art of war: legions guide
Your ranged troops inflict the high damage – they must be protected; you can use melee or tank units or mage units to deal with enemies so that they would not target the ranged-DPS units, Tank units in the front or some in the back help you soak the damage from the enemies, Melee units help you stall the enemies targeting the troops in the back row, Mages can help you divert the enemy troops’ attacks. There are mainly three types of troops in the Art of War: Legions game; tank-type troops, buildings, and DPS-type troops. The Best Mobile Game Hacks & Cheats Source! Art of War: Legions is focused on positioning your troops the right way and planning ahead, so in today’s article we are going to go over some crucial and most important steps so you can master the battlefield. Share your Art of War: Legions best formation tips in comments. However, there are some basic points that you must take into account to start playing.

Also, we have shared a bunch of Art of War: Legions tips, cheats & strategies that may help you. If you tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner, the settings page will open. The levels are a repeat of about 15 different troop arrangements with the troops getting stronger each time. Read on for Art of War game guide, tips, cheats & strategy. I usually neutralize the level back row attack with goblikazes, two ogres, two harbinger units, and a templar.

For example you don't want a level 8 demon in an army with level 5 troops, you'd be much better served with 4 level 6 demons in your army (this is an example only as I don't reccomend legendary troops for the levels).

In each chapter, you will have a certain number of stages to complete. 6) If your hero is dying too quickly, try loading up on Pilgrims on his side so he gets healed during battle. Davidson is widely considered the best for the levels, and he was emense as soon as I got him for them. These quests will disappear and reappear randomly and cycle in between so you can always pick something up and complete in order to get some nice rewards. It doesn’t seem to matter if I win or lose on the normal combat levels. On that page, there would be a “redeem” button where you can enter a “redeem code” to get the stuff. When they do their special attack it really gives a chance to your defence to take some down. D) if they are at the front and back, then try using range units (catapults etc) to try and get to their single units without having to go through the ogres. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel – Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. Chapter 12 – Level 3800 Art of War: Legions is a new idle strategy MMO for the iOS and Android platforms, with a cartoony style. I confess I’m addicted to Expeditions only. Art of War: Legions is a strategy game for Android and iOS where you play as a commander and lead legions of tiny armies.

So, make sure to learn about every single troop and place them according to your enemy.

Most people seem very down on inquisitors and I’m not sure why. Thanks, that's probably a more useful way of deploying them in the arena as well? All you need to do is tap the chest box at the top of the screen when it’s locked – then watch the video Ad by tapping offer -> that’s it. * Exciting Battles The battle is more like a real dance of war.

They have a quite powerful ability to overcome your enemies and easily shield your troops if that is necessary, but there is one problem: positioning. In the top-right corner, tap the daily quest icon below VIP badge -> complete the quests for gold coins and gems. To unlock chapter 2 in expedition mode, you must be level 200 or higher/ Hope this helps/. – Ballista (rare) Chapter 6 – Level 1400 Basic guide to start playing Art of War Legions. I get coins based on the number I killed and move on. Some of the troops have high Defense, while some have high Attack Power. In the footer menu, go to the Hero tab; it has two tabs; Hero and Troop. Using Art of War Legions Hack This new Art of War Legions Hack Cheat is a great tool for you and you will certainly like the fact that you will improve your experience thanks to the Gems and Coins we have added to it. Once you tap on the scroll at the top right corner you will enter your daily quests where you can choose to finish and grab gold, gems and points.

In the mid-row, add the ranged-troops; the troops with long-distance attacks. Art of War: Legions Redeem Code – Codes 2020 Guide: – If you tap the gear icon in the upper-left corner, the settings page will open.

In Art of War: Legions, there are lots of heroes who have active skills that you can unleash during the battle by tapping his portrait -> also, they possess passive skills. The higher the number the more attacks carried out. But, if you find the perfect strategy and positing your hero the right way, you can make him charge into the enemy troops leaving them unable to block the attack, while absorbing all the hits. :-/. Your email address will not be published. Lead your army in thousands of battles, PvP matches, special events and so much more.

There are two in-game currencies in Art of War: Legions – Gold coins and Diamond. Do you love playing mobile games? Chapter 11 – Level 3400 Question for you ... how do you see the attack speed? Play Arena Mode. Don’t stop tapping on the screen and deploy reinforcements near your troop, since if you don’t do that, they will die somewhere. Read on for Art of War: Legions Redeem Codes 2020 guide. When you reach level 15, you will be able to unlock and take a chance on the Headhunts. How to get a redeem code? In your army, you can add troops and a hero – also, you can increase their power through upgrades. Once you complete all, you will get to play the next chapter – only if you meet the level requirements. The paladin adds defense while the inquisitors attack can be overpowering.

Chapter 4 is coming soom and has not been made yet, i completed the first chapter in expedition, but i am unable to unlock the second chapter.. help me. During any battle, you will slowly gain reinforcements over time, as indicated by the button at the bottom left corner of the screen. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I’m depressed of replaying the same boring battles again and again, always winning and growing this dull army that gives me no satisfaction… I’m only at Level 800 now, but very bored without expeditions: the only brilliant challenge of this game.

Due to the mechanics of the game, that unit that only just survived could go around attacking until the battle is over becuase nobody else 'locks onto them'. The troops in the battle formation fight the enemies all time and you earn gold coins gems on an hourly basis. How do I beat Expedition Chapter 1 level 11? Cactuses Note – strategically placing the troops is important – otherwise, they would be useless. Chapter 7 – Level 1800 They can also act as tank type units which means they will inhale all the damage while having a decent amount of health.


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