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Zamora reflects on the current social and political climate, noting how relevant and timely her production is to San Antonio and the tumultuous social justice battles Latin American and Hispanic communities have faced in the United States as of late.

They all requested that their coffins be opened in three days but it was never done. Secret Beaches Ashtabula Ohio. “It’s different for the audience, but it’s also different for the actor on stage,” said Teatro Audaz’s executive artistic director and co-founder, Laura Garza. Patricia Zamora, the writer behind Curanderas & Chocolate, brings to life the rejuvenating story of faith, spiritual and emotional healing through ten different characters, all played by Zamora herself. The curandero was able to use a combination of medicinal plants, rituals, and prayers along with some Native American beliefs in treating a number of medical needs involving the mind, body, and spirit in a holistic manner.

Teresita died in 1906 at the age of 33. Curanderos were especially popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s when people, especially in South Texas, were poor, modern medicine was evolving and there were few religious leaders. Curanderas & Chocolate shows to be a promising labor of love — one that encapsulates the journey that curanderas all around Mexican and Hispanic cultures take in order to bring healing to each home. They blended Old World and Native American medicinal plants and belief systems to secure their place in the new world including what is now Texas and the Southwest. “When I say inclusivity, I also mean uniting people,” said Garza. The holistic approach to healing covered the lack of medical doctors, ministers/priests, and no counselors/psychologists and the curandero would assume all of these roles. Patricia Zamora takes the virtual stage on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2020 for her one-woman production of Curanderas & Chocolate.

Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. “Now, with everything that is happening, the unrest, there is one specific monologue and scene in my show that I had addressed racism and segregation. “When [Curanderas & Chocolate]  ran at The Guadalupe, the political climate wasn’t great, but there weren’t as many peaceful protests, there weren’t riots — I feel that this pandemic has really blown the top off any systemic issues, specifically systemic racism, as it has been allowed to permeate — police departments, governments, universities, any institution,” Zamora said. Patricia Zamora, the writer behind Curanderas & Chocolate, brings to life the rejuvenating story of faith, spiritual and emotional healing through ten different characters, all played by Zamora herself. ©2020 The San Antonio Sentinel. Throughout the early late 1800s and early 1900s there were three curanderos(as) whom I call Los Tres Grandes (The Three Great Ones) who met the medical needs of the people of that era. It just blows my mind that we are here now, in this political climate, and it’s relevant.”.

Zamora, through her passionate portrayal of each individual character and monologue, showcases the memories that a person brought up by any Hispanic or Latino household can look back on.

It spoke to me, it spoke to my childhood, it brought me back to those moments — and I felt that if it can do that for me, it can do that for any audience member, regardless of the language.”. Although the pandemic has hindered the efforts to continue carrying a show in the traditional way — that is, in person with a live audience — it has also highlighted the importance of maintaining and highlighting diverse voices in Latin American communities, especially now. Curandera San Antonio Espiritual limpieza brujeria limpieza CURANDERA KATRINA San Antonio Katrina will not ask you why you came.

All three of these curanderos are considered folk saints who are saints of the people and not recognized nor canonized by the church.

It’s a bigger challenge on the actor, for sure, and it’s a challenge that Patricia is living up to, times ten. Previously he was Vice President for Student Affairs and a professor at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. When they bring up those memories, emotions will surface,” Zamora said.

(Photo by B. Kay Richter). All three were from Mexico but had an influence in the United States, especially Texas. "My tia was a curandera, my grandmother was a curandera, my cousin was a curandera!’ — this was the avenue to speak about it, and, quite surprisingly to me, it is a common thread, and it really just validated my own experiences, and really strengthened this desire for me to share the stories because of that commonality,” Zamora said. “When I wrote the show and it first made its world premiere, I didn’t know the impact it would have on people,” Zamora said. Go ahead, go ahead and feel those feelings — that’s what theatre is. “[Laura] gets emotional whenever she gives me notes on this one specific monologue, and I tell her that it’s okay. With a stage so unique and with a mission to amplify and showcase the voice of Mexican and Latin American communities, the pandemic has taken a toll on one of the biggest things cast members feed off of while on stage: a live audience. Email her at “When I met with Patricia, yes, we did have that same passion and drive,” said Garza.

I realized after that run at The Overtime how important these stories were.”. As a child, pregnant women came to me asking to read their energy and determine the gender of their baby. Article By: Valeria Torrealba - Staff Intern - San Antonio Sentinel. El Niño cured Mexican President Plutarco Elias Calles and his daughter of a terrible illness and became famous after the story was reported in the newspapers. His shrine and chapel near Falfurrias off U.S. Highway 281 is still visited by hundreds weekly. The show is set to premiere on a livestream on September 30, streaming again on October 2, 3, 7, 9 and 10.

Night Clubs In Mesa Az. All three were believed to be clairvoyant and possessed the power of prophecy. She apprenticed under an older curandera by the name of Huila and learned the powers of hypnosis and prophecy. Bisbee Breakfast Club Bisbee Az.

Looking for a specific article? Patricia Zamora on stage during her one-woman show.

When she was 19, she was exiled by 500 armed men from Mexico by President Porfirio Diaz who referred to her as a “dangerous agitator.”  Teresita fled to Nogales, Arizona, and then moved to El Paso, where she healed about 200 patients daily.

Tires In Flagstaff Az. © 2020 Georgia Bariatrics Columbus Georgia .

She apprenticed under an older curandera by the name of Huila and learned the powers of hypnosis and prophecy. Zamora, the headlining actress in this intricate production, has poured her heart and energy into maintaining the story line and transforming the production into something relatable, touching the spirit of those who share the childhood bond of growing up in a Latino household. “I read [Curanderas & Chocolate]  and said ‘yeah, this is a good show,’ and I really connected with it.

All rights reserved. El Nino prescribed laughter saying that people may not be as sick as they think they are and would often say, “here, let’s have a laugh and dance and you’ll feel better.”  He is honored during two annual celebrations in the small community of Espinazo, Nuevo, Leon, a few miles from Monterrey, Mexico.

And that’s the beauty of theater — we connect people through the healing power of our stories, our cuentos. Teatro Audaz San Antonio now finds itself in a predicament amidst the safety guidelines established during the pandemic. The growing number of Fidencistas in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas even established the Fidencista Christian Church in the early 1990s.

They would tell me stories from their life and tell me which monologue resonated with them — the feedback informs my writing and the changes I may make in the stories.

The feminine luna energy found their way to me then, and has since guided her practice. Severiano would answer many of Don Pedrito’s letters and the U.S. Post Office investigated Pedrito because there were more stamps leaving Los Olmos than the Post Office had sold. His cures were simple, free, remedies such as water, baths, and mud—perfect for those who were impoverished and couldn’t afford the cost of medication. Variedades El Salvador Houston Tx. Legend says that during this time, Pedrito was selected by the State of Texas to distribute food and he fed hundreds of people in need.

There are many interesting stories about Don Pedrito such as adopting a son named Severiano Barrera who was rumored to have been given to Jaramillo as a token of appreciation from a couple he healed.

“We wish and want to serve all of those communities that are underserved by the arts, and we feel that for us, obviously, the Latinx community is first and foremost in our minds because that’s our families and the people that we know. “It’s very much in the limelight right now, diversity and inclusivity,” said Garza.

Growing up uninsured in the rural Mexican American South Texas neighborhood of Taft (outside of Corpus Christi) we didn’t always have money for our medical care. They soon discovered that this popular curandero had a barrel full of stamps and self-addressed envelopes from people who had written to him. Teresita Urrea was born in Mexico in 1873, the illegitimate daughter of a 14-year-old Indian peasant and a wealthy aristocratic rancher, Don Tomas Urrea. South Texas experienced a terrible drought in 1893 that lasted a few years.

They were Don Pedrito Jaramillo (1829-1907), Niño Fidencio (1898-1938), and Teresita Urrea (1873-1906). I began practicing my path with our traditional medicine of curanderismo at age 7. And the stories continue to remain important. curandera san antonio curandera san antonio curandera san antonio . Dr. Eliseo "Cheo" Torres is Vice President for Student Affairs and a member of the Department of Language, Literacy and Sociocultural Studies faculty at the University of New Mexico.

He died in 1938 and his followers are still active especially in Northern Mexico, and South Texas from the Rio Grande Valley to San Antonio. He is often linked to the life of Jesus Christ since he had disciples, performed cures, wore a tunic and walked barefoot. Rehearsing and working through the pandemic has not stopped Zamora from stirring the emotions of her audience, however.”. Foster Realty Kinston North Carolina. Now we don’t have that, because we can’t see the people behind the screen. We find those commonalities, we find those things that we relate to within one another. And, if I can bring this to a stage, where people who maybe are not Latinx, or Hispanic, or Mexican or of Chicano descent and they see it, and they relate to those characters — they have an uncle, or a tia, or a chismosa in their family — maybe they don’t speak that language, but we still have those same relationships. Despite that, the belief in Curanderismo and a form of traditional medicine is alive and well in Texas, the Southwest and throughout the world. She has a following in the El Paso area and a few in South Texas who know her as a saint but may not be familiar with her story. Don Pedrito Jaramillo — called the “Healer of Los Olmos” or the Elms, a ranch outside of Falfurrias — had the greatest influence in South Texas and was one of the most powerful men in Texas during his lifetime.

Enter “Curanderismo” — the practice that dates back to the arrival of the Spaniards to the New World in 1519. These monologues and these stories will resonate with different people in different ways, but they will resonate. September 30, 2020 - San Antonio. Search our site here. 2 talking about this. He lectures on the history, herbal remedies, and rituals of Curanderismo.

She comes up to this — that energy level, every single night in rehearsal, I really think that those audiences will be able to feel her presence.”.


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