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Tri-Star produced more series in 1987, Take Five, Nothing in Common, My Two Dads, Werewolf, and Buck James. Although the said show was last seen on The Hub (now Discovery Family), the CTT logo was replaced by the SPT logo there. (on the 1990 King World logo) Distributed by King World. Logo: On a solid blue background, we see two boxes, the left one contains the Columbia Torch Lady ('90s version), and the right one contains the TriStar Pegasus (again, '90s version over Columbia cloud background). Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat.

(Used on Days of Our Lives) •2001-2002: Copyright ©[YEAR] CORDAY PRODUCTIONS, INC. All Rights Reserved. All Rights Reserved. [2] On February 21, 1994, TriStar Television merged with Columbia Pictures Television and formed Columbia TriStar Television (CTT). and Wheel of Fortune over a decade ago, this logo was plastered by the 1997 CTT logo and keeping the voice-overs from the '94-'95 and '95-'96 seasons intact. Sony Pictures Television operates dozens of wholly-owned or joint-venture production companies around the world. Some may still have bad memories with the 1988 CPT logo and fanfare. The first filmed version appeared on some TV movies like Rag & Bone, Into Thin Air: Death on Everest, and Double Platinum, and is preserved on the DVD releases of the latter TV movies. On June 22, 1982, The Coca-Cola Company bought Columbia Pictures for $750 million. It was created in 1993 by renaming Columbia Pictures International Television. Scare Factor: Depending on the logo variant: Copyright Stamps: Here is some information about the copyright stamps on the CTT series and TV movies: [29] On January 1, 2001, Columbia Pictures Television was folded into Columbia TriStar Television. However, some shows produced by CTT such as Cupid used the 1993 TriStar Television theme as well.

The logo would sometimes fade-out instead of disappearing. Also on the same year on August 28, CPT acquired Danny Arnold's Four D Productions, Inc. for $50 million. This even happened on reruns of game shows where this situation was not needed, such as the 1976 network version of Break The Bank, and on a rerun of The $25,000 Pyramid finale on New Year's Eve 1999, as there was no voice over in the end. •On widescreen international versions of some programs such as the season 2 of The King of Queens and seasons 3-5 of Dawson's Creek on French airings, there is a widescreen version of the CTT and the CTDT logo. The show was a sequel to the 1970s ABC sitcom What's Happening!!. The company gained the rights to such shows as All in the Family, Sanford and Son, The Jeffersons, Good Times, Maude, Diff'rent Strokes, Archie Bunker's Place, The Facts of Life, One Day at a Time, Who's the Boss?, and Silver Spoons, among others.

The enhanced variant of CTTD is ultra rare as most shows using kept using the standard variant until CTDT took over in 2001. [1], CPT would continue on under Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE), but TriStar Television was reestablished in October 1991 after CPT acquired some of the library of New World Television.

It can also be found on Australian airings of The King of Queens on Channel Eleven. The sales division handled series by TriStar Television and Merv Griffin Enterprises; as well as off-net series by Castle Rock Entertainment, HBO Independent Productions, and Brillstein-Grey Entertainment.

Availability: Actually quite rare., then produced by Columbia Pictures Television in January 1988, produced by New World Television from 1990-1991, produced in association with CBS Productions, Columbia TriStar Television from 1999-2000. Logo: It's almost the same as the second 1995 Columbia TriStar Home Video logo, except "TELEVISION DISTRIBUTION/DOMESTIC TELEVISION" replaces "HOME VIDEO" and the Sony byline is intact. The new studio first entered production after dismantling and folding Merv Griffin Enterprises on June 4, by producing Jeopardy! Columbia TriStar Television was launched on February 21, 1994, as a merger between Columbia Pictures Television and TriStar Television under the leadership of Jon Feltheimer, who was president of TriStar Television from 1991 to 1994 and New World Television until 1991.

[5] A year later, Columbia (which Time-Life Television became a part of his sisters television company) joined with HBO and CBS to form TriStar Pictures.

•On DVD prints of the Get a Life episode "Married", the logo gets glitched up, causing the logo to look like it's from an old VHS tape, presumably due to an image glitch on the master tape (à la The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 episode "Dadzilla"). The first version was where the logo is up close and looks like the boxes are almost touching the screen. However, it was also used on the "DOMESTIC TELEVISION" variant of the logo on 2001-2002 episodes of V.I.P.

CTDT can also be found on S1 episodes of The Shield on Crackle and the region 1 DVD release. Music/Sounds: Same as the last logo, NBC, CBS and ABC airings used their generic themes.

Columbia TriStar International Television, The logo known as "COLUMBIA TRISTAR DOMESTIC TELEVISION". Was also seen on The Dana Carvey Show episode The Taco Bell Dana Carvey Show on DVD, several early season 4 episodes of Early Edition on FamilyNet and Malcolm & Eddie, as well on a French airing of some episodes of Just Shoot Me!

Standard Variants: Depending on the unit that the show originated (Television, Television Distribution, or Domestic Television), the logo was modified accordingly. TriStar Pictures, Inc. (bis 1991 Tri-Star) ist eine amerikanische Filmproduktionsfirma, Teil der Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, und im Besitz von Sony Pictures Entertainment. •On the short-lived series,The $treet, only the final note of the logo music is heard on the CTTD logo.

Bliss | BuzMuzik | Chart Show TV | Flava | Kix Power | NME TV | Pop Girl | Scuzz | Sony Crime Channel | Sony Crime Channel 2 | Starz TV | Trace Latina | Trace Urban1 | Trace Vault1 | True Crime | True Drama | True Movies 2, Hindi: Entertainment: Sony TV HD, Sony Sab HD and Sony Pal | Movies: Sony Max HD (Other), Sony Max 2 (classic movies) and Sony Wah | Kids: Sony Yay 8Joint venture with WarnerMedia and Singtel. Until her death in March 2018, the revived studio was run by Suzanne Patmore-Gibbs after being in-name-only for 15 years. Other AXN-branded channels: AXN Black | AXN White | AXN Spin | AXN Sci Fi | AXN Mystery | AXN Movies, Sony Channel:

It appeared on GSN up until their infamous "Dark Period", then was replaced with the then-current CTT logo. It also occasionally appeared on Sony-owned programs on GSN like Russian Roulette, seasons 1-5 of Hollywood Squares, the Donny Osmond version of Pyramid, and the last 9 episodes of the short-lived Party of Five spin-off Time of Your Life on the French European channel NRJ12 back in 2005.

On September 2001, CTT and CTTD were merged into "Columbia TriStar Domestic Television" with CTIT remaining. The final season of Malcolm & Eddie was later produced by CTT and TriStar Television operated in-name-only.

AXN | Sony Max | Sony Movie Channel | Viasat34 | Viasat64, Movie channels From 1996-2000, the logo would fade out at the last note. CPT Holdings then became a stand-alone division from CPT. (September 1994-Early 1995): (on the Wheel of Fortune/Califon card with the drum roll) Wheeeeel of Fortune is produced by (on the CTT logo) Columbia TriStar Television! On June 4, 1994, CTT folded Merv Griffin Enterprises and took over the rights to Jeopardy! 6Joint venture with A+E Networks.

Most of the series and the Tri-Star film packages that were distributed by TeleVentures were taken over by Columbia Pictures Television Distribution. The TriStar Television logo used from 1991 to 1992. SPE’s Motion Picture Group production organizations include Columbia Pictures, Screen Gems, TriStar Pictures, 3000 Pictures, Sony Pictures Animation, Stage 6 …


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