betty klimenko net worth

"We both believe in the direction we are heading, and it was always part of the long-term plan.". He was the architect of the squad's Mercedes-to-Holden metamorphosis at the end of 2015, and promoted from general manager to CEO last May. “I was told until I was 35 or 36 that she had died in her sleep. Betty Klimenko broke the mould when she entered the Supercars Championship in 2013.

That even Saunders got to where he did was incredible, a Hungarian native who survived Nazi concentration camps as a “political prisoner” before migrating to Australia. Fans’ chance to match up against Eseries stars, Triple Eight develops ventilator prototype, CoolDrive to distribute Erebus medical supplies, BP secures All Stars Eseries naming rights. He was the architect of the squad's Mercedes-to-Holden metamorphosis at the end of 2015, and promoted from general manager to CEO last May. It won Bathurst in 2017 with David Reynolds and Luke Youlden, while Reynolds and De Pasquale are third and 13th in the '19 points. Sign up to the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Newsletter. She is now a phonecall away from women in auto trades who are being bullied or have reached a roadblock in their careers. ***News Corp Australia and Woolworths Limited have joined forces to launch Generation Success, an initiative to focus on youth employment. Fast forward 18-months and her team of David Reynolds and Luke Youlden not only conquered the Mountain, but every powerhouse garage further up pit lane. All tattoos, black boots, and bleached hair, her down to earth, go get ‘em attitude made her an instant hit. [3] Twenty-six women were included on the 2019 Rich List, representing 13 percent of the list; up from seventeen in 2018, or 8.5 percent. Credits plusminus. "I am happy to announce Barry as my new partner and co-owner of car #99," Klimenko said. Gen S brings some of the country’s biggest employers together to tackle the issue. “We’re not taking it to girls in high school. Erebus Motorsport team owner Betty Klimenko has given a rare insight into the tougher side of her upbringing including the tragic loss of her adopted mother more than 50 years ago. [2], "Australia's 200 richest people revealed", "The Australian Financial Review Rich List Reveals Wealthiest 200", "Australia's wealthiest have become 50 times richer in my lifetime", "2018 AFR Rich List: Who are Australia's richest people? Under the guidance of her bike-loving father she learned the tricks of the trade and said she wouldn’t want to do anything else.

Presenter Richard Fidler. The trailblazing Westfield fortune heiress — who is the first woman to own a V8 Supercars team — has called on schools to stop telling girls they can only be ballerinas, nurses and chefs by getting them onto the racetrack.

“He said, ‘I like her, she has got a sense of humour’ and he took me instead.”. Erebus finished 11th in the 2016 teams' championship but rose to fifth and fourth over the next two years and currently sits third. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. It was by chance he met future Westfield co-founder Frank Lowy, going into business together after working side by side at a delicatessen. The Erebus Motorsport team owner believes the only reason women do not get involved in motorsport is because young girls are never exposed to it. "I am proud of what Barry and I have achieved in Supercars over the past three-and-a-half years. She was 30 with two sons, Anthony and Ricky, from her first marriage. Betty and hubby No. Klimenko, 60, has gone on to become a fan favourite, establishing Erebus Motorsport as a GT team in 2011 and then diving into Supercars two years later. [3] The list included seventeen debutants. ", Sign up to the Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Newsletter. Betty Klimenko broke the mould when she entered the Supercars Championship in 2013. V8 SUPERCAR queen Betty Klimenko believes the fresh smell of burned rubber will inspire girls to get out of the kitchen and under a car. Klimenko’s story is a remarkable one that has been told many times before; an orphan who was adopted by the late Westfield co-founder John Saunders and his wife Eta. Girls need to just go out there and show them what they are capable of.”. Inside Line – A Season with Erebus Motorsport follows the team’s 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship campaign in close detail, with episode two airing on Thursday at 7pm AEDT via Fox Sports 506 and Kayo. Woolworths, Leighton Holdings, National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Toll Group, Spotless, and Telstra, together employ more than 430,000 Australians. “V8s should have, let’s say, 12 free tickets given away to schools so that girls and boys can come and have a look at the teams and see how they work. Betty has always had a long-term plan for her team and she vows she won’t give up on taking the fight to the bigger teams. “They went there and my father goes, ‘hold on, let me just have a look’. “You’ve got to realise that you are going in there spending time with 60 men. Westfield heiress Betty Klimenko: more girl mechanics . Producer Nicola Harrison. “They rang [the Saunders’] up and said they have a boy here who matches your colouring. Despite a staggering 12.4 per cent of 15 to 24-year-olds being unemployed, there are 22,000 vacant positions in the national auto trades industry. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites. “The worst thing any girl can do is go in there and say ‘hi I’m a girl, look at me, look at me’. Erebus Motorsport CEO Barry Ryan has bought into the Holden outfit through a stake in one of its Racing Entitlements Contracts. As part of the initiative, industry, government and youth sector leaders will come together in April for a youth employment roundtable discussion. “Winning the 12 Hour [at the start of 2013] was my biggest win and then all of a sudden, you get hungry,” she recalled. You have to have the same mentality as them.”. Erin Fairman, 23, commutes for more than three hours every day to get to her job as a second-year motorcycle mechanic at Harley Davidson in Alexandria. Other Episodes. A shake-up at the beginning of 2016 saw Betty surrounded by new drivers, race cars, and many new faces when she moved her team from Queensland to Victoria. Out of 71,000 motor mechanics, ASA figures show only 834 are women. The Financial Review Rich List 2019 is the 36th annual survey of the 200 wealthiest people resident in Australia, published by The Australian Financial Review on 31 May 2019..


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