coventry gray vs stonington gray

Stonington Gray (BM HC-170) is a beautiful medium gray with cool, blue undertones.

It too has a lot of blue undertones as well, but is lighter than Stonington Gray (as you can see above.)

However, I have seen it look considerably warm in a southern-facing room (almost as warm as Agreeable Gray) and I’ve seen it look quite blue in north facing rooms. I do recommend testing the paint on your walls. Wife in Progress’s Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, (Benjamin Moore Owl Gray by DIY Playbook).

Stonington Gray is a great choice if you are looking for a medium-toned, modern gray paint color. I love them both for different reasons. ~Page. Gray paint has a funny way of turning bluish, greenish, or brownish–gray paints can have so many different undertones. Light, bright and fresh. I need an expert’s guidance! Gray Owl is pretty similar to Wickham Gray and it too is a blue-green gray.

Benjamin Moore Gray Owl is another fabulous light gray paint color.

Some colors that I thought I would love, just didn’t work, while others caught my eye unexpectedly. It has a more “greige” tint to it than other’s and reads warmer because of the amount of beige in it. I love this post. I adore how the softer brights in this case, the numerous shades of apricot come to light in the reflective sheen of gray walls.

I want to duplicate it in my new house. The beige undertones of pink, yellow, green, gold, orange and taupe along with the best greens and blues.

I do this all the time! There you go! Professional design services are just a click away. With an LRV of 65 so it’s considerably brighter than Stonington Gray, and will reflect more light back into a room. This will help you see what it really looks like. They have access to all the color codes in their computers and can color match to their own brand of paints.

If you’re still on the fence, then read more about Gray Owl for a lighter, fresher gray. Thank you, Hi Jenny, what is a good gray for a new construction, open floor plan, white perimeter cabinets, island is dark iron gray with some blue undertones. I can see why Revere Pewter is so popular. Stonington Gray is a great choice if you want more contrast and a slightly darker gray in a room.

Both Stonington Gray and Gray Owl are very popular gray paint colors from Benjamin Moore, but they differ in a few important ways.

I have Ashley Gray in my bedroom (which is in the basement of our home) and love the warmth the color provides. You can see how nice and beige it reads in the photo below in Young House Love’s master bedroom.

It has a bit more blue in it than the other’s, which is why I have shied away from it.

Please let us know in the comments below! They’re both FREE! Gray, Grey OWl, Harbor Gray and SW’s Passive. It reads here yellow and green. Thank you! Thank you for cutting my research down by 50% and BIGGEST Thanks for putting my mind at ease. I went to a model home and took alot of pictures of the decor and it was in all these gray colours with white furnishings. Whitestone has the ability to change colors in different lights and looks great in every case.

–>>>PSSST! I was thinking Dunn Edwards Miner’s Dust but the sample on my wall looks purple. I used stonington grey in my NE facing condo….it seems to me to look more green. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies.

If you still aren’t sure, take 4 pieces of white paper and tape them to the wall around a square of the paint color.

I don’t think you can go wrong with it!

With a fresh white wall to compliment (suggestions please!). Our guest room is south facing and has a lot of light furnishings. This gray is much more blue than a lot of the other ones. My walls are a warm golden color since we have live in a dark track home (our second story is the same level as our neighbor’s back yard behind us). Learn how your comment data is processed. Benjamin Moore’s Barren Plain covers every wall in our two story in Jacksonville, FL. I wish someone had told me this before I painted. It’s light enough not to feel closed in, it’s got an absolutely gorgeous hue, and it’s ever changing in different lights. Thank you for your post, I went with edgecomb gray on 2800 sq ft of interior open concept. What colour is used for the transitional hall?

We used it again in the master bath at the Farmhouse. Since I live in the Seattle area I am curious as to why there is no comment on the color “Seattle Gray” or did I miss something? Trust your judgement! Join me as I walk you through 15 Modules on what you need to know to choose exterior colour like a pro!

Would it make my house look smaller? What's your palette?

I have narrowed down my living room/entry color to a choice between Balboa Mist (BM), Agreeable Gray (SW) and Gossamer Veil (SW). It amazes how it changes in intensity as the day moves on in our house which is constantly sun-filled.

I saw your post about painting your kitchen cabinets the Urbane Bronze, and wondered what you ended up doing with the walls.

As a result, Coventry Gray is classified as near neutral. I’m a big proponent of putting sample colors all over the room that you’re going to paint so that you can get a look at them at different times of the day. It has a lot more beige in it than Sherwin-Williams Requisite Gray. Hey There Home used Sherwin-Williams Requisite Gray in her beautiful living room above. Just enough gray to give some contrast against the white trim, giving a hint of color and warmth. Thus the need for lots of paint samples when I paint rooms in my home. I just tried the Edgecomb Gray in my light filled master bedroom and while it is a pretty color, it doesn’t read Gray at all! Same client entry, but the opposite side.

Get my go-to list of Classic and Timeless Neutral Paint Colours (including white) AND 12 Ways to Create a Colour Scheme if you need to paint right now. What questions should you ask to better understand your interior design clients' needs & their wish list for their project? So lovely.

At first I was worried it had too much purple in it. If you are looking for a modern, medium-toned gray that’s a little on the cooler side then Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray is for you.

There are subtle undertones of blue, green, and even sometimes violet in this versatile color. Stonington Gray vs Gray Owl. It isn’t too bluish or too beige! We wanted something similar to Classic Gray but something with a little more drama, so we went with Balboa Mist (see the graphic below comparing the two.). The colors that reflect nature deepen the connection like this room. Can you tell me what color would look nice in my entryway if my living room is gray owl? Any suggestions. We used in our old apartment’s itty bitty kitchen and on our current house’s kitchen island. I have no problem choosing for my clients???!! So, if you want to use Stonington Gray all you have to do is go to the Sherwin Williams store and ask them to mix up Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray for you.

See how lovely Wickham Gray looks in Nina Hendrick’s gray bathroom below. Such a timeless classic.

You are such an amazing inspiration , Woohoo! I love to use light grays paint colors throughout our house to give it a spacious airy feeling, and then layer in colorful pieces on top. I only wish I knew about them and made the under $10 purchase before!

How to know how dark to go or which room to paint which gray in? Do you have any of them in your home? It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. Required fields are marked *. or is something else going on. It’s beautiful in bright morning sunlight or at night with just the bedside light on. You wouldn’t think this is actually a gray from the name, but Whitestone is a beautiful gray paint with a blue undertone.

You can see how it is a lovely medium gray paint color.

LOVED this blog as I am so loving gray right now.

It has an LRV of 59, meaning it’s not a super bright color but it’s still light enough.

How to style a #bookshelf fo, My 12th year #blogiversary #giveaway of a set of m, Happy Blogiversary to me

This bedroom by Catherine Dolen & Associates shows how Urbane Bronze can be used to create a clean, yet classic look. It is a gray that you can’t go wrong with. See more of my clients custom living and dining room in my portfolio here. If you want a warm deep gray color for your room, that adds drama and depth–paint it Benjamin Moore’s Chelsea Gray!

Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray is another classic gray paint color. It’s also a wonderful way to add drama to any interior design space. Agreeable Gray Sherwin-Williams looks in her foyer below. Ask Maria: What if I Don’t Like the Grey Flooring That’s Everywhere? We’ve had lots of compliments. Sumas, WA, 98295. Coventry Gray belongs to the Green-Yellow hue family. Does it have a green undertone or is it just me? Thank you so much. Benjamin Moore’s Stonington Gray is another classic gray paint color.

“One of my most adored grays is HC-169 Coventry Gray. Do you live in my area and want help choosing the right paint colours for your home? Sometimes you don’t want just gray, you want something with a touch of color, and Wickham Gray by Benjamin Moore gives us just that. Remember, the undertone that comes out and is more predominant is going to greatly depend upon the lighting that you have in your space & other decorative accessories you pair with it.

I'd like to receive the free email course. I put this color on posterboard and, now, on my white primed walls. I’m thinking of something darker perhaps the urban bronze any thoughts ? interesting to see too how well the small touches of color (yellow pillows, pink flowers…) show up so dramatically. Thanks Maria!

I am in process of painting 1500 sq feet of living space. lu luv luv gray, the darker the better.

Join over 30,000 people who get fresh content from Colour Me Happy every week! We’ve asked several designers, bloggers and DIYers to tell us what their favorite gray is and why.

Lovely gray rooms. L7R 3R6.

Hi Nancy, I did an entire Color Spotlight at The Creativity Exchange on this color, I love it so much. My Color Inspiration Pinterest board certainly supports my theory – I just can’t get enough! It goes very well with the California Gold multi-colored slate in one of the other rooms actually…so it has a real earthy natural grey tone.

Remember, it can flash quite blue in rooms with cooler light, so be sure to test it before committing.


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