block tiktok on opendns
As for OpenDNS, the alternative is using Pi-Hole. Lastly, enable the stats and logs recording in the OpenDNS. It protects against the spam and phishing sites along with improving network stability. I have already filtered video sharing domains and now youtube app is not loading anymore in mobile but tiktok is still working fine. Now, go to the Web Content Filtering section from the sidebar to set up automatic filters.

Regarding YouTube see, From -,, Once your network is mapped with OpenDNS, you can block any website or app. Continue this process of blocking/testing until you have it blocked. You will get this orange color tick symbol along with the message: Your Internet is safer, faster, and smarter because you’re using OpenDNS. I did everything on the page however I am still able to access videos on the app. After your router is restarted try accessing this welcome OpenDNS page to verify if the DNS configuration is successful. OpenDNS is a company and service that extends the Domain Name System (DNS) by adding features such as phishing protection and optional content filtering in addition to DNS lookup, if its DNS servers are used. If you've any thoughts on How to Block TikTok App on WiFi Network Router? Cheers! Specifically, the apps that are addictive, and not safe for kids. You will be displayed with the option to create or add a network with prefilled IP address and settings. Tik Tok may have changed their domain names.

In 2015, Cisco has acquired the OpenDNS, and now it’s backed by a biggie! Here is the list of TikTok app domain names which you need to block in web content filtering: Note: This list of TikTok domain names will be updated frequently, hence you can bookmark the page and revisit every week or so to see any new additions or changes. When the user enters a Private DNS provider hostname, DNS blocking alone does not block the TikTok app.

(Easy Steps), then feel free to drop in below comment box. I’ve done this exactly like you said, but the app is still working, even the website is still working, how can I fix this?

After you’ve blocked all the aforementioned domain names, allow the OpenDNS for a while (1 hour or sometimes even more) to make the changes at their end. Just type pi-hole in your search and you’ll stumble over the things you need to set it up.

Awesome – now need info on how to block Yolo and Snapchat! Thanks for your good job! One of the top requested apps was TikTok, and few parents desperately wanted to know how to block the TikTok app on the WiFi network. Once you’ve set up the OpenDNS, navigate to the Settings tab and click on IP address to access the network settings. How to Use Security Key for 2 Step Verification on Google? See what domains are being loaded, and block them. TikTok has opened the floodgates of videos of all types and songs with explicit lyrics. After you sign in the OpenDNS dashboard, switch to the Settings tab. Post that, you can verify if the TikTok app is blocked.

Here is the DNS settings page in my beetel Router which I got along with my ISP connection. If you enable and use the mobile data, then this method won’t work since the data network will not pass through OpenDNS content filter settings. But I want to know how to find all the domain names? I tried now and it works fine. That’s it! From the android app all functions are disabled, and internet connection error are shown, but it seems the videos from the home page can’t be blocked and can be seen unfortunately, but it is better than nothing! In simple terms, the OpenDNS service track and block the flow of all the incoming and outgoing WiFi network requests if we use their DNS servers and IP address. Tags: Block NetworkBlock TikTok on RouterTechyTikTok App. Here is the video tutorial on how to block the TikTok app on the network: Please share this with your friends and colleagues who are frustrated with the TikTok addiction problem. Also, can anyone share on how to block youtube only and not all video sharing domains? Just hit on [ADD THIS NETWORK] button and give it a name, say “Home WiFi“. You will be navigated to the Web content filtering tab within network settings.

Step 3: Ban TikTok from Router Settings. However, I got a few comments asking to demo on blocking the mobile apps. This means your router is successfully configured to use the OpenDNS service. For this, you can first select your network from the OpenDNS web portal and choose to manage it.

This IP address is currently assigned by your ISP provider. My Pi-Hole is runing on a small Raspberry Pi with just this on it to take care of DNS-requests, works very well. Did you expect that hints from last year still work this year? I've tried blocking specific domains like:;; but it is useless. There you can block the DNS-request for the domain including all hosts. [Workaround] ‘Google servers are temporarily overloaded’ Error Message!

Let me know if you face any problem or if this is not working. Hello Experts, I want to block tik tok ANDROID apk and IOS apk on my router.. The best way to get started is to load the service through browser/app/however you do it, while live-tailing the Pi-Hole log.


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