cramp twins theory
When twin psychologist, Miss Monkfish, comes to Soap City to prove her theory that all twins are alike, Mr. Winkle volunteers the Cramps. Big Baby: The boys' unnamed female cousin. Lucien discovers Tony's job as a plumber. Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. Pony!" Sie haben eine putzsüchtige Mutter und einen Western-interessierten Vater. Wayne gets a new cereal, which causes him to be hyper. Auf Deutsch erschienen drei DVDs. Lucian needs to go to the bathroom but Wayne is hogging it. Wayne and Lucien's personalities clash, and they rarely get along. Tony puts a swamp curse on Wendy and Wayne, making everyone in town afraid of him. Het werd sinds september 2001 uitgezonden op de Britse Cartoon Network. Wayne reawakens his brotherly bond with Lucien after finding his long lost owl doll. Lucien wants to help Randall lose weight, while Wayne wants to get fat so that Wendy won't like him anymore. De moeder van de tweeling heeft smetvrees en is dan ook constant aan het schoonmaken. Soap City becomes infested with a swamp plant called Lobster Grass. [13] Although the series ended, reruns continued to air on CBBC and Cartoon Network for a few years afterwards. She doesn't seem to be able to communicate. He appears to be allergic to tulip petals as seen when he breaks out in a rash on his torso in school. The Cramp Twins Theory Everything is in Lucien's head as he goes through foster care. Wendy is extremely demanding of anything that can be attained by her parents' wealth, and is a tyrant feared by many due to her power. Wayne Cramp(voiced by Tom Kenny) is the younger of the twins, but he is taller than Lucien. The Winkles leave Wayne in charge of their animals while they are away, but all Wayne wants to do is watch their giant television.

Walter Winkle: (voiced by Colin Murdock) Mr Cramp's boss and Wendy's father. Die Cramp Twins ist eine von Brian Wood erfundene US-amerikanisch-britische Zeichentrickserie. Mrs Cramp becomes obsessed with testing out her new cleaning product on her own family. Diese Seite wurde zuletzt am 8. He is also the bully of their class and feared by most kids. Two seasons of The Cramp Twins were made altogether. Mittlerweile läuft die Sendung auf ihrem Muttersender Cartoon Network, und zwar einmal wöchentlich mit 2 hintereinander ausgestrahlten Folgen. He has neat, black hair, and always wears a black suit, a white shirt, and a black tie. Wayne gets addicted to a new candy called Fizz Bombers. The reason why he doesn't disapprove of his daughter's toxic influence over him is often regarded as a desire for her not to hate him which could result in a falling out that will guarantee his loneliness, which is why he frequently asks for other people to solve his problems regarding her. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Dirty Joe has a new girlfriend and Lucien becomes lovestruck after Mari agrees to go out with him. The Cramps are invited to Wendy's birthday party. The Cramp Twins premiered in the United Kingdom on September 3, 2001 on Cartoon Network, and on September 10, 2001 on BBC One during the CBBC programming block, later airing on the CBBC channel itself in February of 2002. Silence Please: The twins set up traps for each other just as Mrs Cramp organises an important meeting. Mrs. Cramp starts using medicinal swamp mud from Lucian. When twin psychologist, Miss Monkfish, comes to Soap City to prove her theory that all twins are alike, Mr. Winkle volunteers the Cramps. Wendy injures Wayne so she can nurse him back to health at her house. When Wendy hears about Lucien's new tree house, she sets one up next to Wayne's room. Mrs Cramp is going away for a while and Miss Hissy volunteers to be their "new mommy". Wayne goes up against a wrestler at a carnival to win prize money, while Tony is afraid of being kidnapped by the owner for his freak show. Cartoon about brothers 2 twins Wayne and Lucien. She behaves more or less like her husband, but ignores/denies the fact they're related to Swamp People. Hilary Hissy / The Cramp Twins is a British-American animated series created by cartoonist Brian Wood for Cartoon Network. The Cramps go to the Mount Fujimora Spa for a day. The show achieved high popularity with children in the UK, pulling in 1.5 million viewers a week on CBBC and becoming the top-rated weekend series on Cartoon Network during its initial broadcast. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. While Lucien tries to expose his bad behaviour, Wayne becomes famous on the internet as the anonymous "Trike Dude". The Cramp boys all have a room inspection. He owns the city's soap-producing factory. Wayne oragnises a trike rally, but a couple of bikers come around to get a new tyre from him. Wayne has a friend called Dirty Joe (Lee Tockar), who owns a dump, and neighbour Wendy Winkle (Jayne Peterson) has a crush on him, but he hates her. Lucien's friends include environment-friendly Tony Parsons (Terry Klassen, who also plays Tony's dad, Seth) and Mari Phelps (Tabitha St. Germain). The Cramps go to the Has Kem Country and Western Barbecue. De serie werd hier herhaald tot en met 2010. [5] The show was produced by Sunbow Entertainment (Season 1), Telemagination (Season 2) and TV-Loonland AG, in association with Cartoon Network Europe. In order to sell off some old products, Mr Winkle gets all the kids infected with headlice. The Cramp Twins (2001-2006) is an animated series created by cartoonist Brian Wood. Sie wurde in Zusammenarbeit mit Cartoon Network Europe produziert und handelt von den Zwillingen Julien und Wayne Cramp, die sich kein bisschen ähneln. - When Wendy Winkle invites everyone in Soap City ... View production, box office, & company info. Lucien becomes haunted after watching a cricket get hit by a car, and Wayne decides to feed his fear. Mr Cramp's cowboy shed collapses and tries to find a new hobby. A woman named Beady is very interested in Mrs Cramp's blinding white laundry and tries to get the secret to it through Mr Cramp. She first appeared in the episode "Big Baby." Wayne gets some fake tattoos from Hideous Dave., Lucien gets jealous because everyone can use the. A woman comes to analyze the twins to prove her theory that all twins are similar, identical or not. When the parents aren't around, she jumps on Wayne and Lucien's backs and yells, "Pony! In North America, the series was licensed by 4Kids Entertainment, and began airing in the United States on February 8, 2003 on Fox during the FoxBox (later known as 4Kids TV) Saturday morning block. Wayne tries to become a lion tamer for show-and-tell. After a while Lucien begins imagine what it would be like to have a loving and normal family. Lucien finds a monkey on a school trip to the soap factory and takes it home. In the United States, season 1 aired as two separate seasons, and did not get broadcast until long after it had aired in its home country.


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