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New York: Noonday Press. People in the Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, (though this just might make the song funnier), the most notorious bawdy song of them all, seducing a woman and then abandoning her when she's pregnant. Two of Nanny Ogg's favorite tunes are "The Hedgehog Can Never Be Buggered at All" and "A Wizard's Staff Has a Knob on the End". This one is a classic, brings back some good memories of fun times. The limerick, bawdy and obnoxious, is not unlike a freak-show curiosity in the carnival of literary forms. The Irish are well-known for their love of bawdy jokes. !Dicky Di Do is gunna be mad as for the party when I drop it into my set LOL, What a shame the megaupload link is dead, this album is so hard to find. Jazz trumpeter Bix Beiderbecke made a film called, When Hans, a Nazi, is trapped in a POW camp in. The limerick, has been and probably always will be "an indecent verse-form" (Legman vii). The American artist, Oscar Brand (1920-), released a large catalogue of bawdy and barrack-room songs, probably the most important and commercially successful of all, and was the ‘composer’ of a bawdy song that ended up an international pop chart hit record. Rick the Vic from Hellblazer probably knows them all. I am looking for a similar album to this. and sacrilegious" (Legman x) entries were submitted by anonymous pranksters. He crashes into the wall before he can get to the bawdy part, however. From scatological oaths to Irish drinking songs about cuckold husbands. May also be called a Barrack-room Ballad, a Rugby Song or a Hash Hymn. New York: Brandywine Press, 1970. Thank you so much. A Limerick is a short poetic form that also often can have a bawdy theme. of the English language, from the bellowing songs of half-naked street beggars during the sixteenth century to the drinking songs of inebriated pub-crawlers in the seventeenth century (Legman xv-xix). I have copied this album from original cassette, so no skips in any of the songs. And wasn't shaped like anything in particular! Similarly the secret project The Cyborg Factory has the following limerick: After getting roaring drunk at the funeral of Skull Ridges, Anything on (Mostly very desperate attempts at this). The simplicity of the limerick made them easy to write and easy to remember which has led to their popularity in both the English and Irish culture. It has refused--and still refuses--to die, despite its curious role as the "vehicle of cultivated, if unrepressed, sexual humor in the English lan "Hunting Girl" deliberately weds the ancient traditions of bawdy folk songs with modern rock and roll. The Dickie Di-Do lyrics stuck with me all that time though and I would sing them every now and then to strange looks from wife and friends. Am downloading Bawdy Ballads now, if it works, I am grateful for your work, thanks heaps.

Bawdy Well-Wishes.

A skit in I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again parodying Listen With Mother (a BBC children's show) presented a song by an Irish folk group.

and they have been imbedded in the bawdy WWII song "North Atlantic Squadron" (see 1972 National Engineering Book of Song & Verse). Many bawdy songs are themselves trope-laden, being replete with stereotyped characters, "wardrobe malfunctions", slapstick and cliches. While a rarely-sobered up Barney Gumble manages to cartwheel all the way up through the first verses of the "Major-General's Song" from. In order to indicate that an older character is a "bad influence" on children, a child may sing a bawdy song after visiting him/her. For anyone who doesn't know the limerick in question, it's, sung when the character doing the singing is totally plastered. I've been looking for this one for years. Great work, great site! Don Marquis defines three distinct types of limericks: "Limericks to be told when ladies are present; limericks to be tol Here is an example of Lear's work: The English humor magazine Punch, inspired by Lear's book, began to publicize the "new" form within its pages, and thus began the limerick craze. THANKS! Despite its popularity in pubs and taverns, formal poets were familiar with the limerick; Shakespeare employed the form in seve d when ladies are absent but clergymen are present--and LIMERICKS" (Legman xi). I learned them in Air Cadets in the 50's. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Most are about "the unconscious or unwilling hum l. So if you want to make them laugh with a dirty toast that you hope the children in the room won’t get, choose this one! The same limerick is referred to in another episode: In a similar vein, there was a Mouseketeers take-off on. These are often... in fact, almost always... sung when the character doing the singing is totally plastered. If the song happens to be something as explicit as "The Good Ship Venus" or "Barnacle Bill the Sailor," they are probably way past just "relaxed". Many are also examples of pastiche and parody or possibly Fan Fic, being set to the tune of "real" folk songs, pop songs etc. Limericks were often composed in taverns, bars and pubs in both England and Ireland - which explains why some limericks are rude, dirty or bawdy in nature! Wait, isn't the Tiffany Aching series for children?! !30 years later a good friend is having an 'inappropriate' party and i thought of this album (of course)And someone has SO KINDLY put it online!

Think about it: the "nosey-wose" is a certain something found between men's legs, and the "feet" are two certain somethings on each side of it... And, of course, "Isn't the goblin (gobbling) sweet?" Its called "The Very Best Of Bawdy Ballads" if anyone has it, or knows where to get a good copy of this album, please post it … This sense of fun that pervades the limerick has made it the perfect outlet for humorous and folk poetry, especially drinking songs. Punch promptly shut down the contest, the fad died out, but the limerick lived on forever (Legman viii-x). Sonic suggests Tails should sing something during their trip through Casino Night Zone. The show's host, appalled at the song's increasingly-bawdy lyrics, finally cleared the group out of the studio by reminding them that the pubs had just opened (at which point they suddenly stampeded off). It has refused--and still refuses--to die, despite its curious role as the "vehicle of cultivated, if unrepressed, sexual humor in the English lan guage" (Legman vii).

Thanks for this - I haven't heard this in years but I still remember most of the lyrics ... a sign of a mis-spent youth? Its called "The Very Best Of Bawdy Ballads" if anyone has it, or knows where to get a good copy of this album, please post it here.

Fans have of course written their own lyrics to Nanny Ogg's songs, some of which were printed in the aptly named fanzine, A version of "A Wizard's Staff" appears on the, There was also the song "All The Little Angels (How Do They Rise Up)", a marching song from the novel, Pratchett deconstructs this kind of song in, In that same book, we learn that "the filthiest spacers' song" that Captain Kirk knows is called "The Weird-Looking Thing With, A group of soldiers sing "Roll Me Over in the Clover" at the end of, In addition to the quote at the top of the article, Heinlein's short story ", Ironically, the well-known "Nantucket" limerick is actually a parody of a much older limerick from, And "Anything Goes" — the "Anything Goes" by, Edmund's goblin song. In episode "Deep Space Homer", Homer tries to impress the NASA observers by doing cartwheels while singing a "I once met a man from Nantucket" limerick. Often the joke is on the poet himself; the limerick is a method, sometimes hostile, of laughing away "sexual fears and impotencies--real and imagina click to find out.

Let's not forget the loquacious euphemisms scattered all throughout the Hazards of Love. Since then, the form has appeared sporadically throughout the history ral of his plays, King Lear and Othello (Legman xxii). Often the To the tune of Col Bogey: Hitler has only got one ball Stalin has two, but they are small Himmler is somewhat similar But poor old Go-balls has no balls at all! "Decked by a Japanese Geisha with a garland of pearls," indeed.

: for example, "Irian Jaya" to the tune of "Mull of Kintyre," "Masturbation" to "Alouette", "Incest Is Best" and "Bestiality's Best" both to the tune of "Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport". Document URL: Last modified: Wednesday, 18-Jul-2007 16:27:16 EDT.


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