chimney pond maine fishing

One wrong step and your great day on the trail could take a bad turn.

I had a busy fall and winter with a few changes being thrown at me that created for an awful lot more work at my current job. Each young trout that survives, however, has much more food  to eat, thus the size of an average fish is much bigger in East Chairback. Fly fishing for native brook trout in such a setting is a grand experience no matter where the location. Big Black, the Little Blacks and North Pond are harder to get to, but at times, can offer better fishing.

In larger bodies of water, plankton often form the base of the food chain and smelt make up a significant portion of the trout’s diet. Thus, I have been a wee bit busy over the past few months. As the season progresses and the water begins to cool down, fish emerge from their summer refuges and become active again.

There are 9 lean-to’s and a 10-person bunkhouse available to stay at and reservations are pretty much mandatory as you can’t just pitch a tent anywhere due to environmental concerns. Many other FFO ponds such as Horseshoe, West Branch and the Lyfords can also be reached from sporting camps in the Moosehead Lake area. I say up because you will gain 1,463 feet in elevation as you trek towards this shallow glacial pond in the south basin. We humped all of our gear up to our site, the furthest one in of all of the walk-in sites and began setting up camp. The reason this is mentioned is quite simply because last year we had planned to spend the week at Roaring Brook in Baxter. I say a “select few” because this trail is one of the many within the park that almost no one sets foot on. Fly fishing in all Maine trout ponds is strongly influenced by the seasons, and depending on location and elevation, ice-out can occur anytime from early April to mid-May. It usually occurs from the last few days of June into mid-July, and always produces some of the most frantic action of the season.

Doesn’t sound like a big deal to most of you I know, however, the company I work for takes these things exceptionally seriously. Adult flies can reach up to 3² long and are best imitated by extended-body patterns with large, upright wings. We set up our canopy over the picnic table and I got the grill going in order to cook our dinner. He returned only to find his father cursing loudly at the grill. The principle reason for this dramatic turn-around was a set of Quality Fishing Initiatives which was put into place by recently retired Department of Inland Fisheries Commissioner Ray “Bucky” Owen. So hiring a guide, or staying at a sporting camp that can provide you with reliable information, may be necessary to help you get started. And over the years, I have found that in ponds where both are present, trout fishing is usually good. The elevation at Chimney Pond is 2,914 feet and that is the least impressive thing about your experience when you arrive. Most of it was thrown willy-nilly into the truck, we left our site just as we had found it, spent the rest of the week at the Katahdin Inn in Millinocket, a really friendly place to stay, and agreed to NEVER try “roughing it” again! During our week we ventured far and wide within Baxter’s expansive borders. Take your time and enjoy the peace and quiet. Late last August I was asked, and I declined, to become a driver trainer. Chimney Pond Mount Katahdin Twp, Piscataquis, Maine MIDAS 2046. All trophy ponds are FFO and have increased size and reduced bag limits.

I hope that you have had a good laugh at our foibles in our attempt to get into backcountry camping. Kj and I were actually on vacation in Los Angeles at the time. I spent the next few months researching and purchasing a tent, a high-performance cooler, camp stove, sleeping bags, air mattresses and whatever else we didn’t already have in our 5. wheel. “I’ve been a ranger here for 15 years,” he replied, “there is absolutely NOTHING a bear can’t get into. We love the fact that there is no electricity, running water or any other amenities that we have all gotten used to, but we just couldn’t do it. They both enjoy camping (in a tent) as well as “glamping” (in their 5th wheel), hiking, climbing, whitewater rafting and any other outdoor adventure that allows them to see the splendor of the state of Maine. Fly fishing in all Maine trout ponds is strongly influenced by the seasons, and depending on location and elevation, ice-out can occur anytime from early April to mid-May. It was wonderful, educational and DISASTEROUS. Contact Information. Denny, Upper, Island, and Stink Ponds are all FFO, trophy brook trout ponds that are easy to reach. As I write, I am quickly reminded that I failed to meet my deadline for both the winter and spring issue. In fact, the regulations are so fine-tuned now that many people identify good places to fish simply by browsing through the county-based inventory of ponds and picking out places that are FFO, or that have other special regulations. Kendrick, a.k.a.

Big fish can still be caught during these times by slowly working a yellow Hex wiggle-nymph a few feet below the surface. I know an awful lot of you enjoy “roughing it” in your tents and don’t mind a few days without the comforts of air conditioning, microwave, a coffee maker and even a hot shower, Kj and I are NOT in your group. (207) 827-3110   |   46 Lincoln Street, Old Town, Maine 04468   | Chimney Pond and South Turner Mountain in Baxter State Park, This year, just like last year, we will be in the park during the last week of June. We checked in and veered to the right following the tote road to its end at Roaring Brook.

He eventually did, I made him hot chocolate, we had a couple of Pop Tarts and struck out for Chimney Pond, our first scheduled hike of the week. The week of our trip finally arrived and we packed up my new (new to me anyway) truck and headed north. This is because smelts typically spawn in such tributaries just as the ice is going out, and at times, nearly every fish in the pond is drawn to these areas to feed.

Trolling with single or tandem-hook smelt patterns such as the Grey Ghost, Governor Aiken or the Barnes Special is by far the most popular way to pursue early season brook trout in these larger waters. Day-use and overnight camping fees are charged. Because of its size, Nesowadnehunk often gets rough when the wind kicks up during the middle of the day, so most experienced anglers confine their efforts to early morning and evening. Be sure to check out our fall edition as I will post a review and hopefully a few quotes from our hosts. According to University of Maine biologist Terry Haines, the importance of such intraspecific competition is perfectly illustrated by looking at several pristine ponds that lie within a few miles of each other along the Appalachian Trail in Piscataquis County. I’ll offer you a cold bottle of water or an ice-cold Sam Adams if you’d like and you can listen to Kj tell all about that one night spent at Roaring Brook in the rain. So, along with the week of training at our corporate headquarters in Chicago I had to learn how to teach others how to do, what it is that I do, and become familiar with the mountains of paperwork and training manuals that make our trainers some of the best in our industry. While only 3,100 feet above sea level it offers expansive views of Katahdin and the surrounding area that only a select few get to enjoy. In other words, I was way over packed and had gone completely overboard. It takes a while to learn all the tricks needed to catch fish consistently on any of these places, but generally, casting bucktail streamers such as the Little Brook Trout and Warden’s Worry, to shoreline structure is productive in Rocky, Little Rocky and Polly. In fact, as the fall spawning period approaches, many of the larger trout get downright aggressive and respond well to bright flies like the Pink Lady, Mickey Finn or Light Edson Tiger fished with a fast, erratic retrieve. 3:44. Fortunately, with the positive economic impact that tourism has had on the Maine economy recently, it seems like maintaining forested refuges around natural attractions such as trout ponds is finally becoming a priority.

He was his usual self on the trail, telling me all about the past school year, the games that he was currently enjoying and everything else that seems important to the younger generation. So from now through the end of the season, I usually switch back to using sinking lines and big, ugly flies for the majority of my fishing.


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