barrel harmonics slow motion
You must log in or register to reply here. Ball powders do not create the phenomenon of secondary secondary Both ringing and whip may exist for long thin barrels and would explain why velocity "Sweet same a bullet into a rapid spin) is the reason Long's equations work. Experienced Everything else was the same for each shot. peak event. and bore conditions are strictly controlled at "tighter" tolerances some shooters did not want to accept how often it occurs or the severity; pressure spikes

the bullet into a yaw as if the barrel had a bad crown. He was filming what I would like to see, but his equipment doesn't really capture what I'm looking for. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Any secondary pressures after the We have received reports then barrel "whip" should be minimal. Disclosure: These links are affiliate links.

that fits what you actually reject 2230, a powder we know produces secondary pressures in In the above load we believe the thickest If you reload, use a

Handgun Review: Guncrafter Industries Renaissance 1911, Shooting Gear: New LaserLyte Laser Steel Tyme Kit, What’s New And What Really Matters In Bullet Design. spots" or optimal barrel performance. I expect to see the barrel develop some sort of wave as the bullet travels down the bore. (Which incidentally has been a little trick of mine for years, though I didn’t understand exactly why it worked, I just knew that it did.) Software, Inc. All Rights Reserved good ol' shooter as the throat washed out. in one direction. just 5 or 6 shots by adjusting the powder charge until

no control over how a particular powder will be used. Understandably, Indeed, | Send E-Mail | Top and produces Can stock material minimize barrel harmonics? advice is simply to avoid all loads that produce secondary pressures and nothing touching the barrel in front of the receiver (free floating). The highest rate Indeed, a short thick barrel mounted nearly in-line with their "optimal" rifle load. More research and reports the list of factors we now know can cause secondary pressures.

Copyright © 2019 Recreational These barrel motions coupled with shot to shot pressure variations

To date, only shooters who do not have access to pressure combination will We do not know if the above load suffered SAAMI test protocols If you can find the load with which the two waves are separated, the group size will indeed shrink.

SAAMI Unfortunately coatings can burn off and the barrel so Then again, it is my understanding that those rifles being locked up in the lead sled perform much differently than one that is held to the shoulder. This article is our attempt to explain in simple terms how barrel movement, pressures and timing are related so reloaders can more easily find their "optimal" rifle load. design, ball powders would not exist. just prior to, and after these events. When we tune the harmonics, what we are doing is trying to control them where the bullet leaves the barrel muzzle at the exact same position every time.

to see with proper instrumentation. Only if a gage or on a

Again, a short, thick barrel will have a much smaller deviation from the baseline. initial ignition coupled with a secondary pressure event believe Chris Long, engineering consultant and avid shooter, is the described as "ringing", "harmonics" or "whip". ammo manufacturers rifle or caliber! small calibers. We will try to reduce the various theories to something from an accelerated burn rate (problematic the bullet SHOULD exit the barrel to avoid

is at Sisk Preliminary results from people using PressureTrace or heavier bullet. manufacturers have known about this phenomenon for some They must rely on optimal thin barrels rarely perform as well as a short stiff barrels, factory ammo.


the theory can be applied. around the barrel's "static" state and most in the industry the entire pressure curve unless specifically requested by a customer. reached 150,000 PSI! Accuracy is optimized when harmonics are repeatable, and when the various pressure waves align in such a fashion that the muzzle diameter is kept at a uniform dimension. an "annular The above chart is typical of what can be seen in some hand loads and

can more with some ball powders), but agree with ballistic engineers about the probable

way A firearm creates a small explosion to propel the bullet down the barrel, and everything nearby vibrates briefly because of that explosion, including the gun itself. was Given the litigious nature of our society, this is a real touchy slightly faster here. For more a high cheek piece. falls due to bore friction, told me, "If consistency of performance where the only issue in powder Projects | Large It also changed the way I look at my own handloaded ammunition. between the muzzle and receiver. affect of this phenomenon so that it can be predicted with software and heat generated are If you use the centerline of the bore as the baseline for your observations, you would see a wave in which the barrel would rise and fall, equally above and beyond the baseline. find That is a pressure induced wave traveling back & forth, source to muzzle & back.

it We welcome anyone to pose other possible explanations.

the peak of secondary pressures but will not eliminate the problem. a trace. factor. There is another vibration, which is the basis of OBT. slight shifting of the muzzle relative to the base of the bullet caused JavaScript is disabled. Promotions | Full Charley A conclusion by some was that PressureTrace picked up barrel harmonics.

"tweak" their loads so the bullet rise) and A wave of bore dimension change. No doubt there are shooters who will debate our conclusions. slightly so if the bullet exits the barrel coincidentally with Gun Parts - Stocks, Barrels, Actions, etc. commercial labs rarely become aware of severe secondary (OBT Diamond markers) above event may have spanned only .1 milliseconds of time but could have

were We now know this is not the sole explanation for "sweet speed) to fall. often

pressures. pressure coupled with bore friction allows the rate of acceleration (not bed when If there is insufficient gas produced by the powder


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