amu space studies review
i am planning to go for MS Space Science in UND. I am an astronaut hopeful – one of thousands of people who somehow never outgrew our childhood dream of going to space. It is a small institution with an enrollment of 2,324 undergraduate students.

If you restrict yourself to only distance space studies programs, I guess they are UND, Embry-Riddle, and American Public University. There's hair on my face.

While NASA wraps up interviewing the second group of finalists to determine its 2013 class of ASCANs, the head of the NASA Astronaut Selec... --> Please note that this comparison from 2008 is no longer currently applicable to the current programs offered by ISU and UND.

So far it's been a great experience.Looking over the list of faculty, though, it seems a number of professors got the MS in Space Studies from UND. co-authored publications in serious journals), I suspect the institutional inertia might start to give...One thing I would like to see is a full alumni where are they now from both schools to see who ended up employed in the space sector and at what level.

I... NASA opened the 2015-16 astronaut selection opportunity on USAJOBS . By getting a space studies degree, you'll round out your capabilities beyond engineering, which I think makes you a strong competitor for jobs. Although it is online, it still offers a wonderful experience. If you're into astronomy, I'd recommend a physics BS.

Hi, Anonymous.

Additionally, I've found other students through honors and academic clubs that are as passionate as I am about my subjects of interest and it has been a joy to work with my peers. What do you think job options are? They also allow a payment plan for those like myself paying out of pocket. Additionally, it's relatively affordable. I don't have a lot of interaction with the military community. I have almost finished my MS Space Studies program at American Public University System (formerly, American Military University & American Public University) and it took me a while but finally got permission to do a MS Capstone Thesis. I'm a geophysicist specializing in earthquake, tsunami, and volcano warning. Each department were also helpful in addressing my questions and concerns unless it needed to be answered by a specific department. Two masters degrees in two years sounds really intense! Welcome to the APUS ePress—home of ePress publications and the academic work of APUS students, staff, and faculty. It's pretty inexpensive as far as distance ed goes (250 per credit hour and books are free for Bachelor's). It never hurts to gain education and perspectives from more than one source, I figure! It gives students the taste of having a professor in real life. Most perspective employers either seem to think I’m an astrophysicist or astronomer of which neither perception is accurate. However, one huge drawback – no real networking opportunities. I’m planning to get my bachelors in the space studies, with my concentration being astronomy. Any information/help would be greatly appreciated!Cheers,Anthony. i have been searching and comparing ISU and UND program for 6 months.and i found UND my list topper. Take our survey, Best Colleges for Information Technology in America, Best Colleges for Environmental Science in America. The APUS acceptance rate is 100%. Hey Brian, great article.I've gone through the entire process of trying to decide between ISU and UND, but I recently discovered a Masters in Human Space Exploration Sciences at the University of Houston in Texas. It also presents a quantitative analysis consisting of a Gap Analysis, which compares the current ad hoc space traffic control process with the proposed Global Space Control Concept. I couldn't have asked for a better online campus to help me learn, grow, connect, and really mold my future in a way that is above and beyond what I previously would have thought possible.

Perhaps an alternative to the others in the list?PS I would love to do some of the rocketry/propulsion based courses in the US, but funding there for non- US citizens is seriously lacking. It's a fascinating field, and unfortunately there aren't many graduate programs out there! I also often feel like a ‘jack of all trades – master of none’ because I’ve had a few courses in remote sensing, a few in orbital mechanics, a few in rocket propulsion – but not enough in any one field to dub me an expert. I have almost finished my MS Space Studies program at American Public University System (formerly, American Military University & American Public University) and it took me a while but finally got permission to do a MS Capstone Thesis. Based on faculty accomplishments, salary, student reviews, and additional factors. I'm so glad I made this decision to attend American Public University. but considering that i am really interested in space exploration, this is a wonderfull program i would like to take up. I gather the Capstone Thesis option is now a regular feature for all new (2009+) graduate students in the MS Space Program. Although it is online, it still offers a wonderful experience. If the students take it that far (ie. So more or less, it makes you an inch deep, and a mile wide. The way I see it, I would need to find work for a few years to be able to afford the program. Through SpaceGen, however, there has been some great student interaction from both campuses. I started my MS in Space Studies through American Public University earlier this month, and though I know it's early to weigh in, I've got to say I've got a really good feeling about the program and the professors involved. To me it seems too interdisciplinary to be of any use. k. Thanks for sharing, Katherine. Kieran,Thanks for the comment.

But as it turns out, it wasn’t as bad as the stereotypes of going to school online claims it to be.

Basically it's two years in 2-4 countries culminating in the awarding of 2 master degrees - MSc Space Science and Technology and MSc xxx depending on your elected final year university. Stacy, I don't know anything about that program, but it certainly looks similar to the others mentioned in this blog post. You are the only person I know who's done that program, so please share your impressions and how you think it might compare to ISU and UND.Other programs (non aeronautical or astronautical engineering) that share some "space studies" aspects include:Master of Engineering with focus in Space Operations at University of Colorado at Colorado SpringsMS in Space Systems Operations Management at Webster UniversitySpace Science at the Royal Military College of CanadaSpace Systems Certificate at the Naval Postgraduate SchoolAir Force Institute of Technology Space Policy Institute at George Washington UniversityInstitute of Air and Space Law at McGill UniversityCenter for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law at University of Mississippiand more space law-related options here, I was searching in Google for Space Studies distance Master's programs and came upon American Public University. It gives students the taste of having a professor in real life. It was part of our hope with the Moon/Mars Workshop to engender some collaborative research leading to conference and full publications. As soon as I submitted my application, I received a phone call (on a Sunday), letting me know the admission process, and what's to come.

Note: The basic makeup of the APUS MS Space Studies course is similar to the UND MS Space Studies course, albeit there is no real physical faculty, but I am hoping in the future adjunct faculty would agree to allow qualified student interns and research assistantships with their original institutions (cross-academic programs). Admittedly, I was quite nervous before starting my freshman year there. It was an excellent program and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Because space studies encompasses a wide variety of entry level and advance career opportunities, the career field you choose may require additional education or experience. It existed from around 2005-2007, but I guess it wasn't utilized enough to warrant a longer life.Axel, I agree that an ISU internship at UND makes perfect sense for the student wanting to do a collaborative research project with a UND professor. Proudly present by Blogger. The latest entrant in the Google Lunar X PRIZE competition is Team Synergy Moon , bringing the total number of teams to seventeen . Please. However, the University of Houston is located near NASA Johnson Space Center, and lots of NASA Employees are guest lectures for the Program.I'm 23 and did my undergrad in Biology, so I dont have much experience in Engineering or astrophysics, but I want to learn all aspects of space exploration. I'm currently at ISU and had never heard of UND's program until now.

They pretty much held my hand throughout the process, and checked in periodically. I feel thoroughly prepared to continue on outside of APUS and later in grad school. Journal of Online Learning Research and Practice, International Journal of Open Educational Resources (IJOER), International Relations and Conflict Resolution. I'm not sure what some of the classes entail (e.g. One of my least favorite things about "normal" life is shaving. Good luck!

In general, UND has a less successful track record than ISU in that regard, I think.

The Space Studies is a degree that exposes you to many different aspects of the space industry, to include law, engineering, and astronomy.

In my "spare" time, I aspire to be an astronaut. so now, the question is will i be accepted in space sector after attending UND as a potential employee? Thanks for putting this together Brian, you have no idea how many times I have heard that question...There is a history of attempts to get the two institutions working together - from both faculty and students - often less than successful. If you take this minor and then top it off with a Masters at ISU then you should have everything you need for a career in space exploration and development. American public university is an excellent start. I should also note that if your school has space studies it probably has a SEDS club. It's a pretty sweet deal and I would hate to give it up, lol.

I'm seriously considering the Bachelor's degree (I'm prior military) and would love to know our opinion.

Hi guys,I graduate with my MS in Space Studies from American Military U last spring.

I took the Minor in Space Studies at Embry Riddle as one of the three parts of Aerospace Studies (other two I took were Psychology and Humanities which have proved very useful in finding a space tourism career). Anyone can hope to b... Halfway through the R/V Falkor expedition to map the Papahānaumokuākea Marine National Monument, we have traveled nearly 4000 km and map... Center (now School) for Aerospace Sciences, John D. Odegard School of Aerospace Sciences, Master of Engineering with focus in Space Operations at University of Colorado at Colorado Springs, MS in Space Systems Operations Management at Webster University, Space Science at the Royal Military College of Canada, Space Systems Certificate at the Naval Postgraduate School, Space Policy Institute at George Washington University, Institute of Air and Space Law at McGill University, Center for Remote Sensing, Air and Space Law at University of Mississippi, Insider tips on NASA's astronaut selection, NASA's 2009 Astronaut Class Selection Timeline and Stats. I only say this because once you’re on there long enough, the difference becomes non existent.

As far as I know, only one person has gotten a masters at both schools (Fabio Sau); see his quote at the bottom of the blog post above.


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