cane toad vs southern toad
Rinse your pet’s mouth with a steady stream of water (such as from a hose) for 5 to 10 minutes. Preventing the problem in the first place is ideal, so avoid leaving your pet’s food and water bowls outside, because they can attract these toads. If your pet is conscious and showing signs of being exposed to one of these toxic toads: Rinsing out your pet’s mouth quickly is crucial, especially if a cane toad is the cause. Cane Toads vs. Southern Toads. Native to parts of South America, Central America, and southern Texas, these amphibians were initially introduced to Florida to protect sugar cane crops from agricultural pests. Remove places where cane toads or their prey can hide or seek shelter: Remove food that can attract cane toads and their prey: What should I do if I come into contact with a cane toad? What should I do if my pet bites or swallows a cane toad? The glands secrete a potent milky-white toxin (bufotoxin) as defense against predators including domestic pets. See the difference here. Note: The FWC does not rehome wild-caught nonnative wildlife. Cane toads are omnivores and eat a variety of vegetation, insects, small birds, other toads or frogs, lizards, small mammals, and snakes. Sand intrusion has created a beach that is blocking boats and threatening to drive out the landmark Hubbard’s Marina and other businesses. Florida voters will consider six amendments to the state constitution when they go to the polls next month. Cut your grass regularly and keep it short, Bring outdoor pet food and water bowls indoors at night, Clean up any food scraps from pet bowls or outside tables and grills. Cane toads generally range in size from 6 to 9 inches in length. Also known as marine, giant, or bufo toads, cane toads are large toads ranging in size from about 6 to 9 inches fully grown. Each proposal requires at least 60% approval by voters. In Florida, cane toads are found in urban, suburban and agricultural areas. However, if you spot the toad and can snap a photo (or ask someone else to get one), that can help with identifying whether the toad is indeed a cane toad or a less toxic species. If there are no ridges then it could be a cane toad. The skin secretions may irritate the skin or burn the eyes of people who handle them. Cane toads are also much larger than southern toads, which only grow to about 1.5 to 3 inches (sometimes a bit larger). Because cane toads aren’t seen as frequently in our area, they may pose more of a danger if they’re mistaken for native southern toads, which are less toxic and generally don’t cause serious symptoms in pets. Cane toads are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty law and can be removed from private property year-round with landowner permission. Without proper treatment, a pet who bites or eats a cane toad can die within 15 minutes! Always wear latex, rubber or nitrile gloves to safely handle cane toads. You can tell a cane toad from its smaller relative, the native southern toad, by the glands on the side of its head the lack of crests on top of its head. Yes.

Use a washcloth or dish towel to help wipe away any remaining toxins from your pet’s tongue and gums. Signup for our email club for pet information, news and the latest products and services. If you find a toad larger than three inches then it is most likely the cane toad.

Dr. Steve Johnson, UF IFAS Wildlife Ecologist, shows how to identify the Cane or "Bufo" toad, an invasive toad invading Florida backyards and threatening Florida's pets. The skin-gland secretions of cane toads (called bufotoxin) are highly toxic and can sicken or even kill animals that bite or feed on them, including native animals and domestic pets. Viewpoints@FloridaTrend, Florida Trend Media Company490 1st Ave SSt Petersburg, FL 33701727.821.5800. What if I have a pet cane toad I can no longer care for? You also agree to our privacy policy. Cane toad eggs are also toxic to pets and other animals. Cane toads are not protected in Florida except by anti-cruelty law and can be removed from private property year-round with landowner permission. Call 904-337-0076 (Westside) or 904-694-0541 (Beaches) | 904-566-9646 (Mobile), An invasive species of toad found in Florida can sicken and quickly kill pets who bite, chew, or swallow them. Cane toads were first introduced into Florida to control agricultural pests in sugar cane in the 1930s and 40s. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has additional recommendations to help discourage cane toads from taking up residence on your property and advice on how to dispose of any cane toads that you find. Captured cane toads may not be relocated and released. Make sure you direct the water from the back of your pet’s mouth toward the muzzle, not down your pet’s throat. All rights reserved. Cane toads also potentially compete with native frogs and toads for food and breeding areas. Can I remove cane toads from my property? Cane toads have big triangular glands behind their eyes and don’t have any crests or ridges on their heads, unlike southern toads. Because cane toads aren’t seen as frequently in our area, they may pose more of a danger if they’re mistaken for native southern toads, which are less toxic and generally don’t cause serious symptoms in pets. Unlike native southern toads, cane toads do not have ridges or "crests" on top of the head. They can be confused with the native southern toad, however, adult cane toads are much larger than adult southern toads which only grow to a maximum of approximately 3 to 4 inches. Visit for a map of credible cane toad sightings. Never leave pet food outside to avoid attracting cane toads and other animals. Cane toads are reddish-brown to grayish-brown with a light-yellow or beige belly and can be uniform in color or have darker markings around the body. Cane toads do not have ridges across the head, as seen in the southern toad. Cane toads are currently found in central and south Florida, generally south of the I-4 corridor. UF says any frog longer than 4 inches that's found in Florida is probably a cane toad. The cane toad, which can be found year-round in the state, is spotted more often in central and southern Florida, but one has even been reported as far north as, Because cane toads aren’t seen as frequently in our area, they may pose more of a danger if they’re mistaken for.

The cane toad (also known as the bufo, giant or marine toad) is a large, nonnative amphibian that has been introduced into Florida. Be sure to look at the head and see if there are any ridges. Cane toads are commonly found in yards, around buildings or near canals and ponds. The FWC encourages landowners to kill cane toads on their own property whenever possible. They have large glands located behind the eyes that secrete bufotoxin, a milky toxin that helps protect the toads against predators. Wipe gums/tongue with dish towel to remove toxins. It is believed that current populations are the result of pet trade escapes and releases in the 1950s and 60s. After rinsing out your pet’s mouth, drive your pet to the closest, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has, Tips on How to Help your Pet Overcome Separation Anxiety, Vets Warn About Pet Hazards Around the House and Yard, Emmitt’s Auto Repair 3150 US 17 Green Cove Springs, Winn Dixie 1339 Blanding Blvd Orange Park, Bassil’s Pizza & Subs 6251 Argyle Forest Blvd Jax.

Although many toads are mildly toxic if bitten or eaten by pets, symptoms tend to be limited to foaming at the mouth, excessive drooling, pawing at the mouth, and possibly vomiting. Symptoms may include frantic or disoriented behavior, brick red gums, seizures, and foaming at the mouth.

License to Possess Class III Wildlife for Exhibition or Public Sale, UF Wildlife Extension cane toad information, Video: Cane Toads - How to Identify This Invasive Pest, Video: The Cane or "Bufo" Toad - An Invasive Impact on Florida Pets, Video: Cane Toads - Capture and Humane Euthanasia of This Invasive Pest, Special offer: Subscribe - get a FREE gift, Business Florida: Your 2021 Florida opportunity guide, Florida's vote count already close to matching 2016 total as early voting comes to a close, Norwegian Cruise Line, sister lines cancel all sailings through 2020, New Amazon facility at AllianceFlorida could create 260 jobs, As John’s Pass fills with sand, there’s a bureaucratic tangle on who should fix it, Florida Ballot Measures - 2020 Constitutional Amendments (4-6). Cane toads release a milky toxin that can stick in a pet’s mouth. They are reddish- or grayish-brown with a beige or light yellow belly. They can be confused with the native southern toad, however, adult cane toads are much larger than adult southern toads … Escaped or released pets remain a primary source of introduced species in Florida, and it is illegal to introduce nonnative species into the state.


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