apollo phaze mountain bike
These cookies do not store any personal information. Thanks for sharing this information, much appreciated. Their motors are generally very reliable, and the company has been in the ebike motor industry for many years. I’m not aware of any controller that will definitely be compatible with the Appollo Phaze. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Apollo phaze mountain bike. The electric-assist is the most interesting aspect of this Apollo Phaze Electric Mountain Bike. The tyres are also cheap, so it would definitely be worth filling the tubes with green slime or carrying a spare inner tube and pump with you. Your email address will not be published. The lightweight aluminium frame has a good braking system, 6-speed gear and just enough suspension to keep you comfortable over bumps. bricko 1 month ago €50 OFFERED If 26 inch tyres .

The Apollo Phaze E has a 36t single steel front chainring with a 6-speed rear freewheel and Shimano Tourney derailluer. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. Bettwäsche 135x200 4-teilig 100% Baumwolle 2x Garnitur 2x 80x80 Kissen Renforcé, Sockelleiste in Weiß - Hamburger Leiste | MDF & Massivholz | Fußleisten in Weiß, SanDisk 1 TB SSD Ultra 3D, 2.5 Zoll, intern, Meterware Auprotec® Fahrzeugleitung 0,35 - 2,5 mm² Auto Kfz Leitung Kabel FLRy, LED Panel 62x62cm 40W Premium Rasterdeckenleuchte 4000 Lumen Lifud-Trafo, Apple iPhone 11 64GB Schwarz Black MWLT2ZD/A A2221 CDMA GSM IOS Smartphone NEU, Handy Tasche Schutzhülle Book Case Flip Cover Wallet Etui Handy Hülle Schwarz, Fruit of the Loom UNISEX T-Shirt Bestseller Top Angebot Herren Damen NEU, Plissee Plisee Plisse Faltrollo Plisseerollo Wabenplissee Wabenplisee Klemmfix, Stoffmaske Mund-Nasen-Maske Behelfsmaske Gesichtsmaske elastisch Spandex, JOMOWO Malerabdeckvlies 180 g/m² 50m/Rolle, Atemschutzmaske Filter Atem Maske FFP3 FFP2 FFP1 KN95 Ventil Mundschutz Lager DE, Apple iPhone 11 PRO 256 GB Silber Gold Spacegrau Nachtgrün, CAT 7 Patchkabel Netzwerkkabel RJ45 LAN DSL Netzwerk Ethernet Kabel 0,25m - 20m, Solarkabel HIKRA® PLUS 4-10mm² in rot blau schwarz 4 6 10 mm² MADE IN GERMANY, 5 x 5 Liter Scheibenfrostschutz Gebrauchsfertig -30° Frostschutz Reiniger, 50x Mundschutz Schwarz Maske 3-lagig Hygienemaske Schutz Einweg Gummiband Black, 5m LED Band Streifen RGB Stripe Licht-Leiste 5050 SMD Lichtschlauch +Farbwechsel, Apple iPhone SE 2 Generation 2020 64GB Black (Ohne Simlock) NEU OVP Versiegelt, Multifunktionstuch Schlauchschal Mund Nase Bedeckung Motorrad Fahrrad Outdoor, CAT.7 CAT 7 Patchkabel Netzwerkkabel LAN DSL Ethernet Netzwerk Kabel 0,15m - 50m. The Suntour motor (on the Vengeance) produces substantially more torque. JJD72 1 month ago @bricko Bike has 26” tyres. I have looked at the battery and specification, and as far as I can make out, you would need to ask Halfords. It is easy enough to get a 24v 8.7ah ebike battery, but getting one the same style / size might be difficult as it looks like that battery is made exclusively for the Phaze. Budget electric bikes might not be particularly fashionable or trendy, but they enable everyone access to the ebike revolution. Phaze Apollo Bike, Used Mountain Bikes For Sale in Santry, Dublin, Ireland for 90.00 euros on Adverts.ie.

It’s possible a generic 24v controller will work, but I can’t be sure as I’ve never had to repair one of these bikes. The motor is made by Shengei, and is a very simple, geared hub motor. However, the blend of features and the battery power does have potential for those that aren’t confident on a mountain bike and want that safety net as they ride in the countryside. Take care to charge it and look after it for the best performance. I tested the Apollo on a 10% av. The idea here is that you can go up to 20 miles with this battery-powered assistant on hand to help you with the tougher hills. I need a new motor controller (ECU) for this bike. They have rejuvenated the bike industry and helped millions of people worldwide get back on 2 wheels. Can u use and battery for this bike if you got the case etc. Although the Apollo Phaze E has been branded an electric mountain bike, mountains are the last place i’d want to take this! There are some that say that this bike feels more sluggish than they had anticipated. 20 miles is pretty far and accurate when using the right tyres on the right terrain. If you need any more advice, please let me know. How can I buy one? Very basic, unbranded 26″ wheels should be fine for light recreational riding, but I wouldn’t be trying my luck on anything too rough. Just carve out a channel at bottom of original battery case and solder new battery leads directly to the base of the male battery connection terminals.


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