civic rally suspension
I was making a pretty good show in rallycross and had survived my first two rally events on stock dampers when I started to work with Bilstein in 2006. Roads around here are spotty at best and after my DC2 bottoming out constantly, am going for a rallyesque setup for my next car. Bilstein replaced the broken rod for me, later re-valved the rears, and those dampers are still on the rally car to this day! Racers can compete with a range of rally competition changes, including upgraded suspension components, brakes, a roll cage, and more, depending on … Product Review: ISC Suspensions Triple S Lowering Springs. Great Write up! Set damping to full soft for a nice comfortable cruising setting for normal driving.

Ride height can be adjusted +/- 30mm from OE ride height. Since 1996, D2 Racing has specialized in the development and production of high performance suspension and brake components for both street and off-road use. What makes it a rally car? The reality is camber, caster, toe, rotation, and side loading. Our Gravel Rally Coilovers feature heavy duty strengthened steel upper and lower mounts on most applications. I’m going to break into a topic that is critical for your success in rally, costs a lot of money, was once a bit controversial on rallynotes, and a subject I’m still learning about after 7 years in the sport: Suspension. Many of our applications for vehicles with MacPherson type suspension will have pillowball upper mounts. Rallying is a challenging and wild category of motorsport featuring production vehicles like the Fit and Civic.

The Ksport Gravel Rally Racing Coilovers are built to handle the abuse of the gravel rally racing circuit. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It sucked.

There is also THSCC in the Raleigh area of NC. Hey Mark – Thanks for checking us out! Most of our coilovers feature the ability to adjust your ride height without affecting the shock and spring travel. Since BC doesnt do any Dirt / Gravel research , Development. Have you heard of this: Should be decently close to you and gets a TON of entries! With sporty handling, an aggressive body and high-tech features, the Civic is the coupe that delivers everyday excitement. I will be glad to keep you updated on the Rallycross project. COPYRIGHT © KSPORT USA ALL RIGHTS RESERVED, Airtech Deluxe Air Suspension Full System, Airtech Pro Plus Air Suspension Full System, Airtech Executive Air Suspension Full System. Thanks for your input. Whether you are a weekend enthusiast or a devoted track competitor, D2 Racing has you covered with hundreds of coilover applications, big brake kits, lowering springs, air suspensions, suspension tuning components and … (Bikes and Cars).

Dirt, Snow and Gravel. (Just the part on the left, not the whole strut on the right.) What should your budget be?

This takes the single point of stress that is a narrow 14-19mm rod, turns the assembly inverted (upside down) and protects the damper. The suspension.

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It was the cheap housings that caused all the drama. – Kris. Suspension makes the car a rally car: Regular street car struts / shocks are just not designed to take the abuse and friction that rally cars can see. This was a miserable failure (Read the complete Rim of the World 2006 story here). Suspension makes the car a rally car: Regular street car struts / shocks are just not designed to take the abuse and friction that rally cars can see.

civic rally suspension all the big names (billstein, hotbits, eibach) don't have a section for rally coilovers or shocks/struts. The first way to overcome these issues is with an inverted shock / or strut. Gravel Rally Racing Coilovers feature extended cylinder length and piston stroke which greatly improves handling over uneven and bumpy roads. First is the springs: Often 100+ pounds more force then a street car with more inches of travel. As far as Bilstein is concerned, their equipment is awesome! The system builds off our best selling Kontrol Pro kit but features a lengthened shock stroke combined with longer springs (ranging from 250mm to 270mm) which allow … Steering feel and response is improved with pillowball upper mounts. The system builds off our best selling Kontrol Pro kit but features a lengthened shock stroke combined with longer springs (ranging from 250mm to 270mm) which allow it to easily absorb uneven road conditions. You just can’t go anywhere near as fast as you can on a proper rally setup. Rally Amor Mud Flaps / Civic Si / Civic Type R / Civic Sport - Free Shipping! If you’re considering building a car, consider very carefully what options you have for an “off the shelf” rally suspension setup. Vehicles with wishbone/multi-link type suspension have standard aluminum top mounts as seen in our other coilover kits. You can control how fast or slow that fluid moves into the reservoir giving you adjust-ability. This is why ‘remote reservoir inverted adjustable struts’ are used in rally. Attend Sandblast every year for the past 5 years. JavaScript is disabled. Lightweight, compact and versatile, the Fit is an ideal platform for the Rally America B-Spec class. Suggestion on Red Rally … “But Kris said that he finished a rally on stock struts!” Yes. I'm going to move them and fix the thread, just been busy. Not much rally info here in North Carolina, let alone events.

I’d start at $1500 – $2000. Ksport USA manufactures and distributes high quality race proven coilovers, big brake kits, and other suspension pieces. Hot Bits has a ton of applications for all kinds of cars. Read the complete Rim of the World 2006 story here. Non-inverted, junk coil-overs, with thin metal housings. Aeration and cavitation issues are a lot less common in a Monotube design, resulting in a more consistent ride quality. I am planning on building a purpose built car for some club level rallycross events in 2013. Explore the Fit. The second way is to give the damper a higher volume of fluid with a separate reservoir.

The truth was the damper rod bolt shot out of the bottom of the strut INTO the CV joint on one side after the housing failed. I lost all the seals and bearings on all 4 struts, and my buddy Harry became my personal hero for rescuing us with stock spares. When compared to twin tube construction, the Monotube design dissipates heat faster and more evenly and allows for finer damping adjustments. Hot Bits RSI Rally includes Camber plates, bound/rebound 35/40 way adjustable, inverted dampers, adjustable coil overs, and an out of the box rally setup that helped us set 3rd fastest times @ NNR in a brand new rally car! Vehicles with wishbone/multi-link type suspension have standard aluminum top mounts. The combination being a set of Bilstein PT cruiser fronts (that accept the motorsport inserts) and a reworked set of rear housings. If someone says to you they have a new rally suspension setup for less then $1000, you are going to get what you pay for.

Can you share some of your configurations on the new shocks as far as spring rates and how you adjusted the valving for your car specifically? Then you go over a giant jump into a tight right hand turn – fully unloaded to fully loaded in 2 seconds. Now the side loading is spread over a 50mm housing and the damper piston is happily sealed from the elements. Unique hardened rubber pillowball top mounts come standard on MacPherson suspension type vehicles. (and the Like) You may be surprised to learn that one of the NASA Rally Sport directors lives in North Carolina! Our patented new bearing design helps combat noise while turning unlike many other coilovers on the market. Looking back, I downplayed it as much as I could to not let my new “suspension” sponsors down. With a budget of “less than no money” I had someone with some experience build a set of housings out of stock struts. Suspension setup discussion for the track, Suspension/Alignment services MD/Lower PA/Upper VA. In addition to entry-level racing, it’s also the perfect hatchback for urban explorers. Suspension setup with straight line driving dynamics of S2000 CR ? Save up for the real thing! if anyone knows of a model that fits the 88-91 EF honda civic… Designed specifically for our Gravel Rally kits, our springs range in length from 250mm to 270mm. I remember that thread popping up a while back, and will definitely be reading through once the pictures are back up. The Ksport Gravel Rally Racing Coilovers are built to handle the abuse of the gravel rally racing circuit. Being able to open up a catalog and order rally struts for the 2GN (after the fiasco with the P-Car) was rewarding. It was up to us to have the strut housings machined as Bilstein did not make 1st Gen Neon struts. I just found your website recently and F.B./Liked it today. Send us pics of the rallycrosser when you race! What should it cost? Another question comes to mind is how are the Hotbits RSI Shocks holding up? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. It takes longer to heat up more fluid and it cools outside of the strut. Rallye Red with Titan7 TS5 Techna Bronze: Rallye Red with Enkei RPF1 - 18x8.5+ 40 - 255/40: Is it literally impossible to find an Si for under MSRP? Let us help you select the correct coilover for your application. I am also interested for when I pick up my FK8. The center of the tire is 4″ from the bottom of the strut, it’s at a 10° angle to the ground, the pivot for the control arm changes this angle as it goes up and down, etc. Our adjustable coilovers use a Monotube design, withoil and gas separated within the cylinder. This way you can set your desired ride height without having to worry about bottoming out the shock. My EM1 Civic Rally Thread I didn't build it, but I have done a lot of work - Photobucket did a number on all my pics. Kris: THANK YOU so much for the Sandblast Rally info. Their full on rally setup is expensive, but you get a lot for your money.

All Ksport coilovers offer 36 levels of damping which allow you the ability to perfectly dial in your coilover kit. but my plans are to change those out next year for some hotbits. Mark, I am also in NC.

I am working on transforming my SRT4 into a Rallycross Car. Their sponsorship for us consisted of a set of inverted motorsport inserts. Glad to see your common sense input. Kris, First is the springs: Often 100+ pounds more force then a street car with more inches of travel.

Second is the side loading: Engineers wish for a strut centered directly over the wheel that only travels up and down at a perfect 0° angle.

Post was not sent - check your email addresses! I am on BC Coilovers right now. I did. Even though it works, and was able to get us a championship winning setup, this hodge-podge mismatch of housings and inserts is not something I ever want to go through again. But just taken time since right now it is my DD. *Note: Height adjustment range varies per vehicle, all kits will not go higher than OE ride height. Unfortunately it took me a long time to get there with the P-Car (Ze’Neon).

Explore the Civic. In addition, the Gravel Rally Racing Coilover Kit features heavy duty top plates and lower mounts for added strength and durability.

Gravel Rally Coilovers come standard with a 12 month warranty which covers manufacturer defects.


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