blue glow agave problems

If you use worm humus, fertilize once or twice per period of active growth. Although they are very resistant, the land must have good water drainage because stagnation rots them quickly.

I love your article about these beautiful plants and am hoping you’re still replying to these comments all these years later. It thrives in dry, hot conditions and can withstand long periods of time without water. There are some gorgeous agaves that can rival Agave ‘Blue Glow,’ but I personally grow tired of cutting out the suckers or runners from those plants. Its leaves are broader, and its colors brighter than either parent. Just as youngsters need additional nutrients when they are growing, succulents need more nutrients than normal in their period of active growth. Almost all agaves will send out pups or suckers, which allows the plant to live on through new rosettes in your garden.

You should try to make sure that the compost you buy contains the least amount of chemical ingredients to prevent the plant from burning. It is about 4-1/2 feet tall.

I'm not sure about the ID on your agave, but I planted a little 2 or 3-leafed parryi truncata offset in a gallon size pot and it was filled in less than a year. It looks like there are pups near the base of the stalk, not the base of the plant. A striking beauty which is particularly stunning when backlit with its glowing red and golden margin. I learned a lot. This hybrid Agave plant type is one of about two hundred under the genus Agave. Flowering takes considerable plant resources, so removing the flower helps there but it doesn’t away from the fact the growing point is no more as Agaves monocarpic.


I just bought several Blue Glow and Quadricolor Agaves at a local nursery in Pensacola FL. These usually appear with high humidity, rain, or irrigation. If you want to add some organic ingredients, the best is “hummus”. Some are thriving but those with direct sun all day are yellowing for obvious reasons. Agave “Blue Glow” is a beautiful plant that reaches a height of 45 cm to 60 cm.

Join now and start creating your dream garden! Sometimes it happens. Comparatively, Agave ‘Blue Flame’ is another Agave attenuata hybrid and its genes showed up nicely in it. The center looks good and has new growth. This desirable hybrid combines some of the best qualities of its parents: broader leaves, beautiful color of Agave attenuata; smaller size, solitary habit and terminal spine of Agave ocahui. During the flowering stage, platelets begin to emerge from the agave. I water mine every 3 days in summer and every 5 in winter. I agree. It performed beautifully inside all winter and has now been back outside still in the pot sitting in the gravel garden. The attack, bite of the aphids, stop the growth and development of the plant. The agave is well established and has probably been in the ground for 7-8 years. For example, the plants that are in the ground in my garden receive the same mount of water as the palm trees sharing a sprinkler zone. However, it's rare to see agave dehydration at the end of spring because it's an end of summer kind of problem.

The largest of the agaves, mature plants range from 5 to 7 feet tall with 8- to 12-foot spreads.

Abiotic (non-living) problems Abiotic problems are not caused by living organisms. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Pregnant Onion Plant Care: Growing The Unique Ornithogalum Caudatum, How To Grow and Care For Peperomia Napoli Nights. I haven’t seen many varieties of agaves, so these are all beautiful and rare to my eyes.

Agave infections include Anthracnose, root and … While usually an easy plant to grow in rock gardens and hot, dry areas, agave can be susceptible to bacterial and fungal rots if exposed to too much moisture and humidity. I live outside Nevada City, about 2000 feet. Post #10082893. Your email address will not be published. When kept as a potted plant, the Agave Blue Glow Plant appreciates being slightly crowded. Amazing this grows for you there. Accept Just wanted to share my experience with blue glow sub freezing. But my soil is plain DG. Although agave plants are desert plants and highly drought tolerant once established, many thrive on consistent watering throughout their lives. Tips For Getting Rid Of Mealybugs on Pothos. It is a small, slow-growing, evergreen perennial succulent of the lily family that forms a solitary symmetrical rosette (does not offset) which matures over time to 1-2’ tall and to 2-3’ wide. Its leaves are robust, thick, and rigid, they are also adorned with a bright red margin and a thin and yellow internal line. If we look at the yellowish and flabby leaves, it may be due to this. Bought 4 agave blue glows for sidewalk with decorative rock how often should I water I live in the Pasadena area of Ca!!

My personal favorite is this striata variegation Agave ‘Blue Glow’ in my collection. In areas where this compact Agave is not winter hardy, it’s a good choice as a container plant to be brought indoors for the winter. But if you want to give your plant more nutrients so that it grows healthy and strong, you can use some special fertilizer for cacti and succulents. Agave Blue Glow [a-GAH-vee] is a relatively small sized, slow-growing succulent plant developed at Rancho Soledad Nurseries of Rancho Santa Fe, California by horticulturalist Kelly Griffin. Agave Americana Plant Problems. The flower, has a beautiful yellow, red margins on the leaves with small smooth spines and a short red terminal spine. I am watering them weekly by spraying them from above when the plants are in full shade. Blue Glow is a beautiful smaller Agave attaining a height of 18″ – 24″ inches and a spread of 2′ – 3′ feet. The center looks good and has new growth. It requires protection from frost in winter.

Agave 'Blue Glow' is a slow-growing evergreen succulent which produces elegant rosettes of blue-green, chalky leaves with finely toothed margins adorned with a golden and red ribbon. Agave “Blue Glow” is a succulent with rather slow growth. Agave requires little or no grooming and maintenance. So I move the gravel out of the way …


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