blob eats nightcrawler's wife

[57], Blob is an enforcer on the alternate universe when the Apocalypse Twins skew the time lines and create a mutant utopia. During the fight they fell in love. [1] Ultimately, Kurt was one of the many mutants who joined Magneto's rebel band known as the X-Men who sought to stop Apocalypse's dominion of the world. Although he had a big smile and a friendly demeanor, his size intimidated Kitty who was scared that he might trip & fall on top of her. Blob appears briefly in the Age of Apocalypse as a test subject that Henry McCoy was toying with in the Breeding Pens in a direct violation of the Kelly Pact that Apocalypse signed in order to keep the Human High Council occupied and at bay while he rallied his forces. [8] With the reorganized Brotherhood, the Blob fights Professor X and the Defenders.

Yet, that went unsuccessful seeing how his skin was so thick that he couldn’t cut his own throat. This alternate version of the Blob is much more dangerous than his Earth-616 counterpart.

[16], He died sealing off Earth-295 to imprison the Exterminators within.[17]. Dukes can lift a maximum of about 75 tons.

The circus performers were able to subdue the X-Men. Convinced that there was some truth behind Bishop's claims, Magneto dispatched X-Men to search for the items and people needed to restore his reality as well as squads to foil Apocalypse's various schemes.

It wasn't until Wolverine's newly laced adamantium skeleton hit Blob on the head so hard that he fell over (destroying the ring) that he agreed to help.

However, as Wanda was persuaded to join, they have followed her unexpectedly. Did this "mass" break apart easily like mucus or was it solid and opaque? They have saved Toad from the police which aims to apprehend all mutants. She is eating turtle food but doesn't seem to like it (critter culture), lettuce, apple, potato, and grapes. Nightcrawler accompanied his fellow X-Men in traveling to Seattle to stop Apocalypse's culling there. Blob appears briefly in the Age of Apocalypse as a test subject that Henry McCoy was toying with in the Breeding Pens in a direct violation of the Kelly Pact that Apocalypse signed in order to keep the Human High Council occupied and at bay while he rallied his forces. However, this version has fathered two kids while he was working in the circus; one is Liz Allen and the second is Teddy Allen.

Magneto turned himself over to the authorities for his deception.[15]. [47], Eric Magnus is Chief of Detectives and Fred appears as a member of his Brotherhood, a cabal of bent policemen. They looked like long skinny streaks of mucus. He was seen during X-Force´s travel to Age of Apocalypse ten years after Apocalypse´s fallen. retiring, he was sometimes hired to protect big name clients from assassination attempts. After escaping the factory and returning to their hideout, X-Force were greeted by a new version of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, led by Daken and featuring Kurt's mother, Mystique. The other members of the team teased him about his new tattoo of a beautiful woman whom he claimed to have fallen in love with. In the Marvel Zombiverse, Blob is one of few remaining mutants to be not infected by the zombie plague.

May I suggest that you have the owner take a fecal sample to the vet for testing to ensure the boxie does not have worms and to mention what you described to the vet.

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This was the last mission that the Freedom Force participated and found itself disbanded when the government replaced Freedom Force with another mutant team known as X-Factor. [38], When the Age of Apocalypse was revisited in the 10th anniversary, Blob was a member of Sinister's team known as Sinister Six. When the Sinister Six met the X-Men in battle, Dukes' new powers were used to sweep the X-Men off their feet with the Silver Samurai receiving a double dose. The endurance, control, and pain threshold that Dukes massive physique can take is another unique trait that Dukes has. [54], It has been revealed that Blob was Liz Allan's estranged genetic father after she discovered her own mutant abilities. She looks much healthier since she gets daily warm baths. [5], Reunited with his mother, Kurt was taken to her castle Cold Grey in Antarctica where he prepared for his trip to Avalon. After Weapon X became the new Apocalypse and plunged the world into darkness once again, Nightcrawler fought with the X-Men to stop his former comrade. In the second game he appears only as a support character, in Genosha he is found covering a big hole in order to prevent a flood in the city, the player should help him deactivating some bombs and trigger a mechanism to stop the water and save Genosha. Meaning that if he were to shrink to a smaller size, his body would be forced to sink into the ground below him until normal gravity is found to support his current weight. The Carmel Area Creature is tall and gray, with presumably no arms and long, muscular legs. With Apocalypse dead, the X-Men worked to restore the United States. What’s probably the most challenging fight and major defeat that Dukes has ever faced was when he found himself going against the X-Factor member, Strong Guy. [35] Despite his appearance, the Blob's speed and agility are those of a fairly athletic male of normal stature, a fact which frequently catches his opponents by surprise. Lv 7. [60] Blob has romantic feelings for his teammate Betsy Braddock. [3] His act was that he could remain stationary when others tried to move him. He was in command of the Black legion, a group of hybrid supermutants with the responsibility of take custody of Gateway. [23] He battles X-Factor again,[24] and under Spiral's orders, he and Pyro battle Daredevil in an attempt to capture a young mutant. After being freed, he first took his mutant name, "Blob" and was instrumental in the destruction of several Sentinels. "Fred" Dukes) is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. Someone that resembles the Blob is seen apprehended by the Thunderbolts and is seen in the Folding Castle's Detention Quadrant.[30].

Humongous. Box turtles love to soak in water. Raven Darkholme (mother, deceased);Nils Styger (paternal half-brother, deceased);Graydon Creed (maternal half-brother, deceased);Linda (wife, deceased); Nightcrawler had a strained relationship with his mother Mystique. The X-Men become government sanctioned bounty hunters charged with hunting and capturing mutants that were loyal to Apocalypse so that they could be tried for war crimes, chief among them being Sinister. The witness, a 60-year-old ex-marine yet to be named and his wife were driving near Carmel on December 12, 2014, when they came up over a hill and saw a 7' tall slender, gray creature which is now known as the Carmel Area Creature. Xavier telepathically contacts Marvel Girl and tells her to remove her blindfold using her telekinesis, then levitate a knife from a performer's tent to cut through her bonds, after which she frees the other members. This edit will also create new pages on Comic Vine for: Until you earn 1000 points all your submissions need to be vetted by other [42] During the saga the X-Force team is captured and tortured after Nightcrawler from the Age of Apocalypse universe betrays the team,[43] to get his revenge on Fredrick due to him eating his wife Linda. The Blob (Frederick J. He is later seen alive and mind-controlled by Mr. Sinister and part of his own version of the Sinister Six. In the aftermath of the battle, Sinister was killed and Jean Grey was freed from his control. Angered and heavily depressed that the only trusted friend he had died, Dukes went on a rampage through the city in a fit of grief-stricken rage. Most of the time, Dukes usually launches his entire body at a designated target, causing a massive effect. [22] On one occasion, a concentrated optic blast fired by Cyclops was sufficient to puncture a hole through his shoulder, much to the shock of Dukes himself.

[18] Blob also participates in Freedom Force's capture of the Avengers for the federal government. He is alive when first encountered, but being pursued by several zombie versions of Marvel characters, including Pyro, Black Cat, Iron Fist, Toad and Rhino. [15] He witnesses the apparent death of Unus, then goes berserk and attacks Spider-Man and the Black Cat. In the episode known as Prison Plot, Magneto is shown as the main villain who’s holding crowd of hostages and demanding that the prison releases his fellow Brother of Evil Mutants. Blob was included in a Deluxe Twin Pack along with, This page was last edited on 2 November 2020, at 15:22. (Blob Simulator) with PrestonRoblox SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Just recently what appears to be a heavily gigantic mutated clone of the Blob has appeared in the mini-series Magneto: Not a Hero. He goes back to the Circus. Mostly with Dukes fight against the X-Factor member known as Strong Guy, who managed to lift Dukes fully above his head. He goes back to the Circus. This version of the Blob was one of the many mutants who was placed into a camp when Bolivar Trask rose to power. Teaming up with Mimic who also was serving with Onslaught and gained augmented powers, Dukes would find himself facing defeat when he battled all the women within the X-men. He quickly became the undefeated champion and then retired. He is then arrested by S.H.I.E.L.D. Dukes is also susceptible to psionic attacks and psychic manipulation, and he can be incapacitated by sensory assaults; for example, Banshee was able to render Blob unconscious solely through the use of his sonic scream. [19] With Freedom Force, he attempts to capture Rusty Collins, then battles X-Factor. In return, Mystique lured the Blob into the aquarium chamber for a meet-up. A mutant originally depicted as an obese circus freak, the Blob claims to be immovable when he so desires. Other theories range from an unknown species of some sort to an undiscovered primate with no arms. The Blob temporarily accepts the invitation, but leaves when it is revealed that Magneto has no real concern for the Blob's safety after he is hit by explosives which were launched at the X-Men. [11] Nightcrawler and the X-Men were unaware that Magneto was being blackmailed by Sinister to stay away. Voiced by Stephen Stanton, he appears here as a member of The Brotherhood Of Terrorist Mutants.

Unlike he previous incarnations, this version of Blob is gentle & friendly. After being freed, he first took his mutant name, "Blob" and was instrumental in the destruction of several Sentinels. Magik, X-Men Black: Emma Frost, and X-tremists - AMA", "Blob Voice - X-Men franchise | Behind The Voice Actors", "LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Characters and Cast Revealed", "X-Men Enter Marvel Pinball: Vengeance and Virtue",, Marvel Comics characters with superhuman strength, Articles with dead external links from January 2018, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2014, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2019, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2009, Articles with unsourced statements from October 2013, Articles with unsourced statements from May 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Superhuman strength, endurance, durability and resilience, The "massive, immovable Blob" makes a brief appearance in the, The Blob appears as a member of Magneto's Brotherhood of Mutants in the 1989 animated pilot, The Blob appears in several episodes of the 1990s, A teenage version of the Blob is a regular character in the animated series, The Blob is included as a character in an earlier script for the first, Fred J. Dukes / The Blob, portrayed by wrestler "Giant" Gustav Claude Ouimet, later appeared in, The Blob is an unlockable playable character in the 2002 game.


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