chuck australian slang
Read it, share it among your friends. source: autocomplete.sources.hits(index, {hitsPerPage: 10}), on Oct 01 2001. Australian slang. Australian slang 'Chuck a U-e' meaning? Derr. Definitions include: extremely intoxicated or under the influence of a drug. Definitions include: form of address for a female used by a close friend. Definition: Sandals, flip flops, slippers.Example: “Don’t forget to wear thongs to the beach!”.

Definition: Short for ‘opportunity shop’, Australian equivalent to thrift store.Example: “I got this skirt for $5 at the op shop, isn’t it cute?”. the fondling of breasts. Said no Australian, ever. Some are in current widespread use, whilst others are not; some may be derived or taken from overseas slang, but most are unique to Australia. What are some of your favourite Australian words and phrases? Often used when someone is hungover and doesn’t feel like going to work, then they will often “chuck a sickie ”. If you’re keen for some quality banter with your mates and sounding True Blue, this list is sure to help you out! Why say the whole word when you can shorten it down to two syllables? Some wikis use a different format for links, so be sure to check the documentation. Singapore Office

If you’re a college student, you know those midnight runs to Maccas are what bring you closer to your fellow snackers. First and foremost, they aren’t asking you how you’re getting somewhere. Definitions include: alternate pronunciation of.

When it comes to an outdoor cookout, there’s no doubt that Australians do it best. Ugh, they just understand us, you know? Vote how vulgar Meaning: make a U-turn.

Definitions include: nice, excellent, worthy of envy; ". Lazza.,"_self");

return suggestion._highlightResult.post_title.value; Definition: Cheap wine that comes in a boxed sack, usually enjoyed by college students for their budget-satisfying parties.Example: “Want to go on a Dan Murphys run to grab some goon?”. It's a cracker of a word though. You’ll definitely hear this term wherever you go so don’t get it confused with soccer or American football. Usual response to this friendly farewell tends to be, "have a good what?"

Making a crate of goon punch is a classic party act and that’s when you know you’re in for a good night! } I love this phrase because it makes being sick sound like the cutest thing ever. A collection of Australian slang words and phrases. returned soldiers and elections, 22 September 1920], The habitability of Australia [22 September 1920], The Anglican Synod [article re. Definition: No and yes respectivelyExample: “Yeah nah, it wasn’t such a great movie.”. From words like “esky” to phrases like “Chuck a sickie”, you’ll be dumfounded, amazed and then fall in love with the different lingo we have here. ), Definition: Australian equivalent to ‘How are you?’ or ‘How are you doing?’Example: “Hey mate, it’s been a while! But they really should, for the sake of our bank accounts.

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and it actually does make sense! A tradie, chippy, sparky and brickie Knock off ... chuck = [2] To vomit, to “chuck up”, to “throw up”, e.g. A more polite way to let someone know you have a lot of shit going on, okay?!


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