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All editorial and photography on is copyright protected, Please confirm you are over 21 years old and enter your email, Reviews, Ratings & Our Rules of Engagement. What is it: A fusion of rum, lime, and honey, it is believed to be the oldest cocktail of Cuba, invented by the guerrilla fighters during the Cuban War of Independence.

The list of delicious Cuban drinks is by no means limited to just 17. Ingredients: honey, lemon juice, aguardiente (fire water), still water, ice Its origin can be dated back to the days when there were slaves in Cuba, as it was said to be their drink. Difford's Guide remains free-to-use thanks to the support of the brands in green above. Helder's original recipe uses homemade mint-lime cordial and black pepper tincture. Said to be Ernest Hemingway’s pet drink, the present Mojito has a host of variations. It is also known simply as ‘Rum and Coke’, since it is made with rum and cola, alongside a dash of lemon, and ice cubes. What does it taste like: Light rum would give a sweet and subtle taste, while drinks made with a darker rum are a little stronger. 5. It is the oldest of all these traditional drinks; its origin dates back to Cuban wars of independence against Spain, when Cuban fighters drank it hot to keep warm at night. What does it taste like: This is indeed a refreshingly sweet drink to beat the hot summers. What is it: Evolved in Cuba’s Havana, this lip-smacking cocktail comprises of the five major components of white rum, lime juice, sugar, mint and soda water.

Provenance Directe vous propose Black Tears le tout premier et seul rhum épicé cubain au monde The drink is distinctly different from the fruity, minty Cuban drinks we love. What is it: Another famed cocktail made with white rum, black vermouth, grenadine, and ice chips, topped with cherries and orange rind.

Saoco. You can learn more about me and my mission on the about me page. Je veux créer un compte, Mot de passe oublié? What does it taste like: Sweet and smooth, while the addition of lime and mint gives it a fresh menthol flavor. Inclusion of sugar with rum and lime makes it refreshingly sweet.

El Presidente – Authentic Alcoholic Drink of Cuba. A traditional Daiquiri was served in tall glasses filled with cracked ice, but later the ice was shaved, and coupe glasses replaced the tall ones. Your email address will not be published. A CONSOMMER AVEC MODERATION. What does it taste like: Sweetness of rum, combined with the freshness of lime and the cool taste of mint transcends it to a different level altogether.

Named after Gerardo Machado, the Cuban president between 1925 and 1933, it was said to be the staple drink for the upper society for many years. Gin may sometimes substitute the rum. What does it taste like:Sweet and sugary, with the cola giving it a soft-drink-like flavor. They usually drank it at night to save themselves from the chilling cold.

Son nom s’inspire de la fameuse chanson cubaine « Lagrimas Negras » qui raconte qu’une jeune femme a versé des larmes noires de chagrin dans une cuve de rhum, lui donnant un goût doux-amer comme venant d’un autre monde.

Reproduction in whole or in part without permission is prohibited. It cannot be conserved for long and is best when consumed right after preparing.

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L'ABUS D'ALCOOL EST DANGEREUX POUR LA SANTE. Recipe created in 2019 by Helder Fortes Silva, Rotterdam, Netherlands. Nouveau client ? A very strong drink for those long winter nights. Drink made with coconut milk and sugar cane brandy or rum, and served with an absorbent in the same coconut which was prepared.

What is it: A high energy cocktail prepared by putting lots of ice cubes in a highball glass, pouring rum and lime juice over it, and finally finishing up with adding some cola.

Hello there! You can also get different non-alcoholic shakes, punches, and smoothies usually prepared from tropical fruits.

American engineer Jennings Cox is believed to have invented it during the Spanish American war. What does it taste like: Sweet and fresh, though the addition of gin may make it a bit distinct and tart.


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