apba football rules
A forum designed to promote discussion of APBA's 60-plus years of sports strategy gaming and general sports conversation! It was the NFL I lost interest in (though I occasionally find myself longing for a good ol’ 70s replay sometimes).

APBA Football 101 (Third Down & Long Situation), “5 Keys to Starting and Finishing a Replay”, Double Take: An APBA Gaming Podcast – Interview, Timing, Pro-Set, and Defensive Formations. Discussed scramble and sack numbers associated with a quarterback’s card. It ALMOST makes me want to try getting back into APBA Football and doing a late 70s replay again (I was a big Walter Payton fan). Time left: d. h. m. s. day. Instead I found myself watching clips of the sensational Randy Moss and without even thinking, my mind automatically translated what my eyes saw into APBA Football language.

When a Trick Play is called, the defensive coach has two options, either call conventional defensive alignment or call Trick Play Defense.

APBA Pro Football is easy to learn and play!

Thank you for all of your great contributions to APBA Football!!!

I removed my fullback, Bruce Miller, and inserted my backup wide receiver, Randy Moss, into the 011 position. Even some of the most seasoned APBA Football players incorrectly enforce the “Pass Interference” penalty. Football Rules 2011 Card Season Revised 12-21-2012 . Once the play card and player’s card is placed on the table, the defensive coach would have said “Standard defense, Goal Line, G alignment, key Boozer”. American Power Boat Association. At the time of the snap, Dallas defenders are coming with an all-out blitz. The Offensive coach rolls the dice (equivalent of snapping the ball) and the defensive coach goes to the Short Pass boards, Offensive 15 yard line to defensive 31-yard line, A index, column associated with Quarters 2-3. With the Correction noted above, Dick Groat (Pittsburgh Pirates) received four 31( )s. He received five (31)s in the 1964. No wonder it plays so smoothly and is so much fun. For those of you that share the same affliction as me, sit back and enjoy the video clip. APBA Baseball for Windows 5.75. The APBA Pro Football board game delivers all the stunning realism fans expect from APBA, plus one more thing – a great new look! His breakdown on the boards is well worth the read if you’re considering buying the game.

For Solo play, the coach would have either used the Locator table or manually selected the intended receiver (Randy Moss).

No single trick play can be used more than once per game. Best of all, its quick-start guide can have you playing APBA Pro Football in - are you ready for this? It’s time to cast your ballot for the 2020 Pitching Grade Challenge!

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The game was modified into a more basic game for the mid- to late ’90s, then reverted to the ’80s master boards before the current version of the master game was issued in the late 2000s. The New York Mets and the Kansas City … Don't forget about our classic Football, Hockey, Golf and other great sports strategy games. I used to be a die-hard Statis Pro. Easy of play is very important to me. custsupp@apbagames.com. You call the plays on offense, align your defense, and make the key substitutions that could spell the difference between victory and defeat. There are four different trick plays: Bootleg, End Around, Non-Quarterback Pass, and Quick Kick. So I directed the question to Geoff Giordano who edits the popular APBA Football Club page on Facebook. (Please put up with me as I learn my new phone). Your email address will not be published.

You must withdraw your Trick Play card and call another play, after which the defense may re-align but not substitute.

:). Fax: (586) 773-6490 When will the 2020 APBA baseball products be released? 51 cards from 25 defensive points to -25 points.

I love APBA.

Thinking of purchasing the new Golf and Football (basic) games. The Jets offense went from a 38 to 37 against the Giants 32 run defense resulting in “B” index. Remember while in either Nickel or Dime defense (5db or 6db), the defensive coach can only select “S” or “D” alignment. This is part II of the “OC” solution. Thanks to Kline for the question. Greg has wrapped this all up in a MS PowerPoint presentation entitled “Conducting Season Replays and Tips for Solitaire Play” which you can download and view here. APBA offers season card sets for past seasons.

Let me demonstrate a bootleg using a game between the 1974 New York Jets at the 1974 New York Giants. Demonstrated a punt and how to read the applicable board to know the distance of the punt, identify return specialist and determine return yardage, if applicable. Explained which defense personnel packages and alignments are allowed to  key the run or pass. If this was solo play, the coach would visualize Short Pass – A index – Randy Moss – D alignment – Blitz. For the sake of this example, we will assume a “Short Pass” play was called in the huddle. This is Part I of my solution to the problem.

Buy Now! And much thanks to Geoff for clarifying this! The Company website has the answer…. Specifically, Greg hits on topics such as prepping for your replay, standardization, and your different methods of play depending on the down situation.

Demonstrated how to substitute to a “Three-Wide Receiver” set on a third down and long situation. The dice roll was 33. Here’s a general breakdown of the eras of the game.

If this was a Face to Face (F-T-F) game, the offensive coach would have said “Pro-Set” and placed his “Short Pass” card and Randy Moss’s card face-down on the tabletop. Thanks, Your email address will not be published.

It collects all the rules and rosters and play boards in a handy spiral-bound format, and APBA history, playing tips and league guidelines. NOW SHIPPING!

There were several modifications in the results boards in the ’60s and ’70s as well, so I’ve come to advise people to find the boards as close to their season set as possible for the most accuracy: https://www.facebook.com/notes/apba-football-club/evolution-of-apba-football/355285697875924. The Offensive coach will roll the dice (45) and the defensive coach will go to the Outside Running Board – Between Defensive Team’s 31 yard line and Offensive Team’s 15 yard line table – A column – S alignment – 1, 4 column.


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