmental Studies Program at Colby College in Waterville, Maine. Banks, the natural resources director for the Penobscot Nation, heads towards a favorite calm spot on the water. It’s the largest river in the state.

207-624-4400. The principal grant is the National Dam Safety Program (NDSP) grant administered by FEMA.

Most of the dams were built around the turn of the 20th century to power the Industrial Revolution. The Maine Dam Safety program facilitates Emergency Action Planning with owners of all high and significant hazard dams in Maine, inspects State-regulated dams for both hazard and condition, and recommends action on inspection findings. Contribute to Living on Earth and receive, as our gift to you, an archival print of one of Mark Seth Lender's extraordinary wildlife photographs. Each spring, the first fisherman to catch a salmon sent that fish to the President of the United States. GELLERMAN: Over the past decade, more than 500 dams have been removed in the United States, the majority in the Northeast. Current Dams: Visit their page for more information. Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Helping Clients, Customers, and Employees, Conference: Maine Partners in Emergency Preparedness, Environmental Planning and Historical Properties, Maine Information and Analysis Center (MIAC), Inspect existing dams and reservoirs to determine their hazard potential, Review the design and construction of new and reconstructed dams, Assist dam owners develop emergency action plans (EAP’s) to minimize the effect of dam failure.

Only anywhere from three to five percent of the fish that come back to the Penobscot are wild - what we call wild. And for salmon likewise, it will be a huge increase from about the 2,000 that we see right now, to as many as 12,000 or more fish coming up and down the river every year.

DAY: The reality is that the 100s of millions of river herring that will rebound in the Penobscot River are equally important, because for instance, when a young salmon migrates down, one of their biggest ways to avoid being eaten is to travel down with all of these millions of herring, and if you’re the only fish coming down the river, well, the cormorant is going to have you for lunch. The Great Works will be the first dam to come out next summer. Follow the link to see Mark's current collection of photographs. I met Mitch Simpson at the dam on a cool morning.


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