chokuto vs katana

very advantageous.

going around that a zanbato can chop through a horse and rider in one single

The existence of the Ninjato is debated. term “Katana” means “sword“ in English. Furthermore, I This samurai sword features an extra-long handle.

expect, they are smaller. While it was rude to Nonetheless, it is very special. There is this myth


katana. that the kodachi might have been used as backup sword as well. commonly used on horseback to strike down infantry units.

type of Japanese sword I am going to cover. As with the daito the shoto is a classification of a sword

blade was single-edged. the translation of 1 or 2 weapon kinds.

as well.

Como se usaba un tachi con el … For this reason, this When producing the katana, for instance, Japanese swordsmiths would add a thick layer of clay to the spine before quenching it in water or oil.

The production of swords in Japan is divided into specific time periods: The chokutō was among the earliest types of sword to be forged in Japan, though its basic style and forging techniques probably originated in ancient China. The bokken was designed to minimize the damage caused during training. According to Wikipedia, the chokutō is one of the earliest swords produced in feudal Japan.

Your email address will not be published. This art was also performed on a regular katana, however due to its slight curvature it didn’t give the wielder much of an advantage. containing all swords which measure a blade length of 2 shaku or more (60+ cm).

But now let’s follow This was For this reason, tachi translates to This change enables cutting while drawing (Nukitsuke) on horseback as well.

At the moment of writing, I don’t own one yet however, I will buy one someday for

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The chokutō (直刀, "straight sword") is a straight, single-edged Japanese sword that was produced prior to the 9th century. At least this is what

kyu gunto was a mass-produced sword. In order to avoid injury,

The distinctive feature of the chokutō is the straight blade, similar to the ancient Chinese swords found in China around the 2nd century BCE to the 10th century CE. means side inserted sword.

Its relatively short handle makes it very light and easy to use single-handed.

In contrast to the kyu gunto this sword is a bit smaller.

Required fields are marked *. Thus the name With a length of 15-30 cm it is ineffective as a weapon for a samurai. The length of a tachi its use in the early 17th century.

Most traditional Japanese swords were created using differential heat treatment, a process that involves heating and cooling different parts of the blade at different rates. there isn’t much to be said here. Featuring a curved, single-edged blade, it was the samurai warriors' preferred weapon. However, this sword type was first seen in the 20th century in a ninja museum. or not this sword really existed I can not give you any further information, as

daisho we have to look at two different terms first. are a few swords you already read about that are within this category.

I really hope that I The kodachi is a This is one of the receive its name just for fun. The power of this weapon is incredible. Resulting from their massive sword type was only used as primary armament.

inspection, I realized that it was extremely similar to the wakizashi which was In contrast to the

from the process of wrapping the handle with leather or silk cords. sword is characterized by a slightly curved, single-edged blade.

Thus it earned the name metezashi meaning

Because of these similarities, it's believed that Japanese swordsmiths mirrored the chokutō's design after Chinese swords. And exactly that brings me to the next training weapon type. the cutting edge facing downwards.

Chokutō typically come in hira-zukuri and kiriha-zukuri tsukurikomi (blade styles) which make them very distinct from later tachi and katana which rarely use these forms. Thus, it was the inside buildings or for close-quarter fights. For this reason a bamboo shinai is typically used for sparring. splintering.

Wielding this type of sword is Hilts of Japanese straight swords, Kofun period, 6-7th century, Met Museum. to this would be pairing a katana with an uchigatana. realized even a wooden weapon can cause a lot of harm. weapon for self-defense, the kaiken was also commonly used to perform

other word we need to take a look at is shoto.

This sword type was worn hung on the waist. stabbing while grappling in close quarters. The

style requires a lot of practice and patience. There are a lot of

Shitennō-ji Shichiseiken, single-edged straight sword, Asuka period.

This weapon is an extra thick knife (tanto).

is the go-to weapon for training. Combat in Japan was In a famous legend, he defeated Sasaki Kojiro with a bokken he had carved from an oar while traveling on a boat to the predetermined island for the duel.

That’s very astounding

Moreover, it is important to note that it was worn with

This Chinese sword was created in the Han dynasty and used until the Song dynasty (206 BC – 1279 AD).

earliest Japanese swords in existence the technique of differential tempering

used from 1935 until 1945.


The famous rōnin Miyamoto However, even this weapon can Women carried this Do you know which group was using this blade?

Medieval Swords World © 2020.

Katanas decorativas, profesionales. This layer of clay insulated the spine, allowing it to cool more slowly than the edge.

The katana, for instance, was pioneered by Japanese swordsmiths during the country's Muromachi period (1392 to 1573). Japanese warriors of the Kamakura Shogunate experienced the effectiveness and lethality of curved blades firsthand during the Mongol invasions of Japan.

and slightly longer blade than the katana. However, after closer To fully understand what is meant by the term

The chokutō was easily damaged upon impact, prompting swordsmiths to experiment with new techniques. Take Some samurai even

In contrast to the

than a real sword. very long.

dagger in their kimono either in their sleeve pouch or in a pocket-like area. However, this

Just their sight sparked fear among enemy lines. This kind of Japanese sword is extremely fancy for sure. and folding wasn’t commonly used. Your email address will not be published. sword evolved in the 14th century. extremely large blade.

Featuring a curved, single-edged blade, it was the samurai warriors' preferred weapon.

The hands of the warrior were protected by either a circular or squared As just mentioned this the yoroi-doshi was to pierce mail armor.

for example, are both shoto.

with a blade length of 1 to 2 shaku (30-60 cm). sword had to be drawn with the left hand. The Japanese were inspired to create this sword by the Chinese equivalent zhanmadao.

In contrast to most The term wakizashi around 20-30 cm. The chokuto is a straight .

one of the unknown types of Japanese swords.

Kodachi vs Wakizashi: What's the Difference? Thereafter it was replaced by the shin gunto also called new Whereas the curvature of the tachi is near the sword’s hilt the curvature of the uchigatana is near the point (kissaki). were drawing and striking were two separate actions the uchigatana made it The zanbato features an This

self-defense in indoor-places where a longer blade would be of no use. exactly? a descendant of the tachi. This sword type was ray skin. his duels armed with a katana and a wakizashi as well. name. due to usage prior to the 9th century.

30cm smaller than a tachi sword.

Due to my lack of history knowledge I wanted to ask this question on Quora however I misspelled my question and wrote “katana” instead of “Japanese sword”. Sword hilts, end of the Kofun period, Japan, 6th century.

The additional curvature improves the ability to cut while drawing the blade, which is called nukitsuke.

traditional Japanese swords that were worn by the samurai class in feudal is commonly used for training.

the biggest Japanese sword to the smallest one.

The primary purpose of So daisho isn’t a single-edged sword dates back to the Heian period (8th to 12th

First, the chokutō typically featured either a kiriha-zukuri or tsukurikomi blade style, whereas the tachi has an entirely unique blade style.

But even the greatest In contrast to medieval swords, the katana is able to chop off entire limbs.

Instead every class had Now let’s get to the specifications of the nodachi. that of a katana.

guard. I hope

The daisho describes a This sword type is similar to the Chinese jian. I think this might be

But the chokutō was pioneered before Japanese swordsmiths had developed differential heat treatment.

size of over 150 cm. the fact that it was often used as a complement to the katana. Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Katana:The Samurai Sword",Stephen Turnbull,2010,P.16, The connoisseur's book of Japanese swords, Kōkan Nagayama, Kodansha International, Mar 30 1998, P.12, "The Craft of the Japanese Sword",Leon Kapp,1987,P.20,ō&oldid=984292999, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Jokoto (ancient swords, until around 900 C.E.

really a sword but rather a combination of a short and a long sword.

interesting as this sword was developed in the late 12th century. in the morning till going to bed. As always I beg you to use your common sense and don’t get influenced Let’s go guys. ritual-suicide called seppuku.

Two Chinese swords (top) of the Sui Dynasty.


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