best guinan episodes
I’m not a fan of the Ferengi (though DS9 gives Ferengi a fair shake and much greater depth).

This planet is full of fit, nearly nude people is supposed to be perfect, but it’s all white people, they run everywhere, and their buildings are actually part of a water filtration plant, so that actually sounds like hell to me.

So these are my thoughts on Data’s sexual programming. ... questioning his new place in the universe. Ughhhh this episode is terrible and irritating to watch.

An elderly admiral gets progressively younger while trying to solve a hostage situation. Yes, he’s training for a career in Starfleet, but there are other teens on board doing the same thing and they don’t get extended bridge time. She had great chemistry with everyone (except Bev because I don’t think they share a scene alone together ever? This time the passenger is Worf, whose trip back to the ship derails when he begins to hop between alternate dimensions. Crusher describes how physical it was and that Ronin knew exactly where she likes to be touched and that she was quite aroused.

Enterprise: Adjacent to Ten-Forward lounge, Deck 10, Psychological Profile: Report of Ship's Counselor Deanna Troi. ... Guinan (Whoopi Goldberg). What makes his friendship with Guinan so great is that they are friends not lovers. Then he waits two years to take the exam again and passes but skips the oral exam because he’s making sure he gets all the credit for saving Troi and Riker from the Ferengi. Okona’s kind of vanilla when you get down to it, but as an early entry in the Trek Vest Pageant (there are A LOT of vests on Star Trek, especially DS9 and Voyager, more on this later), his attire is passable. While I think the flagship of the Federation that frequently hosts concerts and recitals as part of its diplomatic functions would probably have a dedicated concert hall somewhere on board, I still love seeing the ways this space is rearranged. The episode culminates in a passionate courtroom performance from Picard as Data's lawyer. Picard and Crusher have a little “battle of the sexes” about how to face death on the ship, but the really awful sexism takes place on the planet. | Cookie Settings. Women are dismissed on Ligon and are only valued for their property in this episode. Guinan, please know: I get you. The whale sounds in this episode are worse than in Star Trek IV. At the end of the 7th season we see Wes going off with the Traveler to pursue mind-bending feats.

I mean, he knows her role and what she has to deal with, and she articulates her fear and stress over being a teen who has to lead a war-torn planet and Wes just doesn’t see any of that. Cool. Can I talk about Ten Forward? This episode features the first/only? I’ve actually been asked if Data can have sex a lot. She was a complicated character who stayed complicated. It’s not 100% out of character at this point, as he was weird about Troi’s almost arranged marriage in S1.

He gets into the academy without apparently having passed that oral exam because another student drops out. This episode is also terrible.

I don’t love the green fluorescent light that borders the piece, but the piece itself is wonderful. "I, Borg" unpacked the threat posed during "The Best of Both Worlds," as the crew captures an injured Borg in the hopes of using him as a weapon of mass destruction against his people. Like, it’s terribly written and the production value is awful, plus Yar dies and that’s shit. A complex story by Brannon Braga gets its legs from Frakes' direction, making sure every repeated scene is done from a new unique viewpoint. But still, be better, Riker. This place is remote, small, isolated, has terrible work-life balance/separation and basically nothing to do for recreation. Anyway, lighting the candle summons the ghost-lover Ronin, who is 34 years old (and played by the same dude who plays First Minister Shakaar, one of Kira’s lovers on DS9), and is responsible for several scenes with Bev having ghost-vapour orgasms? When actress Denise Crosby wanted to opt out of her contract, the show created a memorable ending for security officer Tasha Yar. No one was actually harmed by Wesley’s choices!). He wants to be super young and active to solve this hostage crisis (good!) She just happens to be the new leader of war-torn Daled IV. Lights!" Wesley falls in love for the first time with another teen. After being infected by an alien parasite, Riker fights for his life while being flooded with memories. Relationships like this matter. In "The Measure of a Man," when Captain Picard (Sometimes, Guinan's silence speaks louder than anything. But I have come to appreciate her scenes with Worf more and that her sickbay was research-heavy (a trend that would continue when Dr. Crusher comes back in S3). Anyway, they meet the alien at the end of the episode and it’s a giant cat head floating in space.

Courtesy of Photofest. A rakish freighter captain seeks repairs, dragging the Enterprise into an interplanetary feud. That’s fine. Lutan, the Ligonian ruler, is even reduced to talking about honour as a “magic cloak”.

I like that this episode puts a seed of doubt about Starfleet in the back of our heads that gets explored later.

Is this really necessary? Crusher says “I fell asleep after reading a particularly erotic chapter in her grandmother’s journal” detailing Grandma Howard’s sexual encounters with Ronin, which is a sentence that should never have been written. ‘I watched every episode in a single night’: Have we forgotten how to enjoy TV?

I suspect Data’s is programmed in a wide variety of sexual techniques common to earth but doesn’t have a bias towards penis-in-vagina sex and is therefore programmed for anal, oral, and manual sex. Dr. Ira Graves, who’s dying, claims to be Data’s “grandfather”. I absolutely love it, so much that I want it in my own house. Melona IV. The Enterprise investigates a 21st century shipwreck that’s also a casino based on a terrible novel. The Enterprise hopes to make contact with a power space being, dubbed “Tin Man,” before the Romulans, and enlists the help of Tam Elbrum, a super powerful Betazoid and former patient of Troi’s, to do so. He’s frequently saving the ship from certain doom even though they’ve got a brain like Data’s as back-up, yet he fails the entrance exam the first time he takes it? Where does one go after portraying a series' big bad as destructive, unified, and nearly invincible? The list of Trek doctors I actually like is pretty short (Crusher is number one, Bashir a close second, Karl Urban’s McCoy a distant third, and who cares about the rest), and somehow, Pulaski is not at the bottom of that list. Picard’s closest friendships on the ship are with women. Also, we getting a glimpse of Geordi’s VISOR vision, which is helpful in the sense that it answers, what does the VISOR help Geordi see? He’s supposed to so smart and observant, but he tells Salia (the girl he falls in love with) that it’s a great time to be alive. These guys are often presented as genius scientists, and while they might be geniuses, at least in some sense, they’re deplorable people who are self-absorbed and very sexist. Alien Isabella (the imaginary friend) is super creepy and has an Alice (of Through the Looking Glass fame) vibe though. Like, the only student we get to see of a similar age is Jake Kurland, who steals a shuttle and almost manages to get himself killed (see S1 “Coming of Age”). It’s bad. At first, Bev thinks her experience with Ronin is a dream and tells Troi about it. That it’s an impressionist view of the Milky Way Galaxy makes it even better. because decades earlier he broke the Prime Directive and armed both sides and years of war followed (really, really, bad). All rights reserved. A series of weird things happen before they realize they’re “rats in a maze”; my favourite of which is when Riker and Worf beam over to the U.S.S.

He was not only able to earn the android his freedom, but also provide years of discourse in discussing the rights of artificial intelligence. About Our Ads Building an android daughter, he and the crew show her the human experience, as Picard fends off a Starfleet admiral looking to separate her from her newfound family. Ugh.

Her speech represents how quickly a crew can become a family, and how painful it can be to lose one of those members. Anyway, eventually the crew realize all these folks need to do is turn off their giant replicator that’s making them go infertile. scenarios that cash in on years of fan service. Paramilitary organizations aren’t for everyone. Picard, bafflingly, doesn’t hold a meeting with Troi and Pulaski to hear Troi state how she wants to proceed, but instead has a staff meeting where dudes suggest killing her kid, studying her child, and question its parentage. Data is put on trial to argue whether his sentience elevates him from mere Starfleet property. Are we supposed to just chalk up the I can’t get into the Academy-now I’m in and class is hard-ugh I almost got expelled-oops now I dropped out to youthful indiscretion? Really though, if you want to read some great writing about Star Trek, check out Fashion It So, a Trek fashion blog. Picard, stranded on the surface of a dangerous planet, must work together with a Tamarian officer, who can only speak in metaphors. In these storylines suffer trauma usually to make the plot more interesting. It’s awkward. That’s fine, life’s progressions rarely occur in a straight line and it does seem like Wes wasn’t ready for Starfleet when he was a teen and if he changes his mind later, good for him. I love those large wood doors with the Starfleet insignia on them. A scene was cut where Riker returned to the bridge after this encounter looking “satisfied” (so he had sex while on duty? Anyway, the shuttle crew is rescued but everyone is sad. Bev collects a candle, a family heirloom, and her grandmother’s journals. Early on in TNG we get several characters like Graves: dudes who are super smart and academically successful, but unfortunately full of themselves. are forced to fight to the death (though Dr. Crusher is able to resuscitate Yareena in time).

He’s a mediocre dude (which is totally fine) who was given the universe and turned it down, but we’re supposed to think he’s the greatest thing to happen to the Federation since replicators.

Q's godlike powers were the source of many, In an episode both hilarious and heartbreaking, Data tackles the difficulties of parenting. Sure Picard tells him he failed his first time too, but like Wes has all this practical training and Starfleet’s best officers instructing him and he still flubs it? I might one day rank all the episodes and there’s still other posts kicking around in my brain like “‘Now pour the tea’: An Aesthetic Evaluation of Picard’s Tea Pots” and “Art Curation on the Enterprise D or How to Properly Light the 24th Century Equivalent of Hotel Art”.


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