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Killua agrees to this, but reveals that he would help Gon his own way and leaves. [23] Knuckle shows his prowess and easily overpowers Gon. [5] Some soldier Ants born with human genes acquired the ability to speak while also retaining their telepathy,[9] whereas Royal Guards (and, presumably, kings) lack the ability altogether and can resort exclusively to verbal communication. "Experimental Soldier"). Reproduction was achieved by the Chimera Ant Queen through a special process called Phagogenesis (摂食交配 (Sesshoku Kouhai?) In the event that she should die, reports state that male soldier Ants will break from the colony and will become copycat Kings, trying to forcibly mate with females of other species to give birth to a new generation of Ants. Whilst always aggressive it was believed that the consumption of malicious humans made some ants even more evil. The species of the Chimera Ants is introduced.

It is unknown how ordinary Chimera Ants communicate. Palm is skeptical of Gon and Killua's chances against him, but Gon promises to her that he will be victorious.

In response, Meruem rips off his arm. After installing themselves in the Royal Palace of East Gorteau, they manipulate the country's leader to announce a mandatory rally in the capital Peijin in ten days' time, which every single citizen, including the elderly, the infirm, and public servants, is forced to participate in. Finding a puddle of blood,[81] he believes that it was Youpi's doing and confronts him again.

During their evolution, latter breed Ants had tough hard shells of insects that were combined with human agility. He reveals that he wishes to find Gyro. Meruem is the villain of the Chimera Arc in Hunter X Hunter.

Genes from multiple species can be mixed in the same Ant.

Without showing any mercy, Gon pummeled them. Yes, even after he gets himself half-blown up by Netero's cardiac nuke. List of Story Arcs Since Cheetu's restriction was that he would lose the technique should he be caught,[58] Leol attacks Morel. After feasting on two humans, she prioritizes humans as her food. The contest is to see whether Pouf and Youpi could find Pitou before Meruem could find the other two intruders. He claims that he will allow a few humans to remain alive in "reservations", where they can be bred for food, a statement that rightfully infuriates the old man. [25] Survivors with the physical and mental capabilities to serve as soldiers will be placed into cocoons that will turn them into human-Ant hybrids and give them Nen abilities, in order to increase the quality of the King's food[27] as well as to create a powerful army. Killua reminds Gon that only Pitou can heal Kite, so Gon, reluctantly, gives Pitou one hour to heal Komugi's critical wounds. [91], However, Killua eventually runs out of electricity and is forced to flee. By eating other creatures, a Chimera Ant queen can impart the characteristics of ingested creatures onto the next generation of Chimera Ants it gives birth to.

[90] Knuckle flees, and Killua begins his attack on Youpi with Godspeed, a Nen ability he had developed after his battle with the Ortho siblings. Accepting the challenge, both parties race off. [47] Meanwhile, Gon continues to wander in the East Gorteau's countryside.

A Queen stated that humans were delicious and commanded that more of the species was caught to consume. They were divided between the rank and file soldiers to stronger command breeds that served as officers. Around this time, the Ants began to develop their own means of utilising Nen.

Being unable to take Komugi before Meruem arrives, Pouf's clones then try to clear away the Gungi board in the palace so that Meruem would have no recollection of the game, and by extension, her. The dying Queen tells the group present to tell the King that his name was Meruem, the light that illuminates on all, and dies. JavaScript is disabled. Gon finally comes to the realization that Pitou is not going to heal Kite and accuses Pitou of being a liar. It was decided that a complete extermination of the Ants and wanted a quick as well as swift elimination of these dangerous creatures.

Killua uses his yo-yos to deflect them, but Shoot attacks him at melee range. As they evolved, they began to make use of freezers to store humans in to prevent the food from going rotten.

When it came to physical strength and aura capacity, he was a cut above nearly everyone else in the arc. There's no doubt that he's got a lot of potential, but his average showing in the arc was a clear indication of how much he needed to train to get better. They enter a small village, only to find it empty. [28], The King and his Royal Guards arrive in the Royal Palace of East Gorteau, Meanwhile, in NGL, Netero's group attack nearby Ants. Meanwhile, Meruem and his Royal Guard managed to take control over the kingdom of East Gorteau where they controlled it's ruler as a puppet to make it appear as under human rule. While heading to the room, Pitou receives a mobile phone call in its pocket, something Gon is oblivious to, saying Komugi is alright; Pouf used his abilities to imitate her voice. To birth the King, the Queen ordered to be fed with fifty humans a day. The above-mentioned repetitions could be construed as being in keeping with the themes of. 2011 RELATED: Hunter x Hunter: 5 Anime Heroes Meruem Can Destroy (& 5 He Has No Chance Against), In contrast to this philosophy, he has been shown to violently massacre and consume other Chimera Ants for their energy.

She along with her followers were ultimately killed by the Hunters of the Phantom Troupe. [23] At the same time Gon and Killua were fighting Knuckle and Shoot, the Queen begins to give birth to the King prematurely.

The arc sees Gon and Killua get caught up in the troubles of NGL, where a species known as the Chimera Ants start to cause trouble. He then heads to the palace where Pitou is in an attempt to kill Gon from behind. Humans targeted this way either develop Nen skills or die. Meruem's emotions towards Komugi are conflicted from the outset, but every time he has a violent thought about her, she turns it around by just being her pathetic, snotty, adorable self. Though gaining names was deemed useful, growing individual was seen a threat to their command structure as they lost the unity of their ant forebears. At that point, the royal guard moved into service towards the king with the next chain of the ladder directly making contact with the Queen. [6] Returning to Yorknew City, they inspect a map, and theorize that the Queen may be located in NGL, the neo-luddite nation. [20] A Squadron Leader exhibited a similar ability, although her hybrids did not acquire Nen abilities as a result of the process. By this point, the scattered Chimera Ant Squadron Leaders had sought their own interests and held no fealty to the King. We look at some of the strongest (and most average) characters. The ants demonstrated a colony based hierarchy that was similar to other hive insects and were divided into five rankings. Unlike previous story arcs in the series, this is the first one in which neither Gon nor any of the other three main characters have any interaction with the main antagonist (Meruem). All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. Such Chimera Ant were able to see the life force aura of humans that utilize this power to perform superhuman feats. [27] However, the King violently rips himself out of her. [98] Meruem takes a simple strategy of experimenting with arbitrary offensives to determine Netero's attack pattern since Netero's attacks virtually did nothing to him.

During the date, Killua secretly stalks them[33] and fights Rammot, who happened to be nearby. Even after being dismembered, an Ant was able to survive an entire day after being separated. Ken Kaneki & 9 Other Anime Protagonists Who Had Kids, Hunter X Hunter: 10 Things That Make No Sense About Meruem. He uses Flutter's dragonflies to scout the area, one of them encountering Bloster. Killua asserts that the Ant must be over 2m long, enough to easily eat a human. Killua is depressed after failing to help Kite, however, Gon, who woke up, asserts that Kite was alive and that they would get him back. Initially feeding on bats, fishes, and crabs, she produces soldier Ants. However, members of the Royal Guard breed were incapable of using telepathy. These were the first generation of births having no reproductive capability with these becoming worker or soldier ants. [54] He ends up having a mental breakdown due to the aura being so terrible, taking him out of commission. Pouf interrupts Meruem to reveal that Welfin knew the secret he was hiding. Morel receives a phone call from Colt, who reveals that the King's twin sister has demanded to be called Kite, which surprises Morel. Morel attacks the chrysalis, finding that it was empty, and releases Smoky Jail, which ends up releasing the real Pouf. Chimera Ants appeared as antagonists in the Japanese manga series Hunter × Hunter by Yoshihiro Togashi.


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