can i put my hamster cage in my closet
I’ve promised I’ll let them adopt as many as three Syrian hamsters from a local rescue. Let’s face it; hamsters are tiny, and a cat or dog will look like Godzilla to them. One invisible danger is a fireplace or furnace, which may emit tiny bursts of carbon monoxide now and then. As a result, you shouldn’t think of putting your hamster’s cage near an air conditioner or air conditioning vent either. If anything, the cage being in your room will keep you on your toes as an owner. But I’ll need to make a case to my children for putting all three cages in one room that’s not theirs, so I’m hoping you can back me up. Nothing good comes out of any of these scenarios. It can cause serious health issues for the hamster itself. Why Do Hamsters Die? Hamsters would benefit from being in a room in which, in the evening, the lights are turned off at approximately the same time every day. The location of the cage is a crucial piece to creating a habitat where a hamster can thrive. But there are some things you should keep in mind before deciding on your bedroom being your hamster’s home. By placing them where you spend your evenings you’ll begin to establish a waking and playing pattern that will be truer to the Syrian’s natural habits. Hamsters can get a bit grumpy and irritated if they don’t get enough sleep, so it’s a good idea to put the cage in a part of your house that’s relatively quiet. Well, ultrasonic refers to sounds that have frequencies above the audible levels of humans: meaning we can’t hear them. But hamsters have incredible hearing, which can detect ultrasonic sounds and can be quite irritating for them.

I also think it’s a better environment for them in general. They have the abilitiy to slip through the tiniest of openings! Decide where to put the cage. Number: 5028498 Until they know they’re surrounded by benevolent creatures and they needn’t defend themselves, try not to introduce that apprehension.

What should my general guidelines be for cage placement? For the first week or so I recommend keeping your own sounds, and light surrounding the cages as well, in slightly “dimmed” mode. ), Your Other Pets’ Ability to Access the Room. Complete Guide to Hamster Wheels and Spinners, How To Choose The Best Cage For Your Hamster, The Complete Guide to Hamster Wheels and Spinners, Top 8 Dwarf Hamster Cages (That could make your hammy very happy!). At the same time, a young hamster that’s been living in a pet shop (and some rescues) will be coming from a world the atmosphere of which was a chaotic storm of scents, not just from other hamsters but from all sorts of animals, and therefore a world in which the young hamster has always had to be on guard. It simple really; a hamster that’s well rested will be more open to being sociable. There is a window for natural light, the temperature is controlled, and we close the room door most of the time so the cats cannot get in.

Can Hamsters Live Together in the Same Cage? No matter the area you put the cage into its smell should be your primary concern. It’s in everyone’s best interest to keep your other pets away from your hamster. Acclimation may take as long as two weeks, no matter what. How Long Can You Keep a Hamster in a Ball? Once they’re fully at ease in their new home (and you’ll know, because they’ll become very indifferent to everyday activity, and yet frequently seek human interaction — sticking their bellies up to the bars for a quick tickle, and doing all sorts of other irresistible things), they can take the cages into their rooms from time to time if that’s something they want to do. It can cause serious health issues for the hamster itself. An example of somewhere that isn’t an appropriate place would be a hallway or a garage. After all, the unpleasant smells an unkempt cage emits will now affect your life as well. I mean, a cage without proper upkeep can get downright revolting. A hamster chewing metal bars at night will make the cage rattle, which will ensure you don’t get any sleep. Your hamster’s overall activity level will too, and you’ll be able to hear them. One of the worst places for your hamster is the conservatory, as these rooms can get very hot very quickly. You may recall this from your own experience. I know my kids, and I know there’ll be rivalry about who cares for them. Thanks so much for all the great advice you’ve given us so far! You might see them have a drastic shift in personality if they’re always in the presence of a cat or dog. It may not be severe enough to be noticeable or a danger to fully grown humans, but due to the hamster’s outstanding olfactory sense and sensitive respiratory system, it may present a hazard. But most of all, I’ve come to learn that hamster people are hamster people for life. I’ve … I mean, a cage without proper upkeep can get downright revolting. Your other pets might not have any bad intentions, but a large animal staring inside their cage will freak your hamster out. A quiet atmosphere within these times will help ensure your hamster doesn’t become grumpy. I’m really grateful for your columns, because as a teenager I kept hamsters and could never find enough reliable information on how to care for them, certainly not in one place.

For the first week now we have put our new hamster in our spare bathroom, on a stand, in the tub, with the tub doors open. For some reason I’ve observed that the presence of dogs can be slightly unnerving to hamsters until they’re settled (one would think cats would pose the greater threat, but in my experience they’re less perturbed by them). Birds are the natural enemy of all rodents, and so you looming above them sends a difficult message to overcome. Featured Image: Via digital_image_fan/Flickr, Copyright © 2020 Chewy, Inc. Finding the perfect spot is the first step in creating a nurturing environment for your little fur ball. This classification means they tend to be active in the hours of dusk and dawn (twilight). But again, make sure you keep the lights off or on during the same portions of each day; this will allow your hamster to adjust their sleep schedules around the room’s lighting. Your hamster will be sleeping for most of the day, and, they’ll be woken if there’s a lot of noise. When you’re deciding where to place your hamster’s home, there are some important things to keep in mind: Your hamster will be sleeping for most of the day, and, they’ll be woken if there’s a lot of noise. So I strongly recommend putting the cages at a height where they’re directly visible to you, rather than beneath your gaze. With all the factors laid out above, there’s one question that’ll naturally pop into your head: should I keep my hamster in my bedroom? Glad to help! Good luck! If you’re set on keeping your hamster inside our bedroom, there’s a way to minimize the noise level. I’m writing now because my own children want hamsters (I guess I’ve inspired them), and I’m using your columns as my guide. I've checked to see if he's got wet tail but he has no sypthams he's still eating,drinking but he comes out sometimes with one wet eye but it's gone now. If you do have other pets in the house, it would be best to assess the general flow of air and traffic, and try keep the hamsters upstream or completely isolated from where those other pets mainly stay, for instance where a dog’s bed or food are placed. Ultrasound also emanates from pipes, so places near dishwashers or taps can be very stressful. Hamsters can get over or under-heated quite easily. This is another good case for the family room. A room with the following conditions should be the perfect location for your hamster’s cage: Each of these factors is vital in creating a nurturing environment for your hamster. They can even be emitted from your house’s pipes, which means you should keep their cage away dishwashers and taps as well. I mean, I wouldn’t be too thrilled to run around a hamster wheel with only having about two hours of sleep either. There’s something that’s come up that I don’t think you’ve talked about. It also lessens the risk of your hamster keeping you up through whining.

They may even freeze if you live in a climate that has a harsh winter. It might be soothing for some of you, but others it could be somewhat frustrating. It’s best to let them be and let them open up at their own pace. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. But things like fireplaces, radiators or any room that’s damp/humid such could cause significant issues too. And you might find these interesting as well –, The Complete Hamster Cage Maintenance Guide. A glass tank works great for a hamster cage....just make sure it has a screen top.

Either situation would do quite nicely as your hamster’s new home. Ultrasonic sounds can be emitted from household electronics items such as computers or televisions. am I worrying for nothing? It could be increasing detrimental to their sleeping schedules, especially, during the day.

Both of these scenarios can cause a heap of issues you don’t want to deal with as a hamster owner. Do not put your hamster cage in a basement either. Keep them away from ultrasound Company Reg.

General advice on cage-positioning centres around keeping these little animals out of direct sunlight, a good distance apart from any fireplaces or radiators, away from bathrooms, and clear of areas that are draughty, damp or near air conditioning. How Often Should You Clean a Hamster’s Cage? I don't know sometimes he's rubbing his self on the bars and stratching? I’d recommend thinking about the type of sleeper you are and whether you can tolerate this kind of disruption. In the wild, hamsters are prey to a lot of different creatures, and cats and dogs are likely to terrify these little animals even if they just want to play with your little hamster.

While it can be quiet and dark they can also become very cold, especially in the winter. Keep your cat or your dog far away from the hamster’s cage (and away from your hamster when it’s outside of its home). These issues obviously mean you must keep these little creatures away from windows and direct sunlight. It’s a foregone conclusion that becomes more of a significant issue for people who keep them inside their bedrooms. No matter the area you put the cage into its smell should be your primary concern. I’ve told them that Syrians must each have their own cage, and they’re saying they’ll keep one cage each in their bedroom and place one in the family room. So please, offer them a chew toy such as a branch, hard treat, or a chewing toy designed for a hamster. I assume the family room is a place you all gather to read, watch TV, and so on. If you have a Qute hamster cage, then this won’t be a problem, as it’s a freestanding unit that doesn’t require a table or a support. I’m confident that you’re now ready to make sure your hamster’s cage ends up becoming a happy, nurturing environment! Whether your bedroom’s the perfect place for your hamster’s cage or not; you should be able to find an acceptable location with all the information from this article.


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