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RIVERA: But is it true that your brain is really being traceably altered by smartphones?

WATTERS: It's five o'clock in New York City. Here comes "The Five.". And he's also, he's such an oversized personality that he blocks out the sun. And I know you'll be all over it tomorrow as well, with the Nevada caucuses tomorrow 10 a.m. to noon Eastern Time. I mean, in today's point of view for its depiction n of slavery in the old south, what do you think? One of them, Bauer.

Because in 20 minutes when he wakes up, the caffeine hits. RIVERA: And big -- that too. RIVERA: Well, they rated, it rated when Bloomberg stepped up because he has --.

Watch this amazing leaping abilities of the jumping bush baby. Are they going to call him racist then?

WATTERS: All right. WATTERS: I have these cowboy boots that we got when we went to Nashville. Here is what she said today on Twitter.

They're claiming that POTUS is mad because he, quote, "can't read the movie subtitles" which is a pretty good line. Look how close he's getting. GUTFELD: "Casablanca" is obviously racist, Geraldo. NAVARRO Let's bring back the Civil War. So anyway. GUTFELD: Yes, exactly.

President Trump brutally mocks Democratic presidential candidates during rally.

In the past, Tammy tied the knot to Brian Williams. Their ratings are down, and they need to plug these bombshells because that's all they have. Wouldn't that be? WATTERS: -- (Inaudible) who was in campaign, they actually warned him. You know, it's so classic, it's so -- it's slander. I got to go to Geraldo first because there's like 30 parts. RIVERA: Why do you hate it? Everybody should see what the proof is.

addict, but at least with the phone, I might be addicted to it, but at least I'm moving around and I don't have a backside as wide as a truck. By doing this they are reminding the electorate and the viewers of the failure from before.

BRUCE: You've all noted this to some degrees, that they want to now explain their failure in November.

Biden is angry, everything is anger. You know what this is?

Do the crime, do the time. So now we have this information that tech is changing our brains. There were knives. We do the golf tournament every year with these.

They're not good at anything else. Dagen McDowell.

I was a juggler at the carnival. WATTERS: Oh, you're a narcissist, aren't you?

I don't know how long --.

She climbed up on that.

BRUCE: She should get 10 points for that. Now I think that President Trump is behind the wheel of the pickup for so many hours a week. RIVERA: Well, there are many, many parts.

"Gone with the Wind" is a classic. And we're like, yes, sure, whatever.

And he is right when he says that bad for him CNN would be out of business, the New York Times would be a failing newspaper.

GUTFELD: We never act on it.

You can't like -- I can't like put it in the garbage.

I mean, 1939 some considered racist. And I think that, you know, and he also has the charisma there, it's unmistakable.

BRUCE: And there was the same kind of concern, Dagen, when it was like a T.V. GUTFELD: I don't -- I feel bad. Good night. Atlanta’ star Tammy Rivera recently proved how devoted to her family she is after sharing a photo of her mother and mother in law to celebrate their day. We're going to react live to the Nevada caucus results, and we have Blago, and he's dishing on what he knows about Barack Obama and what he knew about the selling of the Senate seat.

The T-Rivera website claims, "The swimwear line features all sizes for women taking a fashion forward approach. Next to her own image was one of Charlie who showed off her style in bedazzled jeans, a crop top and stomach chain. It's like - - it's like the black hole from the old days. “WOW I THOUGHT BOTH WAS CHARLIE❤️,” commented a third stunned follower. March 2020, WETV aired "Waka & Tammy: What The Flocka"[9], as a look into the marriage dynamic between the pop singer & rap star husband Waka Flocka. It's not going to be her.

Market data provided by Factset.

All right.

You know, I got to say show I was looking at --. You saw a sense of the Democrats realization that this wasn't locked, impulsiveness, or Russian bots that elected him. He drinks a double espresso and then goes to sleep immediately.

Losers I can see making an excuse after you lose, but now they are making excuses before they lost and that's pathetic. That this is a unique skill set that only he possesses and that they can't be. if you like --. It's like T.V. But when it comes to "Parasite," their studio is firing back at the president.

GUTFELD: I don't see -- I don't see any connection to what you just said to liking "Gone with the Wind."

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Do the nod. WATTERS: I think it's partly what you've said too, Greg. Rivera was born in Los Angeles California, where she lived until the age of 8, at which time Tammy's mother relocated the broken family to Baltimore, Maryland after her father, Oscar Rivera, was sentenced to 30 years in prison. You may not alter or remove any trademark, copyright or other notice from copies of the content.

Look at that. Come on. The 34-year-old singer and reality TV star posted a throwback image of herself at 15 looking very early 2000s, rocking a crop top, extra large gold hoops, a polka-dot skirt, and one heck of a bang. GUTFELD: Also the Tranxene is still there. All right, Tammy. Animals are great. GUTFELD: They were sent to me. WATTERS: Yes, on a steakhouse across the street.

They take up so much room in the closet.

They want to be like someone else, that has been the ultimate fraud.

First of all, take a look at this.

I don't know what that means. As the child of famous parents, Charlie’s aware of how people can react to them and, by extension, her — but she isn’t a fan of all the attention. Trump's approval numbers are now the highest they've been, the highest according to Gallup so with independents, that we've been the highest now and the U.S. satisfaction about the state of the U.S., it's the highest since 2005.

WATTERS: All right, yes, a little bit. WATTERS: I don't know.

You prove your point. They would probably vote to outlaw the military. Tammy Rivera had fans seeing double when she shared side-by-side pictures comparing herself and her daughter Charlie, both at the age of 15.

Trump turns up the heat on 2020 rivals as he fires up supporters in Las Vegas; reaction on 'The Five.'. MCDOWELL: Because every movie about southerners nobody actually sounds like they're from the day on south. Whoa, I'm going to kill you. They look at the collusion and the obstruction.

I hope you're taking a car. UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Let's get "Birth of a Nation" back up in there because --, UNIDENTIFIED MALE: -- we'll have enough of that kind of kowtowing and --. MCDOWELL: Not punching anymore because I hurt my hand one time, but kicking it with my foot. BRUCE: Alrighty. You know, everyone was pulling me in these directions, you know, how much can I give? WATTERS: Yes. Right.

He had GG Allin on his show.

RIVERA: I wonder if they believe it. Cass, what personality trait of yours has gotten you in the most trouble? WATTERS: Well, it's Russia. Look at the size of that sucker.

MCDOWELL: I just love watching people fall. Listen to this. GUTFELD: It's one of the greatest shows ever but the British office. What if he said like Django Unchained or like Do the Right Thing? MCDOWELL: You defend yourself by taking a screenshot of your checking account balance. MCDOWELL: No, seven hours, seven hours is the optimal time for a nap. But I'm sorry, whenever I see him, I just see Jim from the office.

"Putin's puppet is at it again. Now let's do this. By the way, he is the worst racist ever.

Bear in the streets in Monrovia, California. A Gallup poll says that only 1 percent of Americans care about election integrity, and 0.5 percent of Americans are concerned about the Russians. MCDOWELL: I wanted -- I wanted the President to go after Brad Pitt basically divorcing two of the hottest women ever to walk in planet earth.

Marian V. has this question. WATTERS: OK, Greg, Slow it down. RIVERA: And you know, in New York, there would be a vote outlaw the military.

WATTERS: Yes, and the Chicago bears. You'll lose your purse.

films that --.

It ended well. GUTFELD: That's a great analogy.

Gee. But here, the bigger story here, there is a reversal of fortune going on with the left you see insert personal politics into your personal life.

And the entire thing is caricatures about people, right?

MCDOWELL: Well, they've demanded the underlying intelligence were heard in the Republicans on the committee. BRUCE: Well, look at us.

He said I don't want to open those agreements. LAWRENCE O'DONNELL, MSNBC HOST: This is one of those shocking news days, if you retain the capacity to be shocked. BRUCE: All right, you guys, finally good news for those who love sleeping.

GUTFELD: Yes, exactly. [7], In 2015, Rivera started a swimwear line, T-Rivera.

That's an old movie. OK. You know, the big -- I don't know what they - -.

But we should sell these things on those Web sites, those apps. It's true.

I'm Jesse Watters along with Tammy Bruce, Geraldo Rivera, Dagen McDowell, and Greg Gutfeld. OK, New York Times, OK, Washington Post.


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