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Wonderful. Started Sunday at 06:00 AM, By Please note: 03 numbers are NOT premium rate numbers StereoNET (Australia) is part of an international network of publications owned wholly by Sound Media Group (Australia). what do I need to complete the listening technology ?

You must log in or register to reply here. Dirac Live is a room optimisation/EQ tool that adds a layer of complexity to setup, but hopes to balance that with a boost in performance. Should get it this Week....can’t wait. Started Sunday at 01:13 AM, By While the two models are part of the same stable, there are various points of difference, and not only the gap in price. Styling is mature, rather than look-at-me idiosyncratic. Arcam’s premium integrated amplifier embraces streaming sources and slick digital room correction.

Streaming capability is built directly into the box in the form of Google Cast.

Arcam is of the opinion that USB connections are not so much in demand and cite the positive commercial response to the CDS50 as a sign that disc spinning is making a comeback.

Hot Sony OLED 65-inch TV deal BF come early! The first quarter of its power is delivered in pure Class-A. This shuts off the preamp and sends the amp to the HT receiver. To check stock, or to get advice about a product please contact your local store. Help to prevent the spread of coronavirus. I have the Luxman CL 38Use tube preamp and the Luxman PD-171A TT for a few years and for me this is the last stop.

×   Your previous content has been restored. BuzzzFuzzz tesla13BMW By clicking links on our site, we may earn affiliate commission, but our editorial remains entirely independent and unbiased. I have had Arcam amps for 20+ years: A85+P85 then A38+P38 and an A39 up north for a year. On the SA30’s front are a 3.5mm headphone jack and 3.5mm analogue input; around the rear there’s a bank of three stereo audio inputs, MM and MC phono ins, pairs of digital optical and coaxial inputs and Ethernet and USB connections. Arcam SA30 for sale. I’m using firmware v521. Arcam and Dirac certainly think so, although as the SA30’s manual is at pains to point out: digital room optimisation is no substitute for physical room treatments to counter bass nodes and muddied reflections – and nor will every room/speaker combination require as much correction.

I put the amp into standby and waited 2 minutes then took it out of standby using the app. It is startling what a difference this process can make. Switch to drum ‘n’ bass floor-filler Represents by DJ Brockie & Ed Solo, and it becomes less about nuance and more about sheer rhythmic power, imbuing this relatively lo-fi recording with scale and menace. The Arcam is going back to the dealer today and the Hint is staying, combined with the Bluesound node 2i. The vocals are rich and lavish, almost palpable in the way that you can explore the minor nuances within them. al. While rivals such as Naim and NAD charge full steam ahead into the wireless world, Arcam takes a more measured approach. Read our Arcam SA30 Review. E&OE. joe9oneone Unusually, there’s also an HDMI ARC terminal for partnering the amp with a TV. Started Thursday at 10:04 PM, By No questions have been asked about this item. In addition to Dirac Live, there’s a surge in claimed power from 80W per channel to 120W (delivered by Arcam’s long-running Class G amplification), and an expanded skillset.

HIGH NOTES UNPACKED. Learn more about the Arcam SA30 stereo amplifier. This latest product from the HDA range has the same new sleek fascia and casework as the rest of the HDA range and houses an extensive feature list. Whilst we were all* awake at night, tossing, turning, scratching our heads, sick with worry at what could possibly have happened at the Arcam facilities to leave us in the painful absence of a ‘top end’ Arcam amplifier for what felt like a lifetime, little did we know that our concerns were to be completely unfounded. This system takes measurements from around the room and uses a series of test tones, plus a piece of computer software (provided in the box), to adjust the waveform to suit any imperfections in the local environment of the HiFi.

dwbasement Clear editor. By operating for the majority of listening levels in Class A (with no crossover distortion) the amplifier prevents colouration of the micro-details that can occur with Class AB designs, then the second power supply allows for additional power for moments that demand it. Arcam’s premium integrated amplifier embraces streaming sources and slick digital room correction. All rights reserved. I am going to purchase an integrated amp and am looking at the following models: I would also consider the Luxman 505 UXii. My local dealer sells Yamaha, Parasound, Hegel, Rotel, NAD, Naim, Prima Luna and Luxman.

A stereo pre-out is provided should you wish to use the SA30 as solely a preamp. Our publication is supported by its audience. (The majority of our listening test was conducted using Revel M16 bookshelf speakers.

Rep the community and hobby you love so much. At Brisbane Hifi the other week I heard the model before this I think. HT bypass is important to me as this will be incorporated into my theater setup for music only.

With the default Dirac target curve applied (another curve, created by parent company Harman, is also available to download), there’s a cohesive feel to the vocals, piano and guitar in Dire Straits’ impressively epic Telegraph Road that isn’t there without it.

And Dirac Live, when called upon, has an obvious impact on performance. Get to the extended finale, however, and Withers’ more forceful accompaniment and the change in pace demands an amp that can handle the dynamic shifts. This spec sheet omission is unlikely to put off many prospective buyers, though. The sound is super sweet. As if this list wasn’t exhaustive enough, Dirac’s sophisticated electronic room calibration system also comes as standard with the SA30. I believe only a handful of these units arrived into Australia a few weeks ago, with a second shipment due within the next 4 weeks. CAMBRIDGE, UK — ARCAM today announced the SA30, the new flagship integrated amplifier from its HDA product range. Yes this means two boxes and slightly more expensive but the node 2i is easy to have hidden from sight. In spite of this abundance of connectivity, Arcam are equally happy for you to not have to plug anything into this amplifier. Weekly Digest of hottest items, coupons, offers and more. The amplifier’s control over the smooth, rolling bassline is stunning. The depth and character that one would expect of Class A amplification is transferred through to Lloyd’s breathy and rasping saxophone, the rhythm section is exceptionally well placed within the soundstage and the steel guitars are brought forwards with frightening detail and accuracy. Did the latest MusicLife beta solve you problem? Started Sunday at 02:09 AM, By Livid2 Adding Dirac Live to the mix tightens it up, the acoustic equivalent of applying a spanner to a loose bolt.

How would you explain the difference in performance between the Class G SA30 and the entry-level Class AB SA10? Yetiman Arcam’s pioneering Class-G amplifier technology gives the SA30 the best possible sound in all circumstances. It is so often the case that versatile, feature packed products are offered at the expense or compromise of sound quality. But the sizable display is easy to read at a distance and operation via the supplied remote (which features a touch-sensitive backlight) is intuitive, navigation, The SA30’s ability to combine delicacy with dynamic attack is deeply impressive. You can post now and register later. Arcam’s hybrid Class G technology, described by Technical Trainer James Todd as having: “the power of a truck, but the handling of a high-performance motorbike”, is exactly that. through menu options and setup being based around an up-down, left-right architecture. I think so, yes. As a streaming amp that comes with Chromecast and Airplay, was there a consideration to also implement Bluetooth? The same but without streaming? Bass integration is likely to be the biggest beneficiary of Dirac, by virtue of the prevalence of room-borne, Design is more utilitarian than showy and will be familiar to Arcam fans. Yet an EQ’d SA30 doesn’t just showcase a smoother bass response, it sounds altogether more organised in the midrange, too.

Arcam SA30 Stereo integrated amplifier with built-in DAC, Wi-Fi, and Apple AirPlay® 2 Product highlights:120 watts x 2 channels into 8 ohms (20-20,000 Hz) at … These are fed through into a high quality Sabre ESS9038K2M, 32 bit DAC which supports full MQA playback through Tidal Masters. Powerful and sounds great. I know this is amp related because prior to purchasing the SA 30 I was streaming to the Arcam CDS27 streamer / CD player in the same way and it never did it with that. For its premium integrated amplifier, Arcam has borrowed a trick from its well-regarded range of multi-channel home cinema products. As it opens, and Pick Withers’ refrained percussion lays on a rhythm, there’s a sense of calm and space, with bass notes that are sonorous but defined, and a soundstage that, like the eponymous highway, extends for miles. Ostensibly a step up from the SA20, it’s so much more, adding streaming compatibility to purposeful Class G power and icing the cake with game-changing room correction. Dirac live was fun to play with but we have treated first reflection points and bass traps so limited benefit and I couldn’t escape the sense that having it turned on adds a very slight edge to the upper midrange. All Rights Reserved. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

Arcam has thrown its hat firmly back into the two- channel ring with the arrival of its new HDA Series. In terms of inputs, the SA30 has you covered on most fronts. SA30 is the latest product to join Arcam's HDA range, sitting above the SA10 and SA20, hosting 120 watts of Class G amplification for impeccable sound, control and efficiency.

Was very impressive on LS50s. Started 5 hours ago, By The Class G amplifier offers 120W of Class G amplification for impeccable sound, control and efficiency. I picked up a used MAC6700 on craigslist a couple years ago for $3800 and it has been absolutely amazing. This Dire Straits track is also a fine indicator of the SA30’s ability to combine delicacy with dynamic attack. We’d love to hear what you have to say – if you have an idea for an article or review, email us at Hi all has anyone auditioned or even purchased the new Arcam SA30 super integrated and care to share their thoughts?   Pasted as rich text. Australian Business Number 79 662 719 408. There are also four digital audio inputs (two coaxial and two optical), plus a further digital input in the form of a HDMI input, (fully supporting the new eARC format) and an input for USB audio playback. Buyer will receive a full refund in the original payment method less any shipping charges. Consider the SA30 to be an exception to the rule.

Upload or insert images from URL. It sounds constantly in control, with exemplary imaging and a lush sense of space. I know new prices are around $5500. The SA30’s sound offers up a heady cocktail of openness, accuracy and power. Started March 24, 2018, By The SA30 is the flagship amp in the British brand’s HDA lineup, only recently arriving to knock the SA20 (HFC 439) down to mid-range status.

Elements that sounded too forward and bright before, such as the chords from Mark Knopfler’s Stratocaster, are smoothed down, but not to the detriment of the overall sound.


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