amazon confidentiality, noncompetition and invention assignment agreement
Not an Agreement of Employment. As used herein, the word "including" shall in all cases be deemed to the followed by the phrase "without limitation" and the word "person" shall include individuals and corporations, societies, companies, partnerships, trusts, unincorporated associations, governments and governmental instrumentalities, and other entities of any kind. I acknowledge that I have been advised to consult with my own counsel concerning this Agreement and have had reasonable time and opportunity to do so. Definitions. I agree to assist the Company, or its designee, at the Company's expense and without additional compensation, to confirm and secure for the Company, or its designee, its sole and exclusive right, title and interest in and to any and all Company Inventions and any and all patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property, proprietary, privacy and other rights relating thereto in any and all countries. I acknowledge and agree that (i) during the period of my employment or engagement , I may be involved in activities that may continue after then end of such period and I may have information that may be relevant to activities after the end of such period and (ii) such activities may include, among other things, product development, assignment, registration and protection of Intellectual Property, governmental or regulatory approvals or certifications, assertion and defense of claims and demands, including through arbitration and litigation, and responding to regulatory and governmental investigations. I will use my best efforts to safeguard, for the sole and exclusive benefit of. If the parties fail to agree to any such reformation or modification and such provision is held by a court to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable because of the duration, area, scope, activity or subject matter thereof, the court making such determination shall have the power to reduce the applicable duration, area, scope, activity or subject matter to the extent necessary so that, in its reduced form, such provision shall be valid, legal and enforceable. Accepted by the Company as of the date set forth above: Print Name of Signatory: Ronald J. LoRicco, Sr. Print Title of Signatory: Chairman of Board of Directors. I consent to service of process upon me with respect to any such proceeding by any means by which notices may be transmitted hereunder or by any other means permitted by applicable laws and rules. agreement or obligation Employee may have to any other Person, and that Employee is in all respects duly qualified and eligible to work for the Company.

Works for Hire. Microsoft Edge. In addition, if such a protective order or other remedy is obtained, I will furnish such Company Confidential Information or Company Intellectual Property in accordance with and subject to such protective order or remedy. I will promptly make full written disclosure solely and exclusively to the Company, and hold in trust for the sole and exclusive right and benefit of the Company until assigned as provided in the next sentence, any and all of my Company Inventions. As a condition of your employment pursuant to this Letter Agreement, we do require that you sign the accompanying Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement, which is attached hereto and incorporated herein as Appendix A.You should know that the Proprietary Information and Inventions Agreement significantly …


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