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They do quite well in bunny hopping type events and rabbit shows. Does at maturity should weigh 14-15 pounds. Docile, Experience Level: Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants,  just to name a couple of breeds used. The first Giant Chinchilla was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on Christmas Day in 1921. These bunnies are docile, gentle and well natured. '&utmxhash='+escape(h.substr(1)):'')+'" type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">')})(); Although it is mostly used as a commercial rabbit, the Giant Chinchilla is now commonly kept as house pets. '' : 'none'; --> They were developed to produce even more meat and fur than an American chinchilla rabbit.

dollars by selling the breeding stock. On Christmas morning, 1921, a Giant Chinchilla doe was born that he considered his …

Her very proud creator was Edward H. Stahl.

Ensure their coats are always tangle-free, soft and looking glossy. Also, there should be an unlimited supply of clean drinking water. He continued to breed them selectively until a Giant Chinchilla doe was born on the Christmas morning of 1921, naming this doe the ‘Million Dollar Princess.’ In 1928, these rabbits were accepted as Giant Chinchilla by ARBA. The big, lovable Giant Chinchilla rabbit is one of three breeds of chinchilla rabbits that is accepted by the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders' Association.) They have a well rounded medium sized head with dark eyes. He continued to breed them selectively until a Giant Chinchilla doe was born on the Christmas morning of 1921, naming this doe the ‘Million Dollar Princess.’ In 1928, these rabbits were accepted as Giant Chinchilla by ARBA. Powered by WordPress. Rabbits can bite and scratch. Their young open their eyes around 7 to 14 days with an average of 10 days after birth. first Giant Chinchilla doe that Edward H. Stahl created was named the “Million The Giant Chinchilla has been purebred for over 45 years. She was exhibited the following year and was called the Million Dollar Princess. The cost or price of the Giant Chinchilla rabbits will range from $40 to $100+ depending on whether they are purebred, pedigreed or show rabbits. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. The Giant Chinchilla, the largest of the Chinchilla rabbits, is a cross between the Flemish Giant and Standard Chinchilla. The Giant Chinchilla rabbits were developed by Edward H. Stahl of Holmes Park, Missouri. While other breeders began to breed up the weights to what would become known as the American Chinchilla, Stahl set his sights on breeding a “Giant Chinchilla.” In the basement of his home he began experimental breeding using a pure Chinchilla buck of large size, and with perfect color, to does of New Zealand Whites and several other large breeds. Holland lops, Netherland dwarfs, and Dutch are part of this group. Please note the following: The ARBA is not responsible for the content of any link, however; inappropriate links will be removed.

Whereas they are not as rare as the American Chinchillas, they are also under watch by ALBC.

Brush their fur with a soft-bristled brush once a week to help get rid of loose hairs that would end up on your furniture, clothes, and carpet. _udn = "none";

If socialized while still young, they can easily be handled. For example, the rabbit I harvested Sunday was 12 weeks old (7/8 American Chinchilla, 1/8 Flemish Giant).

Notes: Temperament:

Clean the bottom of the cage every day to remove its feces and urine deposits; be sure to keep the outdoor enclosures covered from sun and rain. They are quite a docile rabbit that does not mind being handled if they are raised correctly. Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants, just to name a couple of breeds used. I descended from the  English breed known as the Chinchilla Giaganta, which incidentally corresponds to the so called "Heavy-Weight" or American Chinchilla. It is important for the baby rabbit’s health, growth, immune system and development of a proper digestive system that they do not be removed from their mother for at least 8 weeks. Outdoor cages should be raised, safe from predators, weatherproofed, preferably under a shade that allows free air circulation. He developed the Giant Chinchilla, which was created by cross…

The offspring from the cross with the White Flemish and the American Blue does had reasonably good coloration with progress toward a larger size, and were used for continued selection. Eventually, Edward H. Stahl, an American breeder, successfully produced Giant Chinchillas by crossing the Standard Chinchillas with New Zealand Whites, American Blue, and White Flemish rabbits. Children should be supervised around animals and properly taught how to look after them and handle them.

Its neck, flanks, belly and eye circles have pale pearl tickings while those of ears are black. Her very proud creator was Edward H. Stahl. The ideal Giant Chinchilla should weigh, when fully mature, 13 … Now the breed is called the Million Dollar Rabbit. Ensure your bunny has standard vaccinations and take good care of it to avoid fur mites, fleas, flystrike and so on. But they are more suited to just being a hardy, sturdy and gentle pet. Because of their large size, hutches with all wooden floors and a heavy bedding of shavings and straw are required. Can Rabbits Eat Nuts Including Monkey Nuts? Giant chinchillas are chinchilla-Flemish giant mixes, so Nora still has some growing to do and will need a big space to accommodate her. Unless intended for breeding, your bucks should be neutered and does spayed to increase their lifespan and prevent disease affecting their reproductive organs. That is right where I want the finished product to be, so I will set my reminder for the current litter on that doe for 12 weeks again. At the demand of breeders of these giants, the standard was again proposed in February 1928, and this time the standard was accepted for the Giant Chinchilla. Their diets should include pellets (5%) like Small Pet Select Rabbit Food Pellets, grassy hay (80%) and the remainder will be leafy greens and vegetables as well as fruit treats. All rights reserved. Use: Black ‘ticking’ (guard hairs) are distributed unevenly over most of the body,” as Triple H Rabbits notes. The Gryphon Farms. Giant Chinchillas have no competition when it comes to producing meat fast and cost efficiently. To quickly evaluate your stock, the Giant Chinchilla Rabbit Association has the following guidelines “ at 3 months it would be ideal for your rabbit to weigh 7.5 lbs,  at 4 months 8.5 lbs, 5 months 9.5 lbs, and at 6 months,10.5 lbs”.

Breed Facts The first Giant Chinchilla was born in Kansas City, Missouri, on Christmas Day in 1921. Your email address will not be published. utmx_section("Business Footer"). They were once primarily used as a commercial rabbit breed. United States Department of Agriculture – Rabbit Meat. If you don’t have rabbit toys, some cat and dog toys can be a good play companion and help reduce boredom. Your Choice! They are a hardy, low maintenance breed with an amazingly gentle and tolerant nature. Giant Chinchillas were recognized by the ARBA in 1928. Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants, just to name a couple of breeds used. To get them, search online, on social media, rabbitries, rescue centers and from ARBA recognized Giant Chinchilla rabbit breeders. The underbelly is soft white. The Giant Chinchilla grows very fast when young and will weigh between 5-6 pounds when only 8 weeks old and 7-9 pounds at 12 weeks old. Actually Chinchilla rabbits are a group of three rabbit breeds, and the American Chinchilla is the most rare of the Chinchilla breeds. The breed is gentle in nature. The Standard Chinchilla was crossed mainly with White Flemish Giants and American Blues, with a touch of New Zealand Whites and Champagne dArgents. Their legs are of medium length and they have a small cotton tail. As already mentioned, the Standard calls for the Giant Chin's arch to start in the "middle" of the shoulder, giving them a slightly shorter appearance than the Flemish Giant. To help socialize your rabbit, spend some time with it in a fenced area of your backyard or if inside your house, rabbit-proof your home to avoid them chewing valuable items in your home. The fur of the Giant Chinchilla actually has four distinct colors to it.

The offspring from the American Blue and White Flemish Giant doe ended up with excellent colors and larger. %It is recommended that their cages be made of wooden floors and have a lot more beddings made of straws and shavings. This means you may not get them readily available everywhere. Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. Please refer queries for where to get these from to either the. 12 - 16 lbs The American Chinchilla was developed in 1924, but a breeder by the name of Mr. Edward H. Stahl had plans to produce a larger version. The Giant Chinchilla Rabbit is one of the few rabbit breeds that was created in America. Whilst they share a close and some common history with most of the other Chinchilla breeds the Giant Chinchilla was developed in the United States of America. Stahl was one of the first men to own the sensational new breed called Chinchilla, which was created in France in 1913. Stahl perfected this breed by using over weight Chinchillas and White Flemish Giants, just to name a couple of breeds. They have a dense, short, soft and straight fur of medium length that does not require much grooming.


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