catia drafting counterbore

In this particular case, double-click the front view.

Positioning the auxiliary view callout amounts to defining the auxiliary view direction. On Views: A generative view results from specifications in a 3D document. The geometric tolerance will be displayed just below the element you selected. Click the Not Generated option , constraint is automatically excluded and the dimension will. The non-active views are framed in blue. Click the New Sheet icon from the Drawing toolbar. Click OK. The Update icon is active in the Update toolbar when a sheet (or drawing) contains views that need to be updated (this can be all views in the sheet or some of them only). Analysis Display Mode: Colors can be customized with the Activate analysis display mode option.

Click on sheet to place front view. In this particular case, all the links that exist between the CATPart document and the CATDrawing document will be resolved, as you will choose to load the referenced document.

For modifying the detail and section callout, you will go through some kind of a sub-workbench and modify the existing callout geometry, reverse the callout direction or replace the callout. Click OK.

Snapping will be performed when the Activate Snapping box is checked, taking into account the option selected in the Activate snapping dialog box Move: Select Activate Snapping to activate snapping. The Text Properties toolbar is displayed. In this particular case, we create a detail view using a sketched profile as we create this detail view from an oblong part.

This task shows you how to create a text with a leader either in the free space or associated with an element. Click to position the auxiliary view. Many objects are of such shape that their principal faces cannot always be assumed parallel to the regular planes of projection.

In this case, right-click the detail view. Press OK. Sign up to get our latest exclusive updates, deals, offers and promotions. These two types of colorscorrespond to colors illustrating: Graphical properties-Colors that can be modified. A breakout view is one not in direct projection from the view containing the cutting profile.

; Hole Bottom. Powered by. Click to position the left view. Click the point on the element you want the leader to begin (arrow end). Double-click the callout to be modified. Choose the View tab. If you don't receive the email within an hour (and you've checked your Spam folder), email us as the New icon from the Standard toolbar or select File -> New… from the menu bar. Double-click to end the cutting profile creation. Enter the text in the Text Editor dialog box or directly on the drawing. This section discusses how to quickly access and edit information on 2D geometry, dress-up elements, annotations and dimensions in a single dialog box, provided you use the Edit->Properties contextual command. Right-click the pattern to be modified. The geometry is fixed and cannot be moved from its geometrical support.

Select the views you want to be automatically created on your drawing from the New Drawing Creation dialog box. Step 2: Switch to drafting workbench Step 3: A new drawing wizard opens up.

Choose the appropriate option. Select the Drafting. Click OK. Click ok to validate the creation. If you click the other color of the elements switch button, the following dialog box appears. From the contextual menu, select Selected objects -> isolate. On the view for which the dimension are generated. The selected edge becomes a line that you can position where desired using the cursor.

Red zones appear. You can update all views or a selection of views.

This task will show you how to create projection views on the sheet, relatively to the front view. You can customize given options when creating views or when adding sheets. will click the Detail View Profile icon .

Double click to end the cutting profile creation. You can now modify your CATPart choosing not to update the related CATDrawing document. You can set text properties either before. b) Editing 2D Geometry Graphic &Feature Properties. Enter values in the desired field(s).

Dress up: Hidden lines, Center line, 3D spec, Axis, Thread, 3D Wireframe, 3D Colors, Fillets, 3DPoints. The default scale is 2 (twice the scale of the active view).

Click the Front View icon from the Views toolbar.

It is not sufficient to state 'COUNTERBORE FOR M10 RD HD SCREW', since obviously the head of the screw will fit into any counterbore which is larger than the head. Specify the tolerance type by clicking the Tolerance Symbol button and selecting the appropriate symbol. The geometry default weld symbol automatically appears on the drawing. The Datum Feature Creation dialog box is displayed with A as default value (incremental value).

You can, perform an update.

The line width corresponds to 5 times a string height. Select the desired view configuration from the View Wizard. The Display option allows displaying the grid in your session. Click OK when you’re done. Creating an auxiliary view allows showing the true shapes by assuming a direction of sight perpendicular to planes that are perpendicular of the curves. 0.

View Name: Allows you to modify the name of the view. Find how to make a thread hole in CATIA V5 and how to make a drafting representation of a threaded hole in Drafting module.

In the Properties dialog box that appears, click the Font tab. want to update and choosing Update Selection from the contextual menu.

To modify the contents of the Bill of Material and display given properties, go to Product Structure workbench, select from the menu bar: Analyze->Bill of Material ->Listing Report. 7.9 Creating an Aligned Section View / Cut, This task will show you how to create an aligned section view and/or aligned section cut using a cutting profile as cutting plane.

The geometrical tolerance is created. Select the Tools->Options command. Click the, Drawing window, and click the Isometric View icon from the Views toolbar (Projections 86. subtoolbar). This Bill of Material corresponds to information on the product element which the views were generated from.

Make sure the symbols are not broken which would means that links between the CATPart and the projection views are unresolved. If needed, modify the roughness symbol position by dragging it to the required location. It contains the following sets of options: Annotation Creation: Select the items you want to snap: text and/or leader. With the help... How to Hide or Show any component in CATIA V5? Profile View icon . This element is used as positioning reference.

Constraint diagnostics- Colors that represent constraint diagnostics are colors that are imposed to elements whatever the graphical properties previously assigned to these elements and in accordance with given diagnostics. Make sure the Load referenced documents option (default option) is actually checked.

For this before callout creation check this option.

7.11 Creating a Clipping View and/or a Clipping View Profile, A clipping view is a partial view that shows only what is necessary in the clear description of the object.

Iso-constrained elements: All the relevant dimensions are satisfied. Type the desired values in the upper and/or lower field(s). 7.23.2 Generating Dimensions Semi-Automatically.

Double-click the view in which you want to generate the balloons. before or after you create the roughness symbol.

Select the Properties option from the displayed contextual menu. The new sheet automatically appears. Generated dimensions are associative to the elements created from a part or an assembly.

A green dotted profile appears which allows you to position the profile either vertically or horizontally. Tree: You can display or not parameters and relations in the specification tree. Click a point in the drawing to choose the table position. Double-click to end the cutting profile creation.

Step 1: Open the model for which drafting is to be performed. The active view is the view from which other views will be generated. Click.

It means you visualize thecursor coordinates as you are drawing. Select an element. Now make a sketch and extrude it with the PAD feature.

Click OK to close the dialog box. Check the Visualization in 3D & Timeout options.

Click the Geometric Tolerance icon from the Dimensioning toolbar. Click the callout center. That tolerance is stating that the maximum variation across the entire surface can only be 0.03 inches but you can only have a maximum variation of 0.02 inches within a 0.75 inch square area.

previously generated. you create the text. corresponding to the part to be broken from the view extremities. Counterbored Hole Feature in CATIA V5: Hole Feature is used to create a hole on the surface of a structure whereas Counter bored Hole feature is used to create a hole in two is the top region and the other is bottom region.

At creation, views are by default linked to the parent view.

Make sure the specification tree actually appears. If all of the detection options are unchecked, the Create detected constraints option is not available.SmartPick: (switch button) As you create more and more elements, Smart Pick detects multiple directions and positions, and more and more relationships with existing elements.

This will apply to the annotations selected in the Annotation Creation area.

7.19 Adding a Generative Bill of Material. The number of the balloon corresponds to the number of the subproduct created in the product which the views were generated from. Breakout View icon from the Views toolbar (Break View sub toolbar). To deactivate snapping when creating or moving annotations, press the shift key.


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