carol woods sectioned

The land was seized illegally, all 134 acres of it. The use of my dead mother has its motive so I record the why and wherefore here for all agencies and each time the Lancashire Gestapo use my dead mother again I will send this out. 21st Friday, day 3 PATRICIA ALLEN for LCC couldn’t read her statement, she is only semi-literate, perjury proven and witnessed by one member of the public who’d walked in and was told to leave by Russell. ( Log Out /  On 15th Dec 2000 when I was employed as a social worker for Lancashire County Council (LCC) I attended a meeting of staff, clients, their families etc, subject: home closures on a site known as Fylde Comunity School near Blackpool, Lancs. The combined power of many speaking out will indeed make a change. Looking Closer At The Sudden Deaths of Several Holistic Doctors & the GcMAF/Nagalase & Cancer/Autism & Vaccine Connections, Clandestine “Classified” Human Subject Experimentation using EMF Radiation/Sonic/Ultrasonic Neuroweaponry. Thirty Percent of Americans in a Cross-USA Study Found to be RFID-Chipped. And that is the history of everything they do now. Trust Board Members:, Report this hospital to the Care Quality Commission:, John Paterson, Citizen Journalist, Ex-Navy Military Veteran, & Child Abuse/Killings/ Pedophilia Whistleblower Wrongfully Incarcerated to Shut Down Exposés of Prominent Persons & Police, MP, Govt.

Reblogged this on The Killing of Ambrose Garfield Gene Ball Missing 24/1/2015. Ms Woolley said I would have 3 days to read my statement and cross reference facts to related documents throughout. Peter Beaumont’s entry to be linked. Pauline Oliver took ‘early retirement’ in October 2002. FOIA Request Report: Massachusetts State Police Suggests Public Safety is Upheld By Withholding Inventory of Non-Lethal Weapons Currently in Use, FOIA Request Report: CIA Unable to Confirm Informed Consent in Any Open Human Subject Programs and Research Using Directed-Energy Neuroweapons in the USA, 2015: “Targeted Individuals” are Non-Consensual Subjects in Criminal, Clandestine, Classified “Top Secret” MKULTRA-Extended Mind & Behavior Control/Torture Experimentation by Joint Military/Intel/Justice/Academic Institutions, as well as Targets of COINTELPRO and Electronic Warfare, C/overt Assaults on Pine Street, Quincy, Massachusetts with Electromagnetic/Sonic Neuroweaponry: How It’s Done, Fourth of July, 2015: Covert Civil War–& “Asymmetric” Stealth Warfare–Rages All Over the USA Today, 2015: Asymmetric Stealth Warfare Fully Operative All Across the USA Today, Paranoid Schizophrenia, Tool of the Red Terror, Makes a Comeback in Authoritarian USA & Other Western “Democracies”, Clandestine “Classified” Weapons Testing in the US, & Worldwide, Studying Global Covert Assaults with Classified Electronic Warfare Radiation and Neuro-Technologies, Magnus Olsson/ The Global Transhumanist Agenda Behind the Covert Assault of Citizens Worldwide, Marshall Thomas: Monarch, The New Phoenix Program–Army Intelligence, INSCOM, MKULTRA, COINTELPRO, Global Depopulation Genocide/United Nations Policy, Dr Millicent Black: Letter Regarding Use of Psychotronic Weapons, Dr Millicent Black: Writing Effective Affidavits, Dr Millicent Black: Court House Filings Including Unclassified Documents 1st March 2012, Dr Millicent Black: Court House Filing 2018 – Letters to Public Officials, Dr Millicent Black: Letter to PD, Government, and DA, 2018, Dr Millicent Black: Fitbit Report on Sleep Stages under SERE Torture, Dr Millicent Black: Heart Rate Reports under SERE Torture, Dr Millicent Black: Certified Mailing and Proof of Delivery, Dr Millicent Black: Photos of SERE Torture & Physical Abuse, Dr Millicent Black: Temporary Order of Protection Paperwork, Dr Millicent Black: Salim et al., vs Mitchell & Jessen Torture Complaint, Dr Millicent Black: Letter from Rumsfeld to President Bush – “Lynndie England – Torture Murder of a Detainee 2005”, Cassandra, Citizen Journalist – Contents Page, CIA Extraordinary Rendition Victim: Khaled El-Masri’s Statement, Free PDF books/articles/reports to download for further research, On International Day in Support of Victims of Torture 26 June 2019: The Continued DEADLY Silence of Journalists on Electronic Warfare used for Torture, Mind Control, and Bio-Hacking and Tracking of Knowingly Innocent Civilians in Western Democratic Countries and Worldwide, Tortured: “When Good Soldiers Do Bad Things” versus “Murder-For-Profit Club” Coined by NSA Whistle Blower Karen Melton-Stewart, Strictly Secret: A Shocking Story of Intellectual Property Theft, a High Court Landmark Victory, The Vexatious Pursuit To Scrub Court Records, and a Public Cover-Up to Defame and Gas Light Charles Seven, Welcome to the Gulag Created by Crooked Intelligence Agencies, Crooked US Military, and Crooked Fusion Centers, Investigative Reporter Statement by Ramola D for Frederic Laroche, Flyers for Public Education On Surveillance Fraud: Extrajudicial Targeting, Gangstalking, State (FBI/DHS/Fusion Center) Terrorism, Illicit (DOD/CIA) Human Experimentation, Extrajudicial Targeting Technologies (Weapons Use/Tests/Abuse) — Biometric Surveillance, Non Lethal Weapons, Neuroweapons, Affidavits, Letters of Validation and Support, & Legislation Efforts Attesting to Ongoing Non-Consensual Experimentation & DEW Use on Civilians, Important Notices for TIs, Journalists, Human Rights Advocates, RAMOLA D: STATEMENT ON MY JOURNALISM | Post Slander, Documentary Evidence of Covert Electronic-Weapon and Neurotechnology Use By US Government on Americans Series (2) The Limited Effects Technology (LET) Program Report | JPSG, OOTW/LE Programs, 1996, Directors of the Cheshire and Wirral Partnership Trusts,, Don’t mention the casino (or the child abuse),,,,, UK Descends Into Gulag As Prominent Child Abuse Whistleblowers & Advocates are Sectioned & Jailed on Mental Health Frauds; Hospital CEOs, Boards of Governors, Doctors, Police, and Ministers Must Be Held Accountable — The EveryDay Concerned Citiz, Once Again, A Memo to President Trump: Massive Surveillance State Abuses | Treason on the Ground, in the USA: Public-Private Partners in Targeted Killing of Americans |, Memorandum to President Donald J. Trump on Domestic US Torture Programs Running Under Cover of Surveillance |, Community Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity/Patriot Act Crimes, World Notice: Notice of Crimes Against Humanity Using Energy & Neuro/Bio Weapons, Public Notice: The Remote Access of Human Beings is a Crime Against Humanity, PUBLIC NOTICE & DECLARATION OF NON-CONSENT, Protection Rackets & Containment Operations: Libel, Slander, False-Narratives, False-Reality-Constructs, Smear Campaigns & Serious Defamation, Effects of Media Pretence and Lies/Fourth of July Thread, Suzie Dawson and #Unity4J: Legitimate Questions, Unrevealed Allegiances, and the Public Media Ignoring of Deadly EMF/Neuro DEW Targeting, Failure-To-Report-Crime & False-Reality-Construct | #Media POPPCon | 60 Minutes/CBS/Sep 1, 2019, Failure-To-Report-Crime | The Chicago Sun-Times Debacle: Neil Steinberg, Ella Free, David LaPorte, Ph.D, Subscribe to support Ramola D Reports at Patreon, The Restoration of the United States of America—Commander-in-Chief, Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould has the Title 4 Flag, BREAKING: Gemma O'Doherty Reports that Ireland Dept of Health Concedes SARS-COV-2 Virus Not Isolated, "No Information," Meaning, It's Not a Real Pandemic, Breaking News: :Russell-Jay: Gould Announces He is Coming Forward as Postmaster-General-of-the-World, Commander-in-Chief, & Chief-Judge-of-the-Supreme-Court, in Correctness, This 2020 Election, BREAKING: Major Investigative Report by Association of French Reserve Army Officers Finds COVID-19 "Pandemic" to Have a Hidden Agenda for Global Totalitarianism, Nanotech Chipping of All, 5G Irradiation, & Genocide, How to Detox/Get Rid of the Nanotechnology From Chem Trails in Your Body & Cleanse Your Pineal Gland, CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training and Simulation Exercise” under WHO, Treasonously Agreed to by 196 Countries, New Global-Quantum-Banking-Construct with Postmaster-General-of-the-World :Russell-Jay: Gould Offers Way Forward for Freedom from Fascist Govt. :Andrew: Devine who was given Power of Attorney by Carol and has documented evidence Carol’s report on tribunal, October 18th John Paterson to deliver documents re Carol Woods, Carol Woods talks to Andy Devine October 30, Andy Devine reads the report from Carol Woods, Dec 18 Market Sq Lancaster Laura speaks out. Tel: 01524 64258 More on Carol’s house, Cherrytrees with Carol’s daughter Ashley: Carol has been released from The Orchard on Friday 20th March 2020 a week after she had an interview with someone from CQC. I was dismissed on 10 August 2001 by ARMSTRONG over the telephone and she told me not go in anymore. No witnesses for LCC had ever seen their statements before reading them out. this is what they do to shut you up – it happened to so many who spoke out – they section them in asylums, as happened to the now disappeared Patrick Cullinane, and 6 times Carol Woods was sectioned in closed mental units before finally freed – sectioned for nothing other than to … I asked my GP to sign me as fit to work and returned to Greenbank Street. I finally surrendered my post at the end of Aug 01 after being bullied etc for 8 months by management intent on forcing me out on instruction from HQ Preston. GRIFFITHS leapt to her feet as soon as she could, her gibberish spilled out. November 2002 and MET forced me to another directions hearing at the request of LCC. Since then he has been calling the police about Carol’s case. The Carol Woods community offers many opportunities for residents to create a lifestyle that is engaging and meaningful. The opposite happened. I informed all that Armstrong had no contractual right to dismiss me, had offered me no feedback after her ludicrous ‘interview’ of 10 Aug 01, any one of the abuses I suffered at the hands of those inept, stupid people would have won me a tribunal claim. He will not deny it.

I formally complained to Leahy and the Acting Regional Chairman, BRIAN DOYLE remaining ignored until I submitted appeal papers against the document produced by Leahy. I requested a DJD numerous times but remained ignored. Peter Russell also recorded that LCC had not destroyed my GP notes and that my PID was of no interest to the public, neither was the altering of children’s files or the committee meeting minutes. LCC had told him that they would not submit documents if he was to send them to me. The police are no use, they’re part of the plan, The dregs of the “upright, decent and proper”. ( Log Out /  The “Neutralizing” of US Dissent With Neuroweaponry: Open Letter to Journalists and Human Rights Advocates and Organizations in the USA and Worldwide, We Are Awakening/Deva Premal and Miten with Manose, Peace Mantra–Om Shanti–Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu/Tina Turner and Children Beyond, A site to get info, take action, make change happen. The corruption of the Law Society in protecting those criminals will be a related entry later. Cases she brought to court and complaints she made to the Investigatory Tribunal overseeing police were met with “revision history” by Lancaster police who denied knowing her.

FALCONER replaced the Lord Irving of Lariq as Lord Chancellor link.


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