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Ainsley’s youngest brother, Shirley Calvert Hodgson – known as Shirley – was the last Jamaican Hodgson to arrive at Jesson Street. The ship also boasted a system of directional ventilation throughout, which was able to supply fresh air to every part of the accommodation, the flow of which could be regulated by the passenger. Armed with 8 x 6-inch (152mm) and 2 x 3-inch (76mm) naval guns, she became HMS Ascania with the pennant number F68. In October 1934 it was returning from Montreal in fierce storms when it received an SOS message from the British cargo steamer Millpool, 700 miles from the Labrador Coast.

The purpose of these ships was to carry the bulk of the invasion force to a beachhead where they would be transferred to assault landing craft (carried on the LSI’s) for the final run into the beaches. In 1958 she went to Malta as repair ship for the Mediterranean Fleet. The History of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Repair Ship. In August 1942 it returned to Southampton and underwent conversion into a infantry landing ship. It was refloated on 6 July and taken back to The Usworth and one of the Ascania‘s lifeboats, photographed here from the Ascania by an unknown passenger. Even the first class cabins were fitted with berths for two, four or six passengers and the austere conditions were justified at the time because of the heavy demand by emigrants to Canada. Following service in a number of military roles during the Second World War, she was refitted and returned to …

Just before she went to the breakers she had one last call of official duty when she carried British Servicemen to the Eastern Mediterranean during the Suez crisis. Articles about selected ships ships and special events in their history. There were two ships in the Cunard Line fleet which was named "Ascania". The following months were equally eventful for the Ascania. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. The Ascania then headed out from Kingston Harbour, heading for the port of Vigo, before finally arriving at the port of Southampton, England on the 21st October 1959.

The, Search for ships by name or by first letter, browse by owner or builder. He boarded his ship Ascania at Kingston harbour, then sailed out into the Caribbean Sea for his long journey to Southampton.


List of Passengers on the RMS Ascania, Halifax to Le Havre - 27 February 1953. She was not refloated until Wednesday the 6thJuly and the following day, with assistance of tugs, she was back in Quebec. ASCANIA.

Amongst his collection of 30,000 photographs are several photographs of Cunard ‘A’ Class liners as they arrived or departed from the city’s port.

Dad never saw his first child whilst he was away in the Army. Mom was about to have her first child but dad got called up for National Service at Shrewsbury in Shropshire, he was to serve a term of two years.

In early September 1947 she returned to Cunard and was given a partial reconditioning at Liverpool. (Copyright Joan Westwood). She was taking in water and with her engine room flooded, she was sinking. Service speed 15 knots. 1958/59/60 – More Nephews. The RMS Ascania alongside Princes Landing Stage, Liverpool dressed with flags. She remained on that route until 1939 when, like all the "A" liners, she was requisitioned as an armed merchant cruiser. But times and requirements had certainly changed. England, Family History, Jamaica, West Bromwich 2 Comments.

Quebec and then drydocked for repairs. 23 May 1911 sailed on her maiden voyage London – Southampton – Quebec – Montreal with 808 passengers.

Although Ainsley was infact my dad’s 1st Cousin, we all called him ‘Uncle Piggy.’ Fifty years after his arrival in West Bromwich ‘Uncle Piggy’ would obligingly take me to Jamaica to see his birthplace Southfield! Her pre-war capacity of 500 in cabin class and 1,200 in third class had been cut down. All Digitized Passenger Lists For the RMS Ascania Available at the GG Archives. His Uncle Cecil also spoke of it, once telling me “Most of the money is in Scotland” “Get Rennie to save up his money so we can make a claim on the Scottish land” (Face to face conversations about 2008 with my mom, Ivorine Hodgson, née Ebanks), Cecil’s nephew’s were young boys just starting out in life in a new country, they were not interested, therefore didn’t take up his request. It made its maiden voyage, from Southampton to Quebec and Montreal, on 22 May.

Cunard launched a second trio of intermediate liners in the 1920’s; these were the Aurania, Alaunia and Ascania. The Ascania and Alaunia were specifically built for the Natural sycamore panelling and chair covering of floral design are delightful features of this spacious room. The RMS Ascania was an ocean liner operated by the Cunard Line.She was launched on 20 December 1923 at the Armstrong Whitworth Shipbuilders Ltd yard in Newcastle-upon-Tyne; the fifth of Cunard's six "A" class liners.Due to unforeseen cost overruns, the vessel was not completed until May 1925. In the six suite rooms that have been provided, decorative schemes have been further varied. Designed to mainly carry emigrants, the Ascania was divided into two and not the customary three classes of accommodation, cabin and third class. That was his nature, he guided people, offered advice, and gave accommodation to those in need. The Ascania arriving in Halifax, March 1953. This was one of the epic rescues of the North Atlantic, and on the Ascania’s return to the UK there were civic receptions. Charming setting for superb cuisine – the First Class Restaurant, A favourite rendezvous – the Long Gallery, First Class, Quiet comfort is the keynote of the Tourist Smoking Room, First Class staterooms are charming and comfortable, Attractive centre for social life, the Tourist Lounge extends the full width of the ship, The Tourist Restaurant is spacious, bright and gay. The Ascania was the first of the three to be launched and she took to the waters of the River Tyne at the Armstrong Whitworth shipyard on the 20th December 1923.

It managed to rescue nine members of the Usworth's crew.

Her fitting out, however was delayed and it was not until the 2nd May 1925 that she carried out trials on the delivery voyage from Newcastle to Southampton.

ANSWER: My grandfather Edward Aubrey Hodgson was born at Southfield on the 5th January 1910. After 12 hours the search was called off and the Ascania resumed her voyage, arriving in London on the 8th October. She was advertised as a ship of innovations, with one of the most interesting, being the Long Gallery. By dawn the Ascania had reached the spot and together with the Canadian Pacific ship Beaverhill, she started to search the area in an attempt to find wreckage and survivors, but with 80 mph winds, driving rain and huge seas there was no hope. It was stationed here for some months, patrolling the Pacific. She suffered damage to the port side forward, which flooded the four forward holds and lost her port propeller.

Although she was launched late in 1923, her completion was delayed and she did not make her maiden voyage, from London to Montreal, until 22 May 1925. He approached my dad and others, asking them to put money away to help make a claim on the Scottish estate. You will find in-depth studies concerning the emigration process, statistics and facts, and information about the immigration processing centers line Castle Garden and Ellis Island. His fare was also paid by his Uncle, Cecil Hodgson. Ascania was the fifth of Cunard's six "A" liners and she was built by Armstrong Whitworth Shipbuilders Ltd. Newcastle. As part of their post-war building programme Cunard built three 14,000 ton liners which were oil fired and driven by double reduction geared turbines.

Just over a year later, in October 1956, it was announced that the Ascania was to be withdrawn from service the following month and would be disposed of soon afterwards. Anzio landings. He arrived in England on the 20th August 1959. Adriatic to Cymric; De Grasse to Kungsholm; La Bourgogne to Normandie; Oceanic to Ryndam; … Descriptions of some of the great maritime disasters involving emigrant ships, like the wrecking of the steamer Atlantic of the White Star Line, sinking of the ocean liner Empress of Ireland and the Thingvalla line steamer Norge disaster. The following year, Ascania was modified into a Landing Ship Infantry and took part in … The Ascania (1) was built in 1911 by Swan, Hunter & Wigham Richardson in Newcastle, originally as the Gerona for the Thompson Line, but was taken over before completion by the Cunard Line as the Ascania.

Valdie and Rennie – both employed at Tube Products, Oldbury – each saved then put their money together for their brother’s ship fare to England. After her cargo had been discharged, the Ascania was dry-docked at Lauzon and it was the 26th August before she was able to leave Quebec for London. My sister was born whilst mom was living at Jesson Street, West Bromwich. She had left Quebec for London on Friday 1st July with 400 passengers and cargo, which included $300,000 worth of bullion. Also including articles about Pioneers & Norwegian Settlements Around the World. Carol. Panelling in the attractive Long Gallery, now bleached mahogany, has made this popular room unusually bright and attractive.

ASCANIA. The Cunard liner ASCANIA SS was built in 1911 by Swan Hunter Wigham Richardson and laid down as the Gerona SS but completed as the ASCANIA SS a passenger/cargo liner. (Telephone conversation April 2018 with my dad, Renford Hodgson).

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. These agreements and crew lists usually include such information as the destination of the ship and the names of individual crew members with age, rank, place of birth, former ship and wage. Although he prefered to use his middle name ‘Ainsley’ he was also known by the pet name of ‘Piggy.’ He boarded his ship Ascania at Kingston harbour, then sailed out into the Caribbean Sea for his long journey to Southampton.

The ceiling was hand plastered and the floor, which was laid in red and black ruboleum, had been specially treated for dancing.

Later in 1944 necessity meant that she was used as a troop transport, a role which she continued to serve until September 1947. The RMS Ascania alongside the north side of Pier 90, New York, The RMS Ascania sometime in the late 1920’s, The Ascania’s deck photographed by an unknown passenger in winter. ... Browse Passenger Lists by Ship. In this role the Ascania was involved in the invasion of Sicily, Salerno and in 1944, the Anzio landings. In December 1934 Ascania rescued the crew of the sinking cargo ship SS Unsworth in mid-Atlantic. First class public rooms are situated on the lengthy Promenade deck, flanked on either side by a sheltered promenade. The only "A" liner to return to Cunard service after the war, she ran on an austerity service from Liverpool to Halifax from 1947 to 1949, and after a 1950 refitting was placed on Cunard's Liverpool-Montreal service. 696 passengers (after 1950, 198 in first class and 498 in tourist class.

(Telephone conversation April 2018 with my dad, Renford Hodgson), Shirley Hodgson’s arrival in England now completed the settlement of eight ‘Southfield Hodgson’s’ in West Bromwich. There ended all talk of the Scottish inheritance (until I resurrected the mystery in the 2000’s…. If you played cricket, it was easy to get a job at Tube Product’s.

However, before she was sold, the Suez Crisis gave her a short reprieve when she was used for two trooping voyages between Southampton and Malta, but she was sold to the British Iron & Steel Corporation in December 1956 and allocated to J. Cashmore of Newport for demolition. fallen, stoving in the cargo hatches. He couldn’t afford to contest it by himself but still strongly believed that the family could inherit the vast land rentals that had allegedly accumulated and lay unclaimed on his grandfather’s Scottish ancestral estate, Eccles House.


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