chevy volt not able to charge message

If the dealer doesn't find anything wrong with the car or factory supplied 120v EVSE try charging at the 8amp rate. $44K Green Vehicle Contrast – Chevy Bolt Premier vs. Toyota RAV4 Prime XSE – Which Is Your Choice?

Chevy Bolt EV Problems, Troubleshooting, Maintenan, ACDelco® LN1AGM - Professional™ Remanufactured AGM Battery,, 2017+ Chevy Bolt EV General Discussion Forum, VerticalScope Inc., 111 Peter Street, Suite 901, Toronto, Ontario, M5V 2H1, Canada. You can charge your Chevy Volt at home the same way you charge your laptop or cellphone, says ChargePoint.

Make sure your dealer charges up the 12v, then see if it lasts. Guess not. Tried my personal charger and the ChargePoint at the library, both gave an "unable to charge" message. Here is an oversimplified explanation: Here is Thomas Kahn in his own words. Accordingly, aside from speed, is there any advantage in having an electrician installing a 220 volt outlet? At this point I suspected the charge chord was busted and I'd need a new one. When this happened to you, did the wall charger light stop working? I got my 2014 back from the shop yesterday after experiencing almost the same thing. The selling dealership is reimbursing for that though, thankfully.

I read online you can charge in the rain. It happened when the power went out during the charge cycle.

I have been told I need a new electric port.

By removing any possibility of range anxiety, the Volt can be used right up to its maximum EV range. If you want to play games and have fun getting the most miles on battery – great, but understand you never have to plug the car in and the easiest thing to do is only plug in at night in your own garage and don’t sweat anything else. The second and third time, using the wall charger on the 8 amp setting and letting it get up to full charge reset things. Charging Your Chevy Volt at Home. I get nothing. My money is on a low 12 volt battery from sitting.........:nerd: Every function on the EV depends on the 12 volt battery to initiate it. Turned out I needed to replace my plug-in receptacle on the vehicle, which was covered under warranty. Here he shares a simple approach from his experience on how to avoid charging hassle. So I tried other charging stations in the same parking lot, tried a level 2, tried my level 1 portable charger on a regular socket, and nothing. Don’t think you have to do that if you own a Chevy Volt. We need more articles like this that truly sing the praises of the Volt and demonstrate why it was designed and how it can be driven to significantly reduce your gasoline simply by plugging it in when you get home. They are supposed to be fully charged when shipped, but one may have slipped through the crack or was a defective battery.

I was surprised to see an alert telling me a comment was posted 2 years after this article was written. I only charge at home and if I have to drive a long way in one day, I will use some gasoline. I drove it home from dealer (30 miles) and round trip to work (60 miles). Yep, at a Chevy dealership in the desert, got me for $420 with parts, labor, diagnostics, etc.

Seems to be working fine.


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