best ninja monkey path btd6

The 0-1-0 upgrade is useless, and the 0-2-0 upgrade increases the income to $400 (16 × $25). I wish the final upgrades would be more profitable since they are solely needed for the true sun god upgrade. Banks will continue to put additional money into itself until it hits its max capacity of $7,000. The upgrade description reads “IMF Loan ability: Gives you $10,000 but you have to pay it back over time.” It costs $7,500, and used to cost $12,000. This drastically improves the efficiency of the farms, notably the 4-2-0 farm takes 15.39 rounds to pay itself off and the 5-2-0 farm takes 26.46 rounds to pay itself off. 0-2-5 farm costs $80,700 and makes $5,392 per round. Both 4/2 and 2/4 Ninjas are in the same stance in the bottom left corner and both have a red belt. Therefore, the top 6 most efficient farms used to be: Questions? The bananas generated are automatically placed in your balance, meaning no farmers or tapping is needed. In BTD5, Flash Bomb is the only upgrade that allows the Ninja Monkey to pop Lead. The Ninja Monkey is classed as a Magic Category Tower. The 0-0-0 Farm creates 4 bunches of bananas worth $20 per round, meaning that it produces $80/round, taking 15.63 rounds to pay itself off. 57 (BTD6) Earns 15% interest each round.” It used to cost $2,800, then got changed to $3,400, but now costs $3,300. 14.79 rounds to pay itself off. The 1-3-0 and 2-3-0 banks take 10 rounds rounded up to pay themselves off, while the 0-3-0 takes 11 rounds to pay itself off, with no monkey knowledge. This upgrade description reads “Produces 5 large Banana crates every round worth $300 each.”. Note: This bonus has been removed in the v18.0 update. Can target Camo Bloons.

His wolf can destroy any bloon except purple, right from the very start (AND is fast and has great homing and pierce). It’d be worth it to go for the central market (0-0-4) if you have a lot of merchants (monkey buccaneer) right? Despite this change, the x-3-x banks still all take 10 rounds to pay themselves off…. Here are some comparisons. This farm now makes 6 bunches of bananas. Grandmaster Ninja has +2 pierce for all attacks. It makes the bananas worth $25 instead of $20. Here, I’m only accounting for the money the bank creates. Master BomberOne Monkey MOAB demolition Machine. Statistics The 0-4-0 upgrade will give you an ability to take out a loan of $10,000. Unlocked at Players tend to lose too many lives to camo bloons, opting to place and upgrade non-camo detecting monkeys instead. Comparison between ninja monkey tier 5⚠️ The only purpose of this video is to show which way is the best between a 5-0-2 or 5-2-0 tower for example.Of course, some towers should be placed or used differently but this will be the subject of another type of video.------------------------------------------------ Timestamps : 00:03 -- 02:25 : Grandmaster Ninja02:11 : Grandmaster Ninja results02:26 -- 05:04 : Grand Saboteur04:51 : Grand Saboteur results05:05 -- 07:33 : Master Bomber07:17 : Master Bomber results------------------------------------------------ Musics : Kubbi - EmberA Himitsu - AdventuresSappheiros - Aurora------------------------------------------------Bloons TD6 - v10.1.1515------------------------------------------------ Grandmaster Ninja is a powerful Ninja Monkey upgrade that is highly dependent on numerous external buffs in order to maximize its efficiency. Super Mines/Carpet of Spikes: Never go bottom path, it's useless. Game Half of the money you earn from popping, selling, farming bananas, etc, will go to the bank, and the other half will go to your pocket until you’ve paid off all your loan. The bank is affected by the 1st path, meaning that the 0-3-0 bank generates $240+15% per round, rounded down, since the bank is stingy. The Monkey Farmer also works differently in BTD6 than in BTD5. With Seeking Shuriken, a highly buffed Grandmaster Ninja excels at hitting large numbers of bloons rather quickly and accurately. $29,750 (Easy)$35,000 (Medium)$37,800 (Hard)$42,000 (Impoppable) Considering that 2-0-3 farm and the 0-2-3 farm both cost exactly $5,700 and both make $400/round, it does not matter which farm you get… However if you have the More Valuable Bananas monkey knowledge unlocked, you should go for the 0-2-3 upgrade because you’ll make $26 per banana instead of $25, meaning that you’ll make $416/round instead. Hotkey Note that in the v18.0 update, this farm now produces 16 bananas per round, instead of 12. Once you reach $10,000, you’re able to take a loan from the first bank again as you pay off the second bank. Comparison between ninja monkey tier 5 ⚠️ The only purpose of this video is to show which way is the best between a 5-0-2 or 5-2-0 tower for example. This upgrade effectively increases the banana production by 8, since the 2-0-0 farm creates 8 bananas. It is possible to complete Monkey Lane or Park Path on Easy with only this tower. The Ninja Monkey during game play, throws shurikens with only one hand. Status Effects This bank’s ability just gives you $10,000 whenever you use it, with no interest. Prerequisites: To Arms: r/btd6: For discussion of Bloons TD 6 by Ninja Kiwi with Ninja Kiwi i just really want to know what the purpose of said monkeys and upgrades are so i can maybe 3-2-0 monkey village ( that primary boost is ridiculous) #ouch CHIMPS vs secret OP strategy. What's going on guys, in today's video I will be showing you guys the best half cash strategy for Park Path. Seeking ShurikenShurikens will seek out and pop Bloons automatically. The Grandmaster Ninja attack speed is about 2 times faster than. Monkey: Description: Cost (Medium) Druid: Creates a blast of thorns for each attack. Note: All prices are done on medium difficulty with no monkey knowledge, unless otherwise stated. 0-0-5 farm costs $79,600 and makes $5,140 per round. So, how this 0-0-3 farm works is that it generates 16 bunches of bananas worth $20 each, totaling to $320 per round. The upgrade description reads “Bananas last 30 seconds before rotting instead of 15.”. 4 (shuriken, spray of 8) The description for the BTD6 Banana Farm reads: Generates Bananas each round that convert the game money to spend on more stuff. Sticky BombThrows powerful timed charges at MOAB-Class Bloons. Don’t forget that the 0-0-5 Trade Empire Buccaneer increases the amount of money earned by merchantmen by $20 per merchantman. I have a water map and each pirate (I have roughly 40 of them) gives me $900 each round in addition to my 2-0-5 banana farm.

Special Ability Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What's going on guys, in today's video I will be showing you guys the best half cash strategy for Park Path. The upgrade description reads “For when you’re too big to fail…” and it costs $100,000.

This upgrade description reads “Grows 16 Banana bunches per round.”. This doesn’t really help you out, since all you need to do is have your finger to swipe across the screen. (16 bananas @$87 each, with a $4,000 bonus at the end of each round). Hence, the efficiency of this banana farm is much lower than the 0-0-0 farm, dropping to 17.97 rounds to pay itself off. Below is a table of the amount of money in a bank at the end of the round. The 2-0 upgrade Banana Plantation costs $1400 for adding 7 bananas per round (from 6 to 13). This upgrade description reads “Hub of Monkey trades earns colossal income each round.” and costs $60,000. Attack Speed For the strategy we use Obyn, the ninja, and the monkey sub to make easy work of this half cash mode. The farmer does have a monkey knowledge upgrade, though, that makes its range bigger.

Grandmaster Ninja upgrade icon in upgrades menu. If used for good anti-camo defense or for popping down normal Bloons well, it is advised to use the Distraction and Counter-Espionage upgrades. The 3-2-0 farm is pretty much the same, and it hurts the efficiency of the 0-0-0, the 1-2-0, and the 2-2-0 farms.


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