blue tongue skink arizona

If your reptile is one of those, try this gel food as a way to encourage eating new foods. We are based in Mesa, Arizona. Wild-collected specimens may be fussy in their diet and not particularly pleasant in disposition. These nocturnal lizards are native to the Sahelian and southern Saharan regions of northern Africa. Post them here. Similar environmental conditions should be provided in captivity. Baby Merauke Blue Tongue Skink $ 249.99. Check out our reptile and amphibian supplies here. Crickets, both dead and alive, offer very very poor nutritional value to a blue-tongue. Schedule an appointment online now and make sure your pet is as healthy as can be. For the Australian Aboriginal myth, see. As suggested by these common names, a prominent characteristic of the genus is a large blue tongue that can be bared as a bluff-warning to potential enemies.

An excellent pictorial guide to the different blue-tongue skink species is available at

Gray, J.E. Over the years we have acquired exceptional hand picked stock from the most long term and best breeders in the United States.

Take a look at our reptile pages to see what we have for sale. 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. temppora Bluey Beginner Posts: 3 Joined: Fri Jun 22, 2018 10:05 pm … The most accurate way to sex this species is by using contrast radiography to identify hemipenes, similar to what has been found in Blue Tongue Skinks and Shingleback Skinks. [3] The pygmy blue-tongue is again the exception, being primarily an ambush predator of terrestrial arthropods.

We recommend a 5.0 fluorescent UVB bulb with a 12-14 hour light cycle. Blue-tongued skinks are closely related to the genera Cyclodomorphus and Hemisphaeriodon.

All species are found on mainland Australia with the exception of Tiliqua gigas, which occurs in New Guinea and various islands of Indonesia. However, many of the Australian origin blue-tongues in the United States appear to be interspecific hybrids. Proper identification of the parasites by a veterinarian and treatment with prescription anti-parasitic medications is necessary. This species has two described subspecies, S. f. fasciatus  and S. f. melanocephalus. Your one stop for everything regarding BTS. Scincopus fasciatus. Griffith H, Ngo A, Murphy RW. We are SOOOOOO excited!

We are based in Mesa, Arizona. Russian J Herpetol 2000;7(1):1-16.Lanza, B, Corsi, M. Notes on Scincopus fasciatus (Peters) With a Description of a New Subspecies. Add to cart.

We raise Salmon Snow corn snakes, Vanishing Pattern Coral Ghost corn snakes, as well as Blood Red and Sunkissed varieties. Check out our reptile and amphibian supplies here. A water bowl should be available that is in a sturdy difficult to tip crock. The pygmy bluetongue is actually an endangered species and is legally protected.

1)         Add 1/4 cup of chopped/blended protein source (see above), 2)         Add 1/4 cup of fresh or frozen vegetables (i.e. Little data is available concerning the natural diet of Scincopus fasciatus. Peter's banded skinks require an ambient temperature of 85°F during the day and 75-80°F overnight. Blue-tongue skinks are more tolerant of lower temperatures and have lower ultraviolet-B requirements. Prevention is key. (Can you tell, it’s 1:30 in the morning!) There are 6 different species of blue-tongue skink native to Australia. Bowing of the mandibles is a sign of very advanced disease. Wild-caught imported blue-tongue skinks suffer from a variety of parasites, particularly amoebas and flagellates. They will climb rocks and thick branches but do well in cages without a lot of height. 2010; Available at: 480-275-7017744 N. Center St. Ste 101Mesa AZ 85201, 623-243-520020040 N. 19th Ave. Ste CPhoenix AZ 85027, 520-305-00554951 E. Grant Road #103Tucson AZ 85712. Australia. To schedule an appointment for your Blue-tongue skink click here. Protein source options include: Harrison’s Bird Diets High Potency Coarse Pellets, ZuPreem's Monkey Biscuits, semi-moist super premium dog or cat food (i.e. Buying? The most accurate way to sex this species is by using contrast radiography to identify hemipenes, similar to what has been found in Blue Tongue Skinks and Shingleback Skinks.

Baby blue tongues are now being born! 6)         Spread this chunky gelatin paste into a glass pan in a thin layer or place into ice cube trays, cover with a plastic wrap and refrigerate until solid, store in freezer to prolong shelf life.,, Check out our reptile and amphibian supplies here. Feed green leafy produce, legumes and other vegetables, an animal protein source, and a small amount of fruit enhancement to their salads.

480-275-7017744 N. Center St. Ste 101Mesa AZ 85201, 623-243-520020040 N. 19th Ave. Ste CPhoenix AZ 85027, 520-305-00554951 E. Grant Road #103Tucson AZ 85712. Toe and tail tip necrosis and sloughing may happen if several sheds have built up and cut off circulation. Selling?

Neonatal skinks and young skinks should be fed daily as much as they will eat. Did you know Arizona Exotics carries a complete line of products for your turtles and tortoises, geckos, iguanas and other reptiles? Their diet should consist of 50% fresh vegetables, 40% protein, and 10% fresh fruit.


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